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Lexington, MA, United States

Trius Therapeutics | Date: 2011-06-02

The present disclosure provides compounds of Formula I: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein R

Trius Therapeutics | Date: 2011-05-06

The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition useful for treating bacterial infections in humans and animals which comprises administering to a human or animal in need thereof, an antibacterially effective combination of a -lactam antibiotic and an inhibitor of any bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis enzyme, especially GlmU, GlmU, MurA, MurB, MurC, MurD, MurE, MurF, MurG, MraY, and UppS. Further provided is a method of discovering synergists for antibiotics including: a) expressing in a cell an antisense nucleic acid against a nucleic acid encoding a gene product so as to reduce the activity or amount of the gene product in the cell, thereby producing a cell sensitized to an antibiotic; b) characterizing the sensitization of the cell to the antibiotic and selecting pairs of antibiotics and genes that result in antibiotic efficacy at one-fifth or less the concentration required in the absence of the antisense gene; c) screening for chemical compounds that inhibit the gene product corresponding to the selected synergistic gene; and d) selecting or creating chemical analogs that inhibit the gene product corresponding to the selected synergistic gene such that the inhibition occurs in the bacteria.

Dosage forms or pharmaceutical compositions comprise a compound having the structure of Formula IV: wherein n is a non-negative integer; wherein each Z is an oxazolidinone-containing moiety having antibiotic activity in vivo upon cleaving, wherein M is independently OR1 or NR1R2; wherein R1 and R2 are independently selected from the group consisting of H, an optionally-substituted hydrocarbyl residue or a pharmaceutically acceptable cation; wherein the compound in the dosage form or a pharmaceutical composition is present in an amount effective for treating or preventing an antibacterial infection in a mammalian subject. Methods of preparing and using these dosage forms or pharmaceutical compositions are also disclosed.

Trius Therapeutics | Date: 2013-11-25

Methods of preparing a class of oxazolidinones useful to impede bacterial growth are disclosed.

A therapeutic combination comprises an antibacterially effective amount of daptomycin, and an amount of protein synthesis inhibitor antibiotic effective to prevent the development of daptomycin non-susceptibility in bacteria. Related combination therapies and methods are also included.

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