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Grove City, OH, United States

This invention relates to a rotatable cylindrical magnetron sputtering apparatus and related process. More specifically, the invention relates to a cylindrical target assembly for a cylindrical magnetron sputtering device which includes a target portion where the target portion is metal, metal oxide, or ceramic and is not bonded to any backing tube. Instead, the cylindrical target is resiliently, yet fixedly mounted to the backing tube by a multiplicity of resilient, yieldable contacts. The assembly allows the target portion to heat up uniformly and expand, thereby allowing the cylindrical magnetron to operate at increased power levels.

Tosoh Smd Inc. | Date: 2011-09-13

A method for producing a sputtering target assembly bonded to a backing plate. The method includes bonding a target to a high strength backing plate and further creating a vacuum seal between the target and the backing plate using friction stir welding processes.

A sputtering target assembly and method of manufacturing the sputtering target assembly is provided. The sputtering target assembly may have a target blank. The target blank may have at least one planar surface with a thickness T

Described is a design and method for producing a sputtering target assembly with low deflection made from target material solder bonded to composite backing plate with coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matching the target material. The composite backing plate is composite configuration composed of at least two different materials with different CTE. The composite backing plate, after plastic deformation, if necessary, has a CTE matching the target material and low and desirable deflection in the bonding process, and therefore, resulting in a low deflection and low stress target material bonded to composite backing plate assembly. The method includes manufacturing composite backing plate with a flat bond surface, heat treating of target blank and composite backing plate to achieve desirable shape of bond surfaces, solder bonding target to a backing plate, and slowly cooling the assembly to room temperature. Matching CTE in both target material and backing plate eliminates the problem of CTE mismatch and prevents the assembly from deflection and internal stress.

Tosoh Smd Inc. | Date: 2012-06-18

A sputtering target made of aluminum and one or more alloying elements including Ni, Co, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ta, W, and rare earth metals (REM). The addition of very small amounts of alloying element to pure aluminum and aluminum alloy target improves the uniformity of the deposited wiring films through affecting the targets recrystallization process. The range of alloying element content is 0.01 to 100 ppm by weight, which is sufficient to prevent dynamic recrystallization of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys, such as 30 ppm Si alloy. The addition of small amount of alloying elements increases the thermal stability and electromigration resistance of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys thin films while sustaining their low electrical resistivity and good etchability. This invention also provides a method of manufacturing microalloyed aluminum and aluminum alloy sputtering target.

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