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Rotar O.V.,Tomsk Polytechnic University | Rotar V.G.,Tomsk Polytechnic University | Gess T.A.,Tomsk Polytechnic University | Iskrizhitsky A.A.,TomskNIPIneft | Vorobiev D.S.,Tomsk State University
Petroleum and Coal | Year: 2016

Adsorption activity of natural adsorbents for cleanup of water surfaces from oil spills was studied. The following natural adsorbents criteria were compared: oil absorption, buoyancy, and water absorption. The original peat moss Sphagnum Dill (Russia) demonstrated better buoyancy (up to 700 hours) but poorer oil absorption in comparison to Nature sorb (Canada). Carbonized and chemically modified Sphagnum Dill was found to be similar to Canadian peat mosses Nature Corby and Spilcorb in terms of oil absorption and superior to them in terms of buoyancy. Modified adsorbents can clean water to the residual oil content of less than 0.03 g/L. Adsorptive capacity demonstrated dependence on adsor-bent porosity.

Goncharov I.,TomskNINPINeft VNK | Oblasov N.,TomskNIPIneft | Samoylenko V.,TomskNIPIneft
1st Sakhalin Workshop on Far East Hydrocarbons: From Oil and Gas Basin Studies to Field Models 2011 | Year: 2011

Oil and gas formation in Sakhalin Island has been investigated during several decade. But many geochemical questions in updating of regional oil formation model are left in abeyance. A true basin modeling is impossible without their solution. Rock-Eval pyrolysis research included 424 core and cutting samples from wells. Highest oil-generative potential was determined in samples of Pisk Formation. TOC content reaches up to 3.7 %, S2 - up to 39.4 mg HC/g rock in these rocks. Organic matter of Pisk Formation has high Hydrogen Index values (up to 587 mg HC/g rock), which correspond to kerogen type-II. GC/MS analyses of source rock extracts and 16 oil samples from 7 oilfields don't confirm supposition of early-catagenetic formation. Oils have a similar origin. Correlation of the thermal maturity molecular parameter in rock extracts and oils showed that in most investigated rock samples the organic matter has not reached the thermal maturity level of existing oils. The most near-maturity value for oils was discovered in rock samples of Pilsk Formation (Vostochnyy Kaygan No 2 well, depth is 3.3-3.6 km). This can indicate that the oil window zone is located at a depth of more than 3.5 km.

Levin I.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Glazkov O.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Malyshev S.A.,TomskNIPIneft
SPE Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference [RO&G] (Moscow, Russia, 10/16-18/2012) Proceedings | Year: 2012

In this paper, an estimate is given as to the resource potential of the Arctic Shelf of Russia and prospects of its development. The comparative analysis of multiphase technologies of wellstream gathering, applicable for conditions of the Arctic Shelf on an example of fields of the Barents and Kara Seas, is carried out. Various aspects of the joint transport system application of gas hydrates and oil on one pipeline for solving the problems of associated petroleum gas utilization on an example of the Arctic Shelf fields are considered.

Pylnik S.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Shaporenko S.N.,TomskNIPIneft | Babov V.N.,TomskNIPIneft | Shtokolova M.N.,TomskNIPIneft
Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and Exhibition 2012 | Year: 2012

The methodology of geological modeling of fractured carbonate reservoir of Paleozoic basement in Western Siberia with application of 3D seismic data is described. The construction algorithm of three-dimensional seismic trends and the using methods of these trends for modeling are presented. The facies model of the reservoir and the structural-tectonic analysis methodology are described. History matching results which are presented at the end of the paper show the correctness of the used technique. Copyright 2012, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Ten T.,Tomsk Polytechnic University | Panova E.,TomskNIPIneft | Abramova R.,Tomsk Polytechnic University
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | Year: 2015

Research results of the lithological composition for Upper Jurassic productive sediments in Myldzhino gas condensate field (Tomsk Oblast) have been described. System lithological studies have been based on the layer-by-layer profile description. Recently electrometrical research methods for facies analysis and litho-facial interpretation have been applied. Both lithological and field geophysics data provided problem- solving related to stripping conditions, structure and lithological trap locations. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Ulyanov G.V.,RN Shelf Arctic | Nikishin V.A.,RN Shelf Arctic | Parnachev S.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Goncharov I.V.,TomskNIPIneft | And 5 more authors.
7th EAGE Saint Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition: Understanding the Harmony of the Earth's Resources Through Integration of Geosciences | Year: 2016

Fieldtrips, outcrops' studies and further rock sample analyses are the cheapest and more effective way to get additional geological information about stratigraphy, lithology, petroleum potential and tectonic features of rocks of the Arctic region. In a period of 2013-2015 VSEGEI provides three fieldtrips for Rosneft Oil Company on Severnaya Zemlya, Novaya Zemlya and Franz Joseph Land islands. The same geological structure and age model of the onshore and offshore areas allow us to forecast lithological model, source rocks and reservoirs units and their distribution within the Arctic shelf area. So based on analytical data of rock samples main petroleum systems' elements (source rocks, reservoirs, seals, possible migration pathways) and their geochemical and petrophysical characteristics were identified for North Kara and North Barents provinces..

