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New York, NY, United States

A touch panel comprises a flexible touch sensor and a cover plate. The cover plate and the flexible touch sensor are attached to each other by an adhesive layer. The flexible touch sensor at least comprises a sensing electrode structure disposed on a flexible substrate. The sensing electrode structure comprises a first insulating layer and a first patterned conductive layer formed on the first insulating layer. The first insulating layer is disposed between the flexible substrate and the first patterned conductive layer and directly contacts the flexible substrate.

Touch Inc | Date: 2015-04-03

A crystal lens includes a liquid crystal layer, a pair of alignment layers, a first electrode set, and a second electrode set. The alignment layers are positioned on different sides of the liquid crystal layer. The first and second electrode sets are positioned on different alignment layers. The first electrode set includes a first transparent insulating layer and a first electrode layer. The first electrode set attaches to one of the alignment layers. The second electrode set includes a second transparent insulating layer, a second electrode layer, and a dielectric film. The second electrode layer includes a hole-patterned electrode. The dielectric film attaches to the first transparent insulating layer. The hole-patterned electrode exposes the dielectric film. In addition, an external power supply provides a driving voltage to the hole-patterned electrode and the first electrode layer, so that the liquid crystal molecules inside the liquid crystal layer drive rotation.

Touch Inc | Date: 2015-02-06

A touch panel used for a touch control electronic device is disclosed. The touch panel comprises a first board. The first board has a first surface, wherein the first surface undergoes an atomizing process to have at least one semitransparent area. The at least one semitransparent area has a first semitransparent figure which is interlaced by an atomized area and a non-atomized area for changing a light shielding rate of the first semitransparent figure by adjusting the atomized area.

Touch Inc | Date: 2015-03-17

A touch display panel comprises a polarizer, a display module, and a touch electrode structure. The display module is disposed opposite to the polarizer and comprises a transparent substrate. The touch electrode structure is disposed between the polarizer and the transparent substrate.

Touch Inc | Date: 2015-02-28

A liquid crystal lens structure is disclosed, comprising a first substrate and a second substrate each having oppositely arranged sides, a first side and second side. A liquid crystal layer is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, in which first side of the first substrate and second side of the second substrate are proximate to the liquid crystal layer. A first transparent conductive layer is disposed between the first substrate and the liquid crystal layer. A second transparent conductive layer is disposed on the second side of the second substrate, in which the second transparent conductive layer comprises a circular opening and a circular electrode in the circular opening. Thus, the invention can provide better response time and improve efficiency of the liquid crystal lens structure.

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