Kakamigahara, Japan
Kakamigahara, Japan

Tokai Gakuin University is a private university in Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The predecessor of the school, founded in 1961, was chartered as Tokai Women's College in 1981. In 2007, the school adopted the present name. Wikipedia.

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Izawa S.,Japanese National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health | Sugaya N.,Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science | Kimura K.,Kwansei Gakuin University | Ogawa N.,Waseda University | And 6 more authors.
Biological Psychology | Year: 2013

Although interleukin-6 (IL-6) has been investigated frequently in stress research, knowledge regarding the biological processes of IL-6 in association with psychosocial stress remains incomplete. This study focused on salivary IL-6 and reports its temporal variation and biological correlates following acute psychosocial stress. Fifty healthy young adults (39 male and 11 female students) were subjected to the psychosocial stress test 'Trier Social Stress Test' (TSST), wherein the participants were asked to deliver a speech and perform a mental arithmetic task in front of 2 audiences. Collection of saliva samples, measurement of heart rate, and assessment of negative moods by visual analogue scales were conducted before, during, and after TSST. Salivary IL-6 levels increased by approximately 50% in response to the TSST and remained elevated for 20. min after the stress tasks were completed. Cluster analyses revealed that individuals with sustained elevation of IL-6 levels following the TSST exhibited a lower cortisol response compared to indivwith lower IL-6 levels. In the correlation analyses, a greater IL-6 response was associated with a higher heart rate during the mental arithmetic task (r=351, p<.05) and with a lower cortisol response (r=.302, p<.05). This study demonstrates that salivary IL-6 levels are elevated for a relatively long period following acute psychosocial stress, and suggests that sympathetic activity and cortisol secretion are involved in elevation of salivary IL-6 levels. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Katsuda T.,Tokai Gakuin University
Journal of applied clinical medical physics | Year: 2016

 This study investigates an X-ray dose measurement method for computed tomography using Gafchromic films. Nonuniformity of the active layer is a major problem in Gafchromic films. In radiotherapy, nonuniformity error is reduced by applying the double-exposure technique, but this is impractical in diagnostic radiology because of the heel effect. Therefore, we propose replacing the X-rays in the double-exposure technique with ultraviolet (UV)-A irradiation of Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3. To improve the reproducibility of the scan position, Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3 films were attached to a 3-mm-thick acrylic plate. The samples were then irradiated with a 10 W UV-A fluorescent lamp placed at a distance of 72cm for 30, 60, and 90 minutes. The profile curves were evaluated along the long and short axes of the film center, and the standard deviations of the pixel values were calculated over large areas of the films. Paired t-test was performed. UV-A irradiation exerted a significant effect on Gafchromic EBT2 (paired t-test; p = 0.0275) but not on EBT3 (paired t-test; p = 0.2785). Similarly, the homogeneity was improved in Gafchromic EBT2 but not in EBT3. Therefore, the double-exposure technique under UV-A irradiation is suitable only for EBT2 films.

Nomura Y.,Hiroshima University | Ogawa T.,Tokai Gakuin University | Nomura M.,Hiroshima University
NeuroReport | Year: 2010

Social neuroscience has made considerable progress in revealing the mechanisms underlying empathy. We focused on the mechanism of perspective taking, which is one aspect of the empathic process that includes the emotional inhibitory mechanism, a function of the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex using the near-infrared spectroscopy. As a pretreatment, 19 participants played a game with confederates playing either fairly or unfairly. Accordingly, each participant evaluated valence of their partner's faces. The data showed that taking the other perspective of an unfair player activated the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in participants with high PT ability. In contrast, the behavioral data showed no differences between those participants with high and low-perspective taking abilities. These results suggest that different types of empathic features can produce different perspective taking strategies. © 2010 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Nozawa Y.,Tokai Gakuin University | Nozawa Y.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology
Proceedings of the Japan Academy Series B: Physical and Biological Sciences | Year: 2011

The free-living eukaryotic protozoan Tetrahymena is a potentially useful model for the thermoadaptive membrane regulation because of easy growth in the axenic culture, systematic isolation of subcellular organelles, and quick response to temperature stress. Exposure of Tetrahymena cells to the cold temperature induces marked alterations in the lipid composition and the physical properties (fluidity) of various membranes. The increase in fatty acid unsaturation of membrane phospholipids is required to preserve the proper fluidity. In this homeoviscous adaptive response, acyl-CoA desaturase plays a pivotal role and its activity is regulated by induction of the enzyme via transcriptional activation. © 2011 The Japan Academy.

