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Olmi M.,Tropical Entomology Research Center | Virla E.G.,CONICET
Zootaxa | Year: 2014

An updated revision of Neotropical Dryinidae is presented. Seven subfamilies, 23 genera and 502 species are treated. Descriptions, geographic distribution, known hosts, natural enemies and type material of each species are presented, together with illustrations of the main morphological characters and keys to the subfamilies, genera and species. Complete lists of references concerning the Neotropical Dryinidae and their hosts are given. A new genus Peckius Olmi & Virla, gen. nov. (type species Peckius insularis Olmi & Virla, sp. nov.) (subfamily Apodryininae) is described. The following eleven new species are described: Anteon xochipalense Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Mexico, Guerrero), Deinodryinus levigatus Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Peru, Lamabayeque), Deinodryinus xanthonotatus Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (French Guiana), Dryinus semiruber Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Argentina, Corrientes), Dryinus valens Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Dominican Republic, Pedernales), Dryinus xanthopus Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (French Guiana), Megadryinus cacaonis Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Brazil, São Paulo), Gonatopus isabelensis Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Ecuador, Galapagos Islands), Gonatopus villamilensis Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Ecuador, Galapagos Islands), Neodryinus mayanus Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Honduras), and Peckius insularis Olmi & Virla, sp. nov. (Ecuador, Galapagos Islands). The following new synonymies are presented: Deinodryinus kawensis Olmi 2011b (April) (=D. caxiuana Coelho, Aguiar & Engel, 2011 (June), syn. nov.); Dryinus gibbosus Olmi, 1984 (=D. multicarinatus Coelho, Aguiar & Engel, 2011, syn. nov.); Dryinus striatus (Fenton, 1927) (=D. sinopensis Olmi, 1984, syn. nov.; =D. cerrensis Olmi, 2004a, syn. nov.); Gonatopus Ljungh, 1810 (=Trichogonatopus Kieffer, 1909, syn. nov.); Eucamptonyx dromedarius (Cameron 1888) (=E. hansoni Olmi, 1991, syn. nov.); Haplogonatopus hernandezae Olmi, 1984 (=H. crucianus Olmi, 1986, syn. nov.). The following new combinations are proposed: Eucamptonyx dromedarius (Cameron, 1888), comb. nov. (from Gonatopus); Gonatopus goiasensis (Olmi 1991), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. hispidus (Olmi 1984), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. longinoi (Olmi, 1998d), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. marinoae (Virla, 1997), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. neotropicus (Olmi, 1984), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. raptor (Fenton, 1927), comb. nov. (from Chalcogonatopus); G. rubriDRYINIDAE OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION Zootaxa 3792 (1) © 2014 Magnolia Press . 5 ceps (Kieffer, 1909), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus); G. stellaris (Virla, 1997), comb. nov. (from Trichogonatopus). The male of Crovettia brasiliana Olmi 1984, is described for the first time. Copyright © 2014 Magnolia Press. Source

A new subfamily, Protodryininae Olmi & Guglielmino, subfam. nov. with Protodryinus eocenicus Olmi & Guglielmino, gen. et sp. nov. and Lonchodryinus balticus, Olmi & Guglielmino, sp. nov. from subfamily Anteoninae are described from Baltic amber. An updated new key to the world subfamilies of Dryinidae and a checklist of the species known from Baltic amber are given. Copyright © 2012 · Magnolia Press. Source

Olmi M.,Tropical Entomology Research Center | Rasnitsyn A.P.,Natural History Museum in London | Brothers D.J.,University of KwaZulu - Natal | Guglielmino A.,University of Tuscia
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology | Year: 2014

Ampulicomorpha janzeni sp. nov. and Cretembolemus orapensis gen. et sp. nov. are described from Burmese amber (Upper Cretaceous; Lower Cenomanian) and Orapa sediments (Upper Cretaceous; Turonian), respectively. A. janzeni is the first embolemid species found in amber from Myanmar (c. 99 Ma). C. orapensis is the first fossil embolemid species found in the southern hemisphere, in Orapa Kimberlitic deposits (c. 91 Ma). A discussion on the phylogenetic significance of the above new records is presented, together with a tentative history of Embolemidae and their relations with their hosts. The new combinations Ampulicomorpha perialla (Ortega-Blanco et al., 2011) comb. nov. (=Embolemus periallus) and Ampulicomorpha reticulata (Van Achterberg in Van Achterberg & Van Kats, 2000) comb. nov. (= Embolemus reticulatus) are proposed. © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London 2014. Source

Guglielmino A.,University of Tuscia | Olmi M.,Tropical Entomology Research Center
Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society | Year: 2014

A new species of the genus Dryinus Latreille from Madagascar is described: D. inexpectatus, new species, from Antsiranana Province, Sakalava Beach. A key is provided for the determination of the species along with an illustration of the female chela, head and prothorax. © Kansas Entomological Society. Source

Guglielmino A.,University of Tuscia | Olmi M.,Tropical Entomology Research Center | Buckle C.,Neckarhalde 48
Zootaxa | Year: 2013

An updated host-parasite catalogue of world Dryinidae is presented. The catalogue presents 1014 relationships between dryinids and their hosts checked in 84 countries of the world, including 38 new records. © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

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