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Trican Well Service Ltd. | Date: 2015-07-16

An aqueous slurry composition for use in industries such as petroleum and pipeline industries comprises an aqueous liquid, particulates, a hydrophobizing agent that renders the particulate surface hydrophobic and a hydrophobic polymer. The slurry is produced by rendering the surface of the particulate hydrophobic during or prior to making the slurry. The method and composition can find many applications in different industries, particularly in petroleum industry.

Trican Well Service Ltd. | Date: 2015-03-06

The present application is directed to an aqueous slurry composition for hydraulic fracturing operations and to a method of making such a composition. In particular, the present application is directed to aqueous slurry compositions comprising a liner gel that has significantly improved capability to transport proppants in a hydraulic fracturing operation. Such aqueous slurry compositions comprise an aqueous liquid, a hydrophobically modified associative polymer, proppants and a compound that renders the proppant surface hydrophobic.

Trican Well Service Ltd. | Date: 2015-07-10

In certain instances high levels of boron is present in produced or flowback water after it has been treated. The boron or borates tend to cause the guar to cross-link and become viscous too early which may cause undue wear or other problems with the surface equipment. It has been found that in the presence of low pH the viscosifier typically does not cross-link in the presence of a borate allowing the finished water to be used to hydrate the fluid. The fluid including the now hydrated linear gel is then subject to a chelating process so that the boron may be sequestered. Once the originally present borate is sequestered a slowly soluble borate is added to cause the linear gel to cross-link at the desired point in time.

Trican Well Service Ltd. | Date: 2015-09-11

A method of utilizing fiber-optic cables either previously installed in adjacent wells or currently installed as part of the drilling or milling process to sense vibrations or acoustic signatures within an adjacent or the currently drilled wellbore. The vibrations or acoustic signatures may then be used to determine the location, including the depth, of a tool run into the well on coil tubing. In addition to determining the location of any tools run into the well on coil tubing, a determination of the operating condition of the tools may also be made based upon the vibrations or acoustic signatures of the tools received via the fiber-optic cables.

Trican Well Service Ltd. | Date: 2015-09-09

Surfaces of well servicing equipment are treated with both a biofilm remover, which can be a mechanical or chemical, and a biocide composition. The biocide composition is designed to be effective to prevent regrowth of bacteria over a period of time in which the equipment is expected to be out of service. Further, the biocide is compatible with the water source available on site for preparation of the biocide composition. The biofilm remover and the biocide composition can be applied or mixed together as a single treatment, if compatible. The biocide is maintained within the equipment or is displaced therefrom, such as with nitrogen and residual biocide composition is effective therein to prevent regrowth. Nitrogen can be maintained within the equipment until put back into service.

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