Katsuda T.,Tokai Gakuin University
Journal of applied clinical medical physics | Year: 2015

Gafchromic film has been used for X-ray dose measurement in diagnostic examinations. Their use has been initiated for three-dimensional X-ray dose measurement by using the high-resolution characteristics of Gafchromic films in computed tomography. However, it is necessary to solve the problem of nonuniform thickness in the active layers of Gafchromic films. A double exposure technique using X-rays is performed in therapeutic radiology; it is difficult to use in a diagnostic examination because of the heel effect. Therefore, it is suggested that ultraviolet (UV) rays be substituted for X-rays. However, the appropriate UV wavelength is unknown. In this study, we aimed to determine which UV wavelengths are effective to expose Gafchromic XR-RV3 and XR-SP2. UV lamps with peak wavelengths of 245 nm, 310 nm, and 365 nm were used. The three UV wavelengths were used to irradiate Gafchromic XR-RV3 and XR-SP2 films for 60 min, and irradiation was repeated every 60 min for 600 min thereafter. Films were scanned after each irradiation period on a flatbed scanner. The images were split into their red-green-blue components, and red images were stored using ImageJ version 1.44o image analysis software. Regions of interest (ROI), 0.5 inches in diameter, were placed at the centers of the subtracted Gafchromic film images, and graphs of UV irradiation duration and mean pixel values were plotted. There were reactions to UV-A on both Gafchromic XR-RV3 and XR-SP2; those to UV-B were moderate. However, UV-C demonstrated few reactions with Gafchromic XR-RV3 and XR-SP2. From these results, irradiation with UV-A may be able to correct nonuniformity errors. Uniform UV-A irradiation of Gafchromic films with large areas is possible, and UV rays can be used as a substitute for X-rays in the double exposure technique.

Nakagawa T.,Gifu University | Mitsui R.,Okayama University of Science | Tani A.,Okayama University | Sasa K.,Gifu University | And 4 more authors.
PLoS ONE | Year: 2012

In the methylotrophic bacterium Methylobacterium extorquens strain AM1, MxaF, a Ca2+-dependent methanol dehydrogenase (MDH), is the main enzyme catalyzing methanol oxidation during growth on methanol. The genome of strain AM1 contains another MDH gene homologue, xoxF1, whose function in methanol metabolism has remained unclear. In this work, we show that XoxF1 also functions as an MDH and is La3+-dependent. Despite the absence of Ca2+ in the medium strain AM1 was able to grow on methanol in the presence of La3+. Addition of La3+ increased MDH activity but the addition had no effect on mxaF or xoxF1 expression level. We purified MDH from strain AM1 grown on methanol in the presence of La3+, and its N-terminal amino acid sequence corresponded to that of XoxF1. The enzyme contained La3+ as a cofactor. The ΔmxaF mutant strain could not grow on methanol in the presence of Ca2+, but was able to grow after supplementation with La3+. Taken together, these results show that XoxF1 participates in methanol metabolism as a La3+-dependent MDH in strain AM1. © 2012 Nakagawa et al.

Inada N.,National Institute of Mental Health | Koyama T.,National Institute of Mental Health | Inokuchi E.,National Institute of Mental Health | Kuroda M.,National Institute of Mental Health | And 2 more authors.
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders | Year: 2011

Early detection and intervention is essential for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Therefore, we examined the reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Modified Checklist for autism in toddlers (M-CHAT), a 23-item, yes-no questionnaire regarding early autistic symptoms completed by parents of children at 18-24 months of age. Herein, the reliability of the M-CHAT was investigated for children 4-20 months of age. The M-CHAT score (the number of failed items) was found to be significantly correlated among 24 mother-father pairs (Pearson's r = .933), representing good inter-rater reliability. The test-retest reliability was satisfactory, with 22 mothers providing almost equal M-CHAT scores on two different occasions (r = .990). Significant correlations were observed between the M-CHAT score and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale-Tokyo version score in 25 two-year-old children (r = .581), indicating good concurrent validity. The M-CHAT score was significantly higher in 20 children later diagnosed with ASD compared with reference children (n = 1167), revealing sufficient discriminant validity. A short version of the M-CHAT using 9 items was proposed and effectively differentiated children with ASD from reference children. The efficacy of the Japanese version of the M-CHAT was demonstrated for first-level screening in the general population. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Kojima K.,Gifu University | Kojima K.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | Fujita Y.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | Nozawa Y.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | And 3 more authors.
Prostate | Year: 2010

