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Moirans, France

French Atomic Energy Commission and Trixell | Date: 2012-01-31

Enhancement of the reliability of an imaging device comprising several pixels is provided, each of the pixels comprising several first blocks of electronic components organized as a matrix and joined by links to row buses and column buses of the matrix allowing the powering and control of each of the first blocks for its nominal operation. Each of the pixels moreover comprises, associated with the first block, programmable means for disconnection of the first block from the at least one of the buses. Locating of a fault in a device is also provided, the fault occurring in one of the first blocks and leading to a generalized fault in several first blocks.

An imaging device comprises a sensor of surface area of at least 10 cm

French Atomic Energy Commission and Trixell | Date: 2012-06-29

An imaging device comprising a matrix (

In the field of imaging devices comprising a detector generating electric charges in response to incident photon radiation, and an analog-to-digital conversion circuit forming means for reading the quantity of electric charges generated, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit comprises: a comparator which can switch depending on the comparison between a potential on an integration node and a predetermined threshold potential, a counter incrementing with each switch of the comparator, a counter-charge injection circuit injecting a quantity Qc of counter-charges on the integration node with each switch of the comparator, and control means which determine the quantity Qc of counter-charges injected. The analog-to-digital conversion circuit is characterized in that the control means determine the quantity Qc of counter-charges injected as a function of a value of the counter.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: IA | Phase: ICT-03-2014 | Award Amount: 9.73M | Year: 2015

General X-ray image sensing is undergoing a major transition away from analog solutions towards Direct Radiography using digital Flat-Panel Detector (FPD) technology, offering immediate imaging, large productivity, lower dose and portability. LORIX will develop, prototype and demonstrate large area X-ray FPD detectors enabled by TOLAE technology by combining a printed Organic Photo Diode (OPD) with existing Thin Film Transistors active matrices (TFT), in security, health and Non Destructive Testing applications. LORIX will consider two complementary technology routes for effective market introduction: - The short term (2020), low risk route, based on Organic Detector On Glass (oDOG) concept, integrates printed OPD layer on a-Si active matrix on glass, used for displays. This will result in highly competitive organic FPDs with higher performance at lower manufacturing cost. - The medium (2022) term route, relying on Organic Detector On Foil (oDOF) concept, integrates a printed OPD on an organic TFT active matrix on foil. This full organic sensor on foil with improved mechanical robustness and lightweight will enable an easier penetration into nomadic X-ray markets and later will pave the way for dynamic, curved and flexible image sensors. LORIX partners are complementary and cover the full TOLAE value chain: material supplier, equipment manufacturers, companies & research organisations for OPD & OTFT design & integration, companies for production of sensors and full systems. Major OLAE European pilot facilities, PICTIC in Grenoble, Plastic Logic in UK & Germany, will be used for effective industrial exploitation of the products in Europe. Entering an existing business, LORIX will have direct access to end users in the targeted applications. LORIX innovations will strengthen the European industries leadership on X-ray market and will contribute to build a complete value chain with manufacturing capabilities in Europe for large area organic sensors applications.

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