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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Electron Limited , or TEL, is a Japanese electronics and semiconductor company headquartered in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.TEL is best known as a supplier of equipment to fabricate integrated circuits , flat panel displays , and photovoltaic cells . Tokyo Electron Device , or TED, is a subsidiary of TEL specializing in semiconductor devices, electronic components, and networking devices.As of 2011, TEL is the largest manufacturer of IC and FPD production equipment in Japan and the third largest in the world. The company was founded as Tokyo Electron Laboratories, Inc. in 1963.On September 24, 2013 Tokyo Electron and Applied Materials announced a merger. If approved by government regulators, the combined company, to be called Eteris, would be the world's largest supplier of semiconductor processing equipment, with a total market value of approximately $29 billion. Wikipedia.

Tokyo Electron | Date: 2015-01-16

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: forming an insulating film on a substrate where a first conductive film is formed; forming a recess in the insulating film such that the first conductive film is exposed in a portion of the recess; forming a metal oxide film to cover the insulating film and the first conductive film after forming a recess; performing a hydrogen radical treatment of irradiating the substrate with atomic hydrogen after forming a metal oxide film; and forming a second conductive film in the recess.

Tokyo Electron | Date: 2015-08-07

A processing apparatus includes a plurality of first gas supply channels configured to supply a plurality of gases to the process chamber, a second gas supply channel configured to supply a gas to the process chamber, the gas being used in processing the target substrate, a plurality of first valves configured to open and close the plurality of first gas supply channels, a second valve configured to open and close the second gas supply channel, and a controller. One of the plurality of first valves is a follow-up target valve. The controller controls opening/closing operation of the plurality of first valves such that opening durations of the plurality of first valves do not overlap with each other, and controls opening/closing operation of the second valve such that opening duration of the second valve has a predetermined time relationship with opening duration of the follow-up target valve.

Tokyo Electron | Date: 2015-08-12

A raw material gas supply apparatus is configured to obtain a difference between a set value and a measured value of a vaporized raw material, add the difference as a correction value to the set value of the flow rate of the carrier gas to maintain an amount of the vaporized raw material at the set value, and subtract a difference from a set value of a flow rate of the dilution gas to maintain a total flow rate of the carrier gas and the dilution gas at a constant level. The amount of the vaporized raw material is calculated by subtracting an integration value of a measured value of the flow rate of the inert gas in the supply period of the raw material gas from an integration value of the flow rate of the raw material gas which is measured in the supply period.

Tokyo Electron | Date: 2016-01-12

A peripheral exposure method for performing an exposure treatment by illuminating light to a periphery of a resist film formed on a substrate to be processed is discussed. The method includes rotating the substrate to be processed on a horizontal plane, bringing a coolant gas into contact with the periphery of the resist film of the substrate to be processed which is being rotated, and cooling the substrate to be processed. Further, the method also includes measuring a temperature of the substrate to be processed, wherein when the temperature of the substrate to be processed is equal to or less than a predetermined temperature, the exposure treatment is performed.

Tokyo Electron | Date: 2016-01-08

A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber, a part of which is formed of a dielectric window; a substrate supporting unit, provided in the processing chamber, for mounting a target substrate; a processing gas supply unit for supplying a processing gas to the processing chamber to perform a plasma process on the target substrate; an RF antenna, provided outside the dielectric window, for generating a plasma from the processing gas by an inductive coupling in the processing chamber; and an RF power supply unit for supplying an RF power to the RF antenna. The RF antenna includes a single-wound or multi-wound coil conductor having a cutout portion in a coil circling direction; and a pair of RF power lines from the RF power supply unit are respectively connected to a pair of coil end portions of the coil conductor that are opposite to each other via the cutout portion.

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