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News Article | June 21, 2017

Triad Semiconductor, today announced that effective immediately Redtree Solutions Ltd, will represent Triad throughout Europe and Middle East. “Triad Semiconductor is excited to have Redtree Solutions as their sales representative for the growing European marketplace”, said Phillip Muehring, VP of Business Development at Triad Semiconductor,”Redtree Solutions is a premiere sales team with significant experience in supporting leadership technology. Their history of servicing leading customers in Europe with excellence combined with our Mixed Signal ASIC and standard products portfolio will enable significant opportunities for all involved.” Triad’s Agile™ IC technology and growing standard product portfolio will now be available and supported through Redtree Solutions European sales team. “Redtree Solutions is very excited to partner as Triad Semiconductor’s extended Sales Force,” said Jean-Marie Houillon, Co-founder and VP Marketing & Alliances at Redtree Solutions Ltd, “Triad’s substantial experience, portfolio and leadership position in the Mixed Signal Analog & Digital ASIC market will provide our customers with the best innovative expertise, application specific solutions and disruptive service tools.” Redtree Solutions’ ASIC, Foundry and Services division will now provide European customers with full expertise into Analog and Mixed Analog/Digital devices, offering the fastest lead time to turn customer’s idea and needs into ASICs at the most attractive and competitive cost. About Redtree Solutions Limited Redtree Solutions is the largest pan-EMEA manufacturer’s rep company with focus on demand creation at the main actors of Europe electronics Industry. The company has established sales offices in each of the major EMEA territories including UK, Scandinavia, France, Benelux, Spain/Portugal, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Israel. We represent leading edge semiconductor manufacturers and aim to provide our customers with market-defining, innovative and reliable solutions. Our focus is on synergistic technologies that allow us to provide optimized solutions to customer needs. Our mission is to add significant value to our customers’ applications by offering early access to our complete ecosystems combining competitive and advanced technology. Redtree Solutions has an exceptional level of demand creation focus and serves the Telecom, Consumer, Enterprise, Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace & Defence market places. For more information please visit or contact: Jean-Marie Houillon on +33 1 30 47 25 33 or email jmhouillon(at)redtree-solutions(dot)com About Triad Semiconductor Inc. Triad Semiconductor specializes in analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions. Triad’s Agile IC™ technology is the industry’s fastest means of developing integrated circuits**. Triad provides custom ASICs and standard product solutions for mobile, consumer, VR/AR, opto-electronics, communication, automotive, industrial and medical markets. Triad offers full turnkey custom IC solutions including architecture, design, and supply of qualified, production released, semiconductor devices. Triad’s expanding portfolio of standard solutions includes opto-electronic receiver ICs, laser-based tracking for VR, distance measurement, THX HiFi Audio, IoT sensor AFEs and Agile Power Management™ solutions. ** By fast, Triad means they helped a leading consumer OEM go from concept to working silicon in 60 calendar days and achieved the lowest cost production device in less than 7 months, propelling their customer to a leadership position in their market. For more information please visit or contact: Phil Muehring on +1 952 451-4658 or email phil(at)triadsemi(dot)com

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- THX, renowned for the certification of world-class cinemas and electronic devices, has partnered with Triad Semiconductor to manufacture its revolutionary headphone amplifier ASIC. Initially revealed last week, the THX AAA™ Headphone Amplifier technology offers the world's lowest levels of distortion and noise alongside incredibly low power consumption. It outperforms every other amplifier technology in the marketplace and guarantees the highest quality audio experience for consumer entertainment systems including music, cinema, VR and more. "Following the announcement of THX AAA™ Headphone Amplifier technology, we are excited to name a top tier partner to bring THX AAA™ to market," said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO at THX. "Triad shares our passion for supporting innovation in AV technologies with our headphone amplifier OEMs and will be able to provide a new, previously unattainable level of listening experience for consumers." Leveraging THX AAA™, the TSTHX-88 will be the industry's best headphone amplifier ASIC. TSTHX-88 reduces harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortions by 20x to less than -126 dB for the absolute best audio fidelity, and uses near-zero bias current and advanced Class G power management to dramatically decrease power consumption by 10x for incredibly long battery life. The TSTHX-88 also produces powerful performance with any headphone type, outputting a formidable 2.2 Volts rms into 300 Ohms and 2 x 63 milli-Watts into 16 Ohms. TSTHX-88 enables exquisite sound quality, smaller batteries, extended playtime and is perfect for products such as digital and wireless headphones, noise-canceling headphones, VR headsets, portable media players, and premium notebooks and tablets. The superior THX AAA™ Technology is in the good hands of world-class IC designers TRIAD who recently architected the integrated circuits for Valve's virtual reality room-scale tracking. "Truly immersive virtual reality demands high fidelity motion, visual and audio cues," said Reid Wender, VP Sales and Marketing at Triad Semiconductor. "We have been helping companies create riveting VR experiences by delivering the world's best room-scale motion tracking and visual experience. Now, we are excited to work with THX to develop integrated devices that will deliver compelling THX AAA™ audio fidelity and low power operation to VR and wireless headset markets. Users will hear the difference and love the longer battery life that AAA audio delivers." Chips with THX AAA™ are expected to debut at CES 2018. About THX: Founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, THX Ltd. and its partners provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, in the home and on the go. Over the past thirty years, THX has expanded its certification categories beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems and THX Live!, a live-entertainment certification program. Today, THX continues to redefine entertainment, providing exciting new technologies and assurance of experiences with superior quality and high performance that guarantee an artist's vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. About Triad Semiconductor: Triad Semiconductor designs and manufactures analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. Customers partner with Triad to deliver innovative electronic concepts to emerging markets in record time. How fast? Sixty days from project start to working silicon is our current record. For more information, please visit

