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Kigali, Rwanda

TorQue Ltd | Date: 2015-07-24

A torque wrench comprises a head for engagement with a workpiece and a handle for applying a torque to the head. The handle comprises: a body; at least two elastic elements disposed within the body; a connector between the elastic elements; and a torque adjustment element for determining a compression of the elastic elements. The torque adjustment element is slidably engaged with the connector such that radial movement of the torque adjustment element is limited.

TorQue Ltd | Date: 2012-05-28

There is described a torque tool comprising a synchronous reluctance motor. The torque tool comprises an electrical machine drive system, an electronic controller and a gear system. The drive system comprises a rotor and a stator arranged around the rotor. The rotor is attached to a motor shaft and comprises a pattern of regions of relatively high magnetic permeability interspersed with regions of relatively low magnetic permeability extending generally parallel to the motor shaft such that there is a plurality of magnetic poles distributed circumferentially around the motor shaft. The stator comprises electrical windings dispersed in slots disposed around an inner surface of the stator, the slots extending generally parallel to the motor shaft such that, when current flows in the windings, a stator magnetic field generated by the current has the same number of magnetic poles as the rotor. The electronic controller is configured to control the current flow in the stator windings to cause the stator poles to rotate in synchronism with rotation of the motor. The gear system is mechanically coupled to the motor shaft and configured to apply torque to a mechanical

TorQue Ltd | Date: 2013-06-21

A calibration rig (

TorQue Ltd | Date: 2012-09-10

An adjusting structure of a torque wrench includes an adjusting bolt orderly installed with a first nut, a second nut, a connecting ring and a third nut. The second nut has a polygonal groove correspondingly engaged with a polygonal projected ring of the connecting ring, so that the connecting ring has a thicker wall, compared to a conventional one, to step up its strength. Therefore, the connecting ring has a stronger structure to avoid disadvantage of easily breaking down happening in the conventional one.

A torque wrench having a transparent window illumination structure includes a torque wrench main body. The outer surface of the torque wrench main body has at least one window. A torque indicator is provided corresponding in position to the window. An illuminating member is disposed at an end of the torque indicator opposite to the window. The illuminating member is electrically connected with a control unit. When the illuminating member illuminates, the light from the illuminating member will first pass through the indication portion and then the window. Under an inadequate lighting environment, through the window, the user can watch the indication portion clearly to know the present setting torque value of the torque wrench.

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