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Toyota Tsusho Corporation , TYO: 8015, based in Nagoya and Tokyo, is a sōgō shōsha , a member of the Toyota Group. It is one of the largest trading companies in Japan, and the 6th largest in the world. Toyota Tsusho has a worldwide presence through its many subsidiaries and operating divisions, including over 150 offices, and 900 subsidiaries and affiliates around the world. Its main business is supporting Toyota Motor's automobile business and other Toyota Group companies, but Toyota Tsusho's business is very diverse, spanning industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors. Business areas run the gamut, including industrial raw materials, agricultural products, and high technology. The company acquired Tomen Corporation, another Japanese trading company, on April 1, 2006. Wikipedia.

Toyota Tsusho | Date: 2011-02-28

To provide a material monitoring system for biomass plastic from its source, information, such as weight, mass, or volume, in each nth node is transmitted at prescribed in and out timings to a central management server. Based on the information, the management server carries out monitoring of the original materials mass or volume which is presently onsite at the nth node. While material distribution elements will in reality branch off and become complex, the total quantity of the original material which the management server manages does not change. Should an error arise in a change in the total quantity of the original material which the management server manages, it will be possible to suspect an illicit event and to investigate the cause thereof based on the management information.

Just Auto Accessories Co., Toyota Tsusho and CarMax | Date: 2010-03-01

A wheel rim decorative lamp for mounting on the wheel rim of a vehicle comprises a motor assembly, a circuit board, a plurality of light emitting diodes, a light transmissive shell and a cover. The motor assembly includes a motor and a counterweight block, The motor has a rotating shaft and a housing. The light emitting diodes are disposed on one side of the circuit board. The light transmissive shell is disposed on one side of the circuit board. The cover disposed on one side of the circuit board is pivotally connected to the rotating shaft and drives the rotating shaft to relatively rotate with the housing, so as to generate electricity to actuate the light emitting diodes. Hence, the present invention improves safety and provides aesthetic feeling.

Toyota Boshoku, Mold Technical Office Co. and Toyota Tsusho | Date: 2012-11-16

There is provided a vehicle seat including a seat structure member which has a frame member which configures a seat framework, a pad member which configures an outer shape of the seat and is configured to elastically support an occupant, and a sheet-like elastic fiber body which is disposed on a rear surface of the pad member. The pad member is disposed on the frame member while the elastic fiber body contacting the frame member. The elastic fiber body includes protrusions which protrude toward the frame member and recesses which are closer to the pad member than the protrusions, and the elastic fiber body is configured to come into point or line contact with the frame member by the protrusions.

INPEX Corporation, Toyota Tsusho, Y Ventures and Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. | Date: 2012-02-09

A medium oil to be used for a synthesis reaction in a slurry-bed reaction procedure. The medium oil has as a main component, a branched, saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon having 16 to 50 carbon atoms, 1 to 7 tertiary carbon atoms, 0 quaternary carbon atoms, and 1 to 16 carbon atoms in the branched chains bonded to the tertiary carbon atoms; and at least one of the tertiary carbon atoms is bonded to hydrocarbon chains with a chain length having 4 or more carbon atoms in three directions, wherein the synthesis reaction in the slurry-bed reaction procedure comprises producing an oxygen-containing organic compound from a raw gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Toyota Tsusho | Date: 2015-04-14

Methods for connecting rods for automotive vehicles are provided. In particular, the disclosed methods produce connecting rods composed of composite material which includes organic polymeric plastic and carbon fiber. In some instances, the methods utilize reinforcing tape to improve strength. Connecting rods composed substantially of organic polymeric plastic and carbon fiber are also disclosed. In some instances, the connecting rods include reinforcing tape for increased strength.

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