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Peterborough, Canada

Trent University is a liberal arts and science-oriented institution located along the Otonabee River in Peterborough and Durham, Ontario, Canada.The enabling legislation is the Trent University Act, 1962-63. The university was founded through the efforts of a citizens' committee interested in creating a university to serve the Trent valley. The chancellor of Trent University is Don Tapscott, and Dr. Leo Groarke is the president and vice-chancellor.The Symons campus of Trent is approximately 5.6 km2 , over half of which is a part of Trent's Nature Areas, an ecologically diverse wild-life preserve. It is divided into a series of colleges: Champlain, Lady Eaton, Catharine Parr Traill, Otonabee, Peter Gzowski, and Julian Blackburn. Each college has its own residence hall, dining room, and student government, other than Julian Blackburn which is a non-residential college and home to Trent's 1,700 part-time students. The campus plan and the original college buildings were designed by the Canadian architect Ron Thom. A large portion of the main campus consists of land that was donated by General Electric Canada. This donation included a functioning hydroelectric power plant dating from the 1890s, which still generates a substantial portion of the university's electricity; the power plant is being updated and a second generating plant being considered.Trent also runs a full- and part-time program in Durham at the Thornton Road campus, with an enrolment of over 800 students. The university is represented in Canadian Interuniversity Sport by the Trent Excalibur. Some of the specialized programs at Trent include the Queen's University/Trent concurrent education program, the Trent University School of Education, a joint program with Fleming College allowing students to earn a B.Sc.F.S. in Forensic Science, and a B.Sc.N. program in Nursing. Wikipedia.

Trent University | Date: 2015-05-05

This application relates to triacylglycerol oligomers derived from the metathesis of natural oils. These oligomers are structure controlled dimers and quatrimers, and the effect of saturation, molecular size, and positional isomerization are also described herein.

Metathesized triacylglycerol polyols and their related physical and thermal properties are disclosed. Such metathesized triacylglycerol polyols are also used as a component of polyurethane applications, including polyurethane foams.

Trent University | Date: 2015-09-15

The synthesis of certain polyester diols (PEDs) is disclosed. This application also discloses the purification and polymerization kinetics of lipid based PEDs. Molecular weight and distribution controls were achieved by initial and induced stoichiometric imbalance and optimization of the purification protocol. Thermal degradation and thermal transition behavior of the PEDs were also investigated by TGA and DSC.

The synthesis of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester urethanes is disclosed. The synthesis describes parameters such as controlled concentration, distribution, and types of crystalline hard segment blocks to correlate the effect of hard segment crystallinity to that of the soft segment blocks.

Trent University | Date: 2014-03-13

This application relates to certain dimers as crystallization depressants for biodiesel fuels, and methods for making the same. Such dimers, due to their particular structure and conformation, disrupt the regular packing of linear saturated fatty acid methyl esters, thereby delaying nucleation and mitigating crystal growth. In some embodiments, the dimer includes (E)-1-(1-(oleoyloxy)-3-(stearoyloxy)propan-2-yl) 18-(1-(oleoyloxy)-3-(stearoyloxy)propan-2-yl)octadec-9-enedioate.

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