Kemerling J.C.,Triad Semiconductor, Inc. | Greenwell R.,Triad Semiconductor, Inc. | Bharath B.,Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
Proceedings of the IEEE | Year: 2015

Alternatives to traditional full-custom analog/mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are described. These novel approaches apply many of the concepts of deep-submicrometer digital structured arrays and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to analog design and fabrication methodologies. Field-and mask-programmable analog architectures are compared and contrasted to the long-standing full custom approach. In addition, the impact of electronic design automation (EDA) tools, which are critical cost-effective, wide-spread deployment of these new approaches, is discussed. Finally, the changes in manufacturing and fabrication processes to support production of field-and mask-programmable analog/mixed-signal devices will be presented. © 2015 IEEE.

Kemerling J.,Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
DesignCon 2010 | Year: 2010

A new alternative to full-custom analog/mixed signal ASICs will be introduced. This new approach applies many of the concepts of deep-submicron digital structured arrays to larger geometry analog processes. Consequently a place-and-route tool (normally only for the digital domain) can be used to configure an analog ASIC while maintaining performance comparable to classical full-custom analog design. Specifically, this concept uses a single via layer to configure an entire semi-custom analog integrated circuit. These new devices are called via-configurable analog arrays (VCAAs.).

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Air Force | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 1.77M | Year: 2015

ABSTRACT:A radiation hardened via-configurable mixed signal array (RHVCA-1) is proposed to provide a rapid prototyping mixed signal platform for implementing radiation hardened and high performance custom analog system designs. In phase I the feasibility of implementing RHVCAs was investigated. In the initial Phase II radiation hardened by design (RHBD) features were designed, fabricated and verified. Total ionizing dose (TID) teting was performed on a RHBD VCA and on a comparable Triad commercial VCA to determine the radiation hardness. Phase II results indicate the RHVCA concept is practically feasible and would provide and excellent means of developing prototype and production custom analog solutions for aerospace and defense applications. This Phase II effort will focus on the commercialization of RHBD VCA technology. The two key objectives in phase II will be: 1. Development and verification of a RHVCA-1 RHBD VCA platform test device on IBMs CMOS7RF (0.18 CMOS) process containing analog and digital building blocks necessary to implement the RHVCAs. 2. Development and fabrication of mixed signal ASICs for commercialization using the RHVCA-1 VCA platform. In the previous phase I and phase II STTR efforts, Triad worked with the University of Tennessee to research, design, prototype and test devices to further this research. No part of this effort will be done by the University of Tennessee. This proposal is submitted as an SBIR in accordance with SBIR Policy Directive, paragraph 4(b)(1)(i) exception. BENEFIT:The advantages of VCA technology over full custom design are many. They include the following primary advantages: 1. Rapid design and prototyping. 2. Fast and simple design changes 3. Significant reductions in size, weight, and power (SWAP). 4. Ease of intellectual property (IP) re-use. 5. Enhanced Reliability by integration of analog functions into one RHVCA on a commercially proven semiconductor process. 6. Mitigation of diminished manufacturing sources (DMS) issues. Once developed, a platform life cycle is expected to extend through the entire fabrication process life. Platforms will remain viable and in use indefinitely. 7. Lower total cost of ownership by using pre-developed and pre-tested VCAA platforms. Total cost savings per component are expected to be more than 50% leading to expansion of the product line offerings as well as funding the various qualifications required for space and national security applications.

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2) Reduced Size and Weight While Battery Life is one important factor for consideration, it is certainly not the only. In some product spaces, there may be other criteria important to the product ...

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An MRI system involves processing pulse waveforms in the 60MHz to 130MHz range. These signals must be bandpass filtered and digitized with high-speed, high-resolution analog to digital converters (ADCs) ...

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With our 1:1 part number to customer association, there will never be a die revision or shrink that occurs without customer sign off

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Mixed Signal Auto Place & Route Key to the Triad approach is advanced, analog-aware, via-only automatic place and route software that configures and interconnects the entire VCA without the need for manual full-custom layout. In a traditional digital-only ASIC flow, the post-synthesis digital netlist is sent to place and route software ...

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