BACKGROUND Patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer are treated with taxane drugs, but eventually become drug resistant. We aimed to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying paclitaxel resistance of hormone-refractory prostate cancer with a special focus on the roles of miR-34a and SIRT1. METHODS Paclitaxel-resistant cells (PC3PR) were generated from hormone-refractory PC3 cells. The expression levels of mRNA and miRNA were determined by reverse transcriptase PCR and those of protein were by Western blot analysis. Transfection of miRNA precursor or siRNA was performed using the liposome-mediated method. RESULTS MiR-34a over-expression and SIRT1 knockdown attenuated paclitaxel resistance of PC3PR cells. MiR-34a expression was reduced in PC3PR cells compared with PC3 cells, while the expression levels of HuR and Bcl2 as well as SIRT1 were elevated in PC3PR cells. Luciferase reporter assays revealed that both SIRT1 3′-UTR and promoter activities were higher in PC3PR cells than in PC3 cells. Introduction of miR-34a precursor into PC3PR cells resulted in decreases in HuR, Bcl2, and SIRT1 expression and inhibition of the SIRT1 3′-UTR activity. HuR knockdown reduced SIRT1 and Bcl2 expression. These results suggest that miR-34a not only directly but also indirectly via regulating HuR expression acts on the 3′-UTR of SIRT1 and Bcl2 mRNAs, thereby controlling their expression. Thus, in PC3PR cells, reduced expression of miR-34a confers paclitaxel resistance via up-regulating SIRT1 and Bcl2 expression. CONCLUSIONS MiR-34a and its downstream targets SIRT1 and Bcl2 play important roles in the development of paclitaxel resistance, all of which can be useful biomarkers and promising therapeutic targets for the drug resistance in hormone-refractory prostate cancer. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Fujita Y.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | Kojima K.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | Kojima K.,Gifu University | Ohhashi R.,Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology | And 9 more authors.
Journal of Biological Chemistry | Year: 2010

MicroRNAs are involved in cancer pathogenesis and act as tumor suppressors or oncogenes. It has been recently reported that miR-148a expression is down-regulated in several types of cancer. The functional roles and target genes of miR-148a in prostate cancer, however, remain unknown. In this report, we showed that miR-148a expression levels were lower in PC3 and DU145 hormone-refractory prostate cancer cells in comparison to PrEC normal human prostate epithelial cells and LNCaP hormone-sensitive prostate cancer cells. Transfection with miR-148a precursor inhibited cell growth, and cell migration and invasion, and increased the sensitivity to anti-cancer drug paclitaxel in PC3 cells. Computer-aided algorithms predicted mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase, MSK1, as a potential target of miR-148a. Indeed, miR-148a overexpression decreased expression ofMSK1.Using luciferase reporter assays,weidentified MSK1 as a direct target of miR-148a. Suppression of MSK1 expression by siRNA, however, showed little or no effects on malignant phenotypes of PC3 cells. In PC3PR cells, a paclitaxel-resistant cell line established from PC3 cells, miR-148a inhibited cell growth, and cell migration and invasion, and also attenuated the resistance to paclitaxel. MiR-148a reduced MSK1 expression by directly targeting its 3′-UTR in PC3PR cells. Furthermore, MSK1 knockdown reduced paclitaxel-resistance of PC3PR cells, indicating that miR-148a attenuates paclitaxel-resistance of hormone-refractory, drug-resistant PC3PR cells in part by regulating MSK1 expression. Our findings suggest that miR-148a plays multiple roles as a tumor suppressor and can be a promising therapeutic target for hormone-refractory prostate cancer especially for drug-resistant prostate cancer. © 2010 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

Izawa S.,Japanese National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health | Izawa S.,Waseda University | Saito K.,Tokai University | Shirotsuki K.,Tokai Gakuin University | And 2 more authors.
Psychoneuroendocrinology | Year: 2012

This study investigated variations in salivary levels of cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in a prolonged stressful situation (a two-week teaching practice). Thirty-three women for whom a two-week teaching practice at a kindergarten was scheduled were asked to collect saliva samples at awakening, 30. min after awakening, and bedtime at four time points: two weeks before the practice, the first week of the practice, the second week of the practice, and a few days after the practice. In addition, they completed questionnaires for assessing perceived stress and subjective moods on each day. A linear mixed model indicated that cortisol levels significantly increased during the first and second week of the practice compared with those before and after the practice period, and that DHEA levels significantly decreased after the practice period compared with those at the other time points. Further, cortisol awakening response after the practice period significantly reduced compared with that at the other time points. Scores of perceived stress and negative moods were also higher during the practice period. This study showed that prolonged stress affected cortisol and DHEA secretion during as well as after the stress period. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

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