Babov V.N.,TomskNIPIneft | Shevchenko S.M.,TomskNIPIneft
Geomodel 2012 - 14th Scientific-Practical Conference on the Problems of Integrated Interpretation of Geological and Geophysical Data During Geological Modeling of Hydrocarbons' Deposits | Year: 2012

The resume of theses. Methodological instructions are lied in the basis of algorithm[6]. The algorithm is based on different influence of lithology on TNNL,GGL,AL.methods and let to divide carbonate rocks to limestones, dolomites and dolomitzed limestones and to point reservoir properties of the rocks. The main distinction of this method is that from rhe beginging you should point the lithological identity of the rocks and after this you should do the calculation of porosity and also the refuse of introduction of amendments for clay content.This is achived by using of main parameters, calculated for real composition of the rocks (mixture of limestone -dolomite).

Shaldybin M.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Babov V.N.,TomskNIPIneft | Shtokolova M.N.,TomskNIPIneft | Fedorov B.A.,TomskNIPIneft
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2013

Fractured zones were obtained on base of complex research investigation for core of Paleozoic deposits and logging. These data allowed construct facial model of oilfield where various character of physical properties were defined separately for matrix of rock and in fractures. Matrix properties and different types of fracturing defined: their direction of propagation and density that have been fixed in oilfield petrophysical model. Dual porosity and permeability model created for productive carbonate deposits have been set for porous-flow model. Successive adaptation of this model in reference to the history of exploitation showed about high predictive potential and rightness of used methods.

Gorbovskaia O.A.,Gazpromneft | Parnachev S.V.,TomskNIPIneft | Belozerov B.V.,Gazpromneft | Bochkov A.S.,Gazpromneft
6th Saint Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition on Geosciences 2014: Investing in the Future | Year: 2014

The article is devoted to investigation of possibilities to optimize routine core laboratory analysis design according to the sedimentological characteristics of reservoir. The work is focused upon permeability measurements. Terrigenous rocks are within the scope of the study. As far as core sampling is concerned, a-priori assessment of necessary number of plugs to be taken is possible on the basis of earlier cored wells for formations deposited in sedimentary environments of which laterally continuous sandbodies are typical, such as, shallow marine alongshore sandbars and barrier islands, or submarine fan system deposits. Moreover, results of minipermeametry measurements may be utilized in order to distinguish socalled "homogeneously heterogeneous" intervals within the reservoir which require different sampling density for permeability characterization. Creation of an individual sub-program for each interval may allow increasing number of measurements within more heterogeneous parts of the reservoir by decreasing them within relatively homogeneous intervals without additional expenses on plug sampling. It is likely to allow more detailed assessment of permeability distribution within the reservoir, and, as a result, make help in reservoir management improvement. Copyright © 2014 by the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers. All rights reserved.

Parnachev S.,TomskNIPIneft | Molodykh P.,TomskNIPIneft | Mezentsev D.,TomskNIPIneft | Anop A.,TomskNIPIneft
Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition 2010, RO and G 10 | Year: 2010

Example of integrated study including adapted laboratory research program and reservoir engineering is provided. Results received are to be of interest of reservoir engineers and geologists especially in view of numerous low permeable oil fields' production in low-amplitude closures. Combination of independent analysis techniques allowed detecting undersaturated type of Tagai reservoir. Oil displacement efficieny test was realized under specified oil saturation similar to log interpretation results. Resulted displacement efficieny values allowed previous oil recovery factor reduction as well as recoverable reserves by 30 percent, the latest were approved by State Authorities in 2009. Description of saturation estimation technique with undersaturated reservoir laboratory model formation is provided in the paper as well as laboratory research program. Advanced field development experience and iterative laboratory research program resulted in atypical level of interaction between laboratory and engineering departments based on complex geology understanding and modern reservoir engineering methods. Especial importance of implemented laboratory research consists in conception of undersaturated reservoir estimation, modeling and field development planning because of their quantity and distribution underevaluation at least at West Siberia. Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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