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Moirans, France

In the field of imaging devices comprising a detector generating electric charges in response to incident photon radiation, and an analog-to-digital conversion circuit forming means for reading the quantity of electric charges generated, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit comprises: a comparator which can switch depending on the comparison between a potential on an integration node and a predetermined threshold potential, a counter incrementing with each switch of the comparator, a counter-charge injection circuit injecting a quantity Qc of counter-charges on the integration node with each switch of the comparator, and control means which determine the quantity Qc of counter-charges injected. The analog-to-digital conversion circuit is characterized in that the control means determine the quantity Qc of counter-charges injected as a function of a value of the counter.

French Atomic Energy Commission and Trixell | Date: 2012-06-25

An electronic read circuit for a radiation detector comprises: a comparator receiving a threshold potential and the potential from an integration node, said node being able to store electrical charges that are generated by a photosensitive element; a counter connected to the output of the comparator; and a counter-charge injection circuit comprising: a capacitor that stores counter-charges, a transfer transistor that can be turned on in order to transfer counter-charges from a terminal of the capacitor to the integration node whenever the comparator toggles, the transfer of the counter-charges bringing about a variation of potential at said terminal of the capacitor, and a regulation circuit for controlling the transfer transistor, said circuit comprising means for turning on the transfer transistor when the potential of the terminal of the capacitor is between two predetermined potentials that are independent of the transfer transistor.

Trixell and French Atomic Energy Commission | Date: 2010-10-11

The invention relates to a method for controlling a light-sensitive device comprising a matrix of light-sensitive points arranged into lines and columns. The invention can essentially but not exclusively be used in light-sensitive devices used for detecting X-ray images. The method includes a step (E

French Atomic Energy Commission and Trixell | Date: 2012-06-29

An imaging device comprising a matrix (

An imaging device comprises a sensor of surface area of at least 10 cm

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