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Toyoda Gosei | Date: 2015-01-21

An object is to provide a fuel supply system having a filler neck formed easily with high accuracy. A fuel supply system is configured to supply fuel ejected from a fuel nozzle to a fuel tank. The fuel supply system comprises a filler neck including a resin filler neck body and a metal retainer. The filler neck body is formed in a tubular shape and has an opening end arranged to form an opening which the fuel nozzle is inserted through. The retainer is placed to cover at least part of the opening end of the filler neck body and is joined with the filler neck body in at least part of the filler neck body by thermal welding.

Toyoda Gosei and Casio Computer Co. | Date: 2015-09-28

A projection apparatus includes a light source to emit a light beam, an image display element to provide image information to the light beam, and a noise reduction mechanism disposed between the light source and the image display element. The noise reduction mechanism includes an optical element to transmit the light beam emitted from the light source, a dielectric elastomer fixed to the optical element, and first and second electrodes provided on first and second surfaces of the dielectric elastomer, respectively. The dielectric elastomer is deformed in accordance with the application of a voltage across the first and second electrodes to moves the optical element.

Toyoda Gosei | Date: 2015-02-02

A technique of suppressing leak current in a semiconductor device is provided. A semiconductor device, comprises: a semiconductor layer made of a semiconductor; an insulating layer configured to have electric insulation property and formed to cover part of the semiconductor layer; a first electrode layer formed on the semiconductor layer, configured to have a work function of not less than 0.5 eV relative to electron affinity of the semiconductor layer and extended to surface of the insulating layer to form a field plate structure; and a second electrode layer configured to have electrical conductivity and formed to cover at least part of the first electrode layer. A distance between an edge of a part of the first electrode layer that is in contact with the semiconductor layer and the second electrode layer is equal to or greater than 0.2 m.

Toyoda Gosei | Date: 2015-07-29

An airbag housed in the housing and inflatable with an inflation gas for deployment rearward in order to protect a passenger in a front passenger seat. The airbag includes a main bag section that includes at its rear surface a front-collision arresting plane for catching the passenger upon a frontal collision, and an auxiliary bag section that includes an oblique-collision arresting section protruding rearward relative to the main bag section. The oblique-collision arresting section includes on its lateral an oblique-collision arresting plane for catching a head of the passenger upon an oblique collision. The oblique-collision arresting section is a high-pressure section which has a higher internal pressure than the main bag section when inflated. The airbag further includes in a front region of the auxiliary bag section a low-pressure section that is in gas communication with the main bag section and partitioned from the high-pressure section by a partition wall.

Toyoda Gosei | Date: 2015-03-18

An airbag includes a main bag section which protrudes rearward out of a housing and deploys in front of a front passenger seat and a center bag section which deploys toward an inboard direction from the main bag section in a width direction of the vehicle and in front of a space between the front passenger seat and a drivers seat in such a manner as to extend rearward from a side of the housing. A rear end region of the center bag section is deployable rearward relative to the main bag section. The airbag further includes an outer tether which extends outside of the airbag from a front end region of the center bag section and is connected to a vicinity of the housing by a leading end of the outer tether.

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