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Tokyo Seitoku University is a private university in Kita, Tokyo, Japan, established in 1993. Wikipedia.

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Furukawa T.A.,Nagoya City University | Kawakami N.,University of Tokyo | Kadota M.,Nagoya City University | Sasaki M.,Naruto University of Education | And 8 more authors.
PLoS ONE | Year: 2012

Background: Subthreshold depression is highly prevalent in the general population and causes great loss to society especially in the form of reduced productivity while at work (presenteeism). We developed a highly-structured manualized eight-session cognitive-behavioral program with a focus on subthreshold depression in the workplace and to be administered via telephone by trained psychotherapists (tCBT). Methods: We conducted a parallel-group, non-blinded randomized controlled trial of tCBT in addition to the pre-existing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) versus EAP alone among workers with subthreshold depression at a large manufacturing company in Japan. The primary outcomes were depression severity as measured with Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) and presenteeism as measured with World Health Organization Health and Work Productivity Questionnaire (HPQ). In the course of the trial the follow-up period was shortened in order to increase acceptability of the study. Results: The planned sample size was 108 per arm but the trial was stopped early due to low accrual. Altogether 118 subjects were randomized to tCBT+EAP (n = 58) and to EAP alone (n = 60). The BDI-II scores fell from the mean of 17.3 at baseline to 11.0 in the intervention group and to 15.7 in the control group after 4 months (p&0.001, Effect size = 0.69, 95%CI: 0.32 to 1.05). However, there was no statistically significant decrease in absolute and relative presenteeism (p = 0.44, ES = 0.15, -0.21 to 0.52, and p = 0.50, ES = 0.02, -0.34 to 0.39, respectively). Conclusion: Remote CBT, including tCBT, may provide easy access to quality-assured effective psychotherapy for people in the work force who present with subthreshold depression. Further studies are needed to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach in longer terms. The study was funded by Sekisui Chemicals Co. Ltd. Trial Registration: NCT00885014. © 2012 Furukawa et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Fraser K.,University of South Australia | Hvolby H.-H.,University of Aalborg | Watanabe C.,Tokyo Seitoku University
International Journal of Global Energy Issues | Year: 2011

A recent review of maintenance literature found that total productive maintenance (TPM), reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), and condition-based maintenance (CBM) were the most popular maintenance management models discussed in academic journals. In this paper, a comprehensive review of these three models is undertaken to identify empirical 'real world' examples of each model being used in industry. Further analysis is provided in the form of author's origin, research method, study country, sector and industry. The paper provides practitioners with a breakdown of the practical applications for each model in industry today, and academics, a point-of-reference for further empirical research efforts. For practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge of a particular model or how a maintenance management model may fit an organisation, listed references have been chosen for their practical links to present day organisations. In regards to the energy sector the review identified a number of power plants with RCM being the dominate maintenance model. In addition, the paper provides readers with a detailed description of the three models reviewed. © 2011 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

Nogami T.,Meiji University | Yoshida F.,Tokyo Seitoku University
Disasters | Year: 2014

This study examines how well disaster myths were rooted in Japanese people after the Great East Japan Disaster, as well as the effects of information sources on these misconceptions. Five common disaster myths are covered (panic, psychological shock, looting, increases in the crime rate, and material convergence), and information sources were divided into two types: public and private. Three hundred participants were asked how much credit they would give the five myths and which information sources they would rely on in post-disaster situations. The results found that, as in Western societies, these disaster myths do exist among Japanese people. Also, only public sources of disaster information, such as television and Internet news websites, had some effect on the degree of belief in disaster myths, while private sources, such as one's family, friends, and social networking sites, did not. Factors affecting the degree to which people believe in disaster myths are also discussed. © 2014 The Author(s). Disasters.

Kawakami N.,University of Tsukuba | Yoshida F.,University of Tsukuba | Yoshida F.,Tokyo Seitoku University
Consciousness and Cognition | Year: 2015

Perceiving a story behind successive movements plays an important role in our lives. From a general perspective, such higher mental activity would seem to depend on conscious processes. Using a subliminal priming paradigm, we demonstrated that such story perception occurs without conscious awareness. In the experiments, participants were subliminally presented with sequential pictures that represented a story in which one geometrical figure was chased by the other figure, and in which one fictitious character defeated the other character in a tug-of-war. Although the participants could not report having seen the pictures, their automatic mental associations (i.e., associations that are activated unintentionally, difficult to control, and not necessarily endorsed at a conscious level) were shifted to line up with the story. The results suggest that story perception operates outside of conscious awareness. Implications for research on the unconscious were also briefly discussed. © 2014 Elsevier Inc.

