Redondo Beach, CA, United States
Redondo Beach, CA, United States

TRW Inc. was an American corporation involved in a variety of businesses, mainly aerospace, automotive, and credit reporting. It was a pioneer in multiple fields including electronic components, integrated circuits, computers, software and systems engineering. TRW built many spacecraft, including Pioneer 1, Pioneer 10, and several space-based observatories. It was #57 on the Fortune 500 list, and had 122,258 employees. Wikipedia.

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The invention relates to a module cover (40) for an airbag (10) and/or an airbag module for arranging under a vehicle roof (56), in particular in the region of an upper windshield pane edge. The module cover (40) comprises a module cover panel (41) with a rear face (42) which faces towards the vehicle roof (56) when in use and a front face (43) which faces away from the vehicle roof (56) when in use. According to the invention, the module cover panel (41) comprises an elongated gap section (44), which is preferably formed over the entire width (B) of the module cover panel (41), in the form of an elongated indentation (45), which is formed in the front face (43) of the module cover panel (41).

Trw | Date: 2017-05-03

A telescopic steering column assembly comprises an upper and a lower shroud portion (1, 2) able to move relatively during telescopic adjustment, a telescopic steering shaft (3, 4) that passes through and is supported by the shroud portions (1, 2) through at least one support bearing assembly (7, 8) that acts between an upper portion (4) of the telescopic steering shaft (3, 4) and a lower portion of the shroud (2) that move relative to one another axially during telescopic adjustment. The at least one support bearing assembly (7, 8) comprises a first bearing race which is separate from the shroud portions (1, 2) and the steering shaft (3, 4), a resilient spacer (12) that applies a biasing force that is directed in a radial direction from the axis of the shaft (3, 4) and that is located between the first race and an adjacent face of one of the lower shroud portion (2) and the upper shaft portion (3); a set of bearings (11), and a cage (10) that locates the bearings (11) relative to the first bearing race (9). The bearings (11) bear onto a second bearing race that is defined by a surface of the other one of the lower shroud portion (2) and the upper shaft portion (3), the second bearing face permitting the bearings (11) to slide or roll in the direction of adjustment of the steering column assembly when it is adjusted for reach.

.A rotor structure for an interior permanent magnet electric motor comprising: A laminated rotor core which comprises stack of thin plates, the stack having a first end and a second end, each plate in the stack including at least one window which is aligned with a corresponding window of an adjacent plate so that the windows together form an elongate pocket that extends along at least a part of the length of the core starting at a first end of the core, and At least one permanent magnet located in the pocket. At least one plate at the first end of the stack includes an integral retention feature which projects away from a main body of the plate to project above the window in the plate and which engages the first end of the magnet thereby to retain the magnet in the pocket.

The invention relates to a method for folding an airbag (10), in particular an airbag (10) to be arranged under a vehicle roof (50), comprising a supply opening (11), a guide section (13) arranged connecting thereto in the longitudinal direction, and an inflation section (12) arranged connecting to the guide section (13) in the longitudinal direction, wherein the method comprises the following steps: spreading out the airbag (10) flat; laterally folding of at least sections, in particular fanfolding of at least one side part (30, 30) of the airbag (10) in the direction of the longitudinal axis (L) of the airbag (10); rolling up of the inflation section (12) at least in sections, starting from an end edge (26) of the airbag (10) which is farthest from the supply opening (11) in a first rolling direction (AR) in the direction of the supply opening (11); forming of the guide section (13) by laying at least one fold with a first fold bend (14) counter to the first rolling direction (AR) in such a way that the unfolding behaviour of the airbag (10) is influenced.

Disclosed is a locking pin (22) for mounting an airbag module (30) in a vertically movable manner on a frame (12) of a motor vehicle steering wheel (10) and at least in part within a foam structure (20) molded onto the frame (12). The locking pin (22) comprises at least one stop for the airbag module (30), said stop being integrally bonded to the locking pin (22).

The invention relates to a gas generator (10) for a vehicle occupant safety system, said generator comprising an outer housing (20) and a filter structure (30) for cleaning and/or cooling a gas released inside the outer housing (20), the filter structure (30) being integrated into the outer housing (20). The invention also relates to an airbag module and a vehicle occupant safety system comprising a gas generator of this type, in addition to a production method.

Adaptive, deployable restraint element (10) for a vehicle safety system having two limb elements (11, 12) which are arranged in a v-shaped manner with respect to one another at least in sections and between which at least one transverse strut (13, 14, 15) is arranged which connects the limb elements (11, 12), wherein the limb elements and/or the transverse strut (13, 14, 15) can be inflated. Furthermore, the invention relates to an airbag module and to an occupant safety system having a restraint element of this type, and to the use of the fin ray effect in an adaptive restraint element.

Trw | Date: 2017-07-26

A telescopic steering column assembly (100, 200) includes at least one support bearing assembly (8) that comprises an inner bearing race which is located on the steering shaft (3), an outer bearing race that is located on an inner face of a shroud (1), and a set of ball bearings (17a) that are located between the inner bearing race and the outer bearing race and are free to roll along bearing surfaces defined by the bearing races. Each of the bearing races comprises a pair of annular bearing race parts, defining a circumferentially extending bearing surface arranged coaxially and spaced apart from each other axially such that varying the spacing between the two parts varies the effective radius of the bearing race. The support bearing assembly (8) further comprising an inner annular support sleeve (15) that is located between the inner bearing race and the inner shaft, an outer annular support sleeve that is located between the outer bearing race and the shroud (1), and a biasing means (11) that in use applies an axially directed thrust between a first one of the annular support sleeves and one of the respective bearing race parts, and the bearing assembly is arranged such that the axial thrust applied by the biasing means is converted into a radial thrust that is applied to the inner bearing race and outer bearing race to force them into engagement with the inner and outer sleeves respectively.

The invention relates to a diffuser for a gas generator, in particular for a gas generator of an airbag system, with a housing (10) in which radial outflow openings (13) are formed, wherein a plurality of outflow segments (14, 15, 16, 17) are provided which are adjacent to one another in the longitudinal axial direction and each have a number of outflow openings (13) spaced apart in the circumferential direction, and with a combustion-gas filtering element (20) which is arranged within the housing (10) in the region of the outflow segments (14, 15, 16, 17). The invention is distinguished in that the filtering element (20) has different wall thicknesses in regions of at least two outflow segments (14, 15, 16, 17) adjacent to one another. The invention furthermore relates to a gas generator, an airbag module and a vehicle safety system with a diffuser of this type.

The invention relates to a rack-and-pinion steering system (10) for motor vehicles, comprising a gear rack (20), which has a longitudinal axis (X), a gear rack housing (30), in which the gear rack (20) is guided in an axially movable manner, and at least one end-stop damping assembly (32) for the gear rack (20), which end-stop damping assembly is accommodated in the gear rack housing (30), wherein the end-stop damping assembly (32) has a compression element (34) for damping an end stop and has a stop element (36), which is mounted on the gear rack housing (30) in such a way that the stop element can be moved to a limited extent in the axial direction, wherein the stop element (36) is supported on a first supporting surface (40) of the gear rack housing (30) at least partially by means of the compression body (34) in a first axial direction (38) and is supported on a second supporting surface (44) of the gear rack housing (30) in an opposite second axial direction (42).

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