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Sendai, Japan

Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. is an electric utility, servicing 7.6 million individual and corporate customers in six prefectures in Tōhoku region plus Niigata Prefecture. It provides electricity at 100 V, 50 Hz, though some area use 60 Hz.Tohoku Electric Power is the fourth-largest electric utility in Japan in terms of revenue, behind TEPCO, KEPCO and Chubu Electric Power. Wikipedia.

Hitachi Ltd., Tohoku Electric Power Co. and Tohoku Electrical Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2013-07-24

A voltage adjustment device, a voltage adjusting method and a power control system for a distribution system are provided, in which the voltage adjustment device and a static var compensator are appropriately operated in a coordinated manner and the sustention of voltage and the enhancement of the operation efficiency are attained. A voltage adjustment device for a distribution system is installed in the distribution system including a static var compensator on an end side and controls a secondary voltage to be within a predetermined limit value by adjusting a tap position. The voltage adjustment device includes a first unit configured to estimate the secondary voltage; a second unit configured to obtain a corrected voltage by correcting the estimated secondary voltage by using a correction amount obtained from an output of the static var compensator; and a third unit configured to compare the corrected voltage with the predetermined limit value and operate the tap position when the corrected voltage deviates from the predetermined limit value.

Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Nagoya University and Tohoku Electric Power Co. | Date: 2011-06-16

To provide a method capable of producing stereocomplex polylactic acid, the method being capable of using carbon neutral materials that are not competitive from foods, such as saccharides, without the use of a method for designing optical resolution, which requires complicated operations and high cost and is difficult to perform mass production. The production method of the present invention comprises: a step of reacting glycerin with sodium hydroxide in high-temperature and high-pressure water to produce a racemic sodium lactate aqueous solution; a step of separating sodium from the racemic sodium lactate aqueous solution to recover racemic lactic acid; a step of dimerizing the racemic lactic acid to produce a lactide mixture containing meso lactide and racemic lactide; a step of separating meso lactide from the mixture to recover racemic lactide; and a step of polymerizing the racemic lactide with a salen-metal complex as a catalyst to produce stereocomplex polylactic acid.

Hitachi Zosen Corporation, NatureWorks, Nagoya University and Tohoku Electric Power Co. | Date: 2012-09-11

This invention provides a method for synthesizing semi-crystalline polylactides (PLA) even from a lactide mixture including meso-LA and rac-LA. According to the invention, when a mixture of racemic lactide and meso-lactide ispolymerized using a catalyst capable of iso-selectively polymerizing L-lactide and D-lactide, an amorphous poly (meso-lactide) block is formed from meso-lactide and a semi-crystalline poly (racemic lactide) block is formed from racemic lactide by separately polymerizing racemic lactide and meso-lactide by taking advantage of a difference in physicochemical properties between racemic lactide and meso-lactide, whereby polylactide which is semi-crystalline as a whole is produced.

Tohoku Electric Power Co. and Hitachi Ltd. | Date: 2012-08-17

It is an object of the present invention to provide a load leveling system of a power system capable of attaining load leveling in a distribution substation unit and a method thereof. Disclosed is a load leveling system of a power system with a controller having a major customer and lower transforming apparatus, and with a customer connected to the lower transforming apparatus via a low-voltage line. The system also has a communication unit between the customer and its own system, and control use time zones of devices within the customer; an electric demand prediction unit, and a first load leveling processing unit. By employing such an arranged system, it becomes possible to provide a load leveling system of a power system capable of realizing load leveling of both a distribution substation unit and a pole transformer unit.

Mitsubishi Group and Tohoku Electric Power Co. | Date: 2015-09-02

Provided is a gas turbine capable of achieving high-speed startup of the gas turbine through quick operation control of an ACC system during startup of the gas turbine, improving the cooling efficiency of turbine stationary components, and quickly carrying out an operation required for cat back prevention during shutdown of the gas turbine. Included are a pressurizing device (

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