Nakagawa M.,Japan Science and Technology Agency | Watanabe C.,Tokyo Seitoku University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

A patent specification contains useful data to analyze technological innovation. A set of patent applications filed by a firm represents its MOT (management of technology) strategy. Analyzing patent application in line with socio-economic change may demonstrate the changes in MOT strategy. It is demonstrated that in the late 20 th century and the early 21 st century, the range of technological collaboration was broadened due to MOT strategy and socio-economic changes. Today, as various types of entities are connected in global information networks, utilizing interplay between industries and those entities will be a critical factor for success in materials innovation. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Kosaka S.,University of Tokyo | Umezaki M.,University of Tokyo | Ishikawa M.,Tokyo Seitoku University | Watanabe C.,University of Tokyo
Landscape and Urban Planning | Year: 2014

This study investigated the association between physical activity (PA) and the built environment, by focusing on gangi-dori, a traditional countermeasure structure against heavy snowfall in Joetsu, Japan. Gangi-dori refers to a row of conjoined housing eaves that form a roofed walking space along the street. For 55 participants aged 35-79 years in areas with and without gangi-dori, levels of PA and locations were simultaneously measured by accelerometer and using a global positioning system in non-snowfall and snowfall seasons. Findings indicate that the seasonal difference in PA was associated with the presence of gangi-dori: in the area with gangi-dori the amount of PA was greater in the snowfall season, while in the area without gangi-dori, there was less PA in the snowfall season. A remarkably large proportion of the time spent in gangi-dori was accounted for by non-sedentary activity in the snowfall season, with the median time spent there being 8.2. min/day. As the seasonal difference in time spent in gangi-dori was disproportionately small in relation to the difference in PA levels, the relationship between gangi-dori and physical activity may be indirect. These results suggest that gangi-dori may help to maintain or even increase levels of PA in the snowfall season, and demonstrate the potential of well-designed built environment features to support and promote PA in adverse climatic conditions. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Kayama T.,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology | Kaneko K.,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology | Miyakoda H.,Tsuda College | Ishikawa M.,Tokyo Seitoku University
6th IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies in Education, WMUTE 2010: Mobile Social Media for Learning and Education in Formal and Informal Settings | Year: 2010

In an autonomous and collaborative learning environment where learners participate in learning material creation, it is difficult to accumulate materials for abstract words. In this study, we first define the abstraction level of words as well as its measurement method. Next, we prove that learners feel it difficult to create materials for abstract words. Finally, we pre-pare materials based on still images and movies, and compare their learning effect with respect to the abstraction levels of corresponding words to find effective materials for abstract words. © 2010 IEEE.

Yoshida M.,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology | Ishikawa M.,Tokyo Seitoku University | Kaneko K.,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, ITI | Year: 2010

In this study, we have designed and implemented a Web-based system, JAPES, so that foreign people as well as Japanese young people can learn kotowaza, that is, Japanese active proverbs. The system consists of two sub systems, PATS and PEFS. The former is for proverbial learning by browsing an animation of ten seconds while the latter is for checking the memory retention of the meaning of proverbs. We have carried out a small evaluation experiment with five foreign college students as subjects to evaluate effectiveness of the system. From the result of the experiment, we observed that the system has equivalent learning effect to the text-based learning. Furthermore, from the answers of a questionnaire, all the participants of the experiment enjoyed learning proverbs, and most of them desired to use JAPES after the experiment.

Kawakami N.,University of Tsukuba | Miura E.,University of Tsukuba | Yoshida F.,Tokyo Seitoku University
Journal of Evolutionary Psychology | Year: 2015

We examined whether conscious and unconscious processes are differentially sensitive to different kinds of information. Using an evaluative conditioning procedure, participants were repeatedly presented with photographs of women with happy or angry expressions paired with the words "happy" or "angry." Half of participants (the unconscious condition) observed the pairings only subliminally. The other half (the conscious condition) observed the pairings supraliminally. Subsequently, all participants rated the women in the photographs with expressionless faces. Results showed that when pairings were presented subliminally (unconscious), participants rated the women more in accordance with the emotional valence of their previous facial expressions. On the other hand, when pairings were presented supraliminally (conscious), participants rated the women more in accordance with the emotional valence of the paired words. This indicates that while conscious processes are more sensitive to language information, unconscious processes are more sensitive to facial expression information. These findings may reflect the evolutionary history of human conscious and unconscious processing. © 2015 The Author(s).

Kato Y.,Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology | Ishikawa M.,Tokyo Seitoku University
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2010

This paper addresses how the peer review system (FD Commons on WEB) was used as an analytical tool to identify key principles and criteria for assessing teaching and learning in higher education. The focus of this study was to understand various reviewers' viewpoints of educational events during "lesson study" by examining type of knowledge shared by reviewers. We present the overview of our Peer Review Process Project and report on five pilot studies conducted during spring term 2009. The successive trials revealed the following three points: (1) the lecture summary content differed between reviewers depending on specialty and teaching experience, (2) reviewers wrote more comments concerning lecture quality than basic teaching skills, (3) as keywords for self-reflection, lecturers used content information rather than pedagogical points. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010.

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