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Togo Seisakusyo Corporation | Date: 2012-09-13

An inlet hole capable of inserting a pipe thereinto is formed in a pipe joint body along an axis. Retainer attaching holes for attaching with a retainer that prevents detachment of the pipe are formed in a side surface of the pipe joint body to extend therethrough. These retainer attaching holes are configured symmetrically with respect to an X axis passing through a center of the inlet hole as a symmetrical axis. Thus, a circumference of the inlet hole opens symmetrically, so that the heat shrinkage condition after molding is equalized in the circumferential direction. Accordingly, it is not necessary to process a molding pin for the inlet hole with imbalance of heat shrinkage amount in mind, so that the molding pin becomes easy to process. In addition, the retainer can selectively utilize the retainer attaching holes at two positions, so that selective use depending on installation environment can be achieved.

Togo Seisakusyo Corporation | Date: 2012-06-08

Preventing a checker from becoming waste even after fulfillment of a detecting function and stably maintaining a retainer in a locking state. A pipe connector includes a connector body (

Jtekt Corporation, Togo Seisakusyo Corporation and Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha | Date: 2015-07-07

This torque limiter is configured from a ring body and a spring-form part provided in the ring body. The ring body comprises a band-form metal plate and is bent approximately into a C-shape along the circumferential direction of a motor shaft and a lock holder. The spring-form part is formed so as to be capable of radial elastic deformation. The spring-form part is configured from main protrusions arranged in a compressed state between the motor shaft and the lock holder, and from sub-protrusions arranged in a non-compressed state. Further, grease is stored in a part or all of the concavities formed by the main protrusions and the sub-protrusions.

Togo Seisakusyo Corporation | Date: 2011-01-14

A hose clamp capable of preventing generation of a leak flow path during tightening of a hose is provided. A hose clamp (

Togo Seisakusyo Corporation | Date: 2014-05-19

A purpose is to increase a clamping force without increase in a plate thickness. A wide region (X

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