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Lebedev M.V.,TNNC Ltd.
Geomodel 2012 - 14th Scientific-Practical Conference on the Problems of Integrated Interpretation of Geological and Geophysical Data During Geological Modeling of Hydrocarbons' Deposits | Year: 2012

Abstract :New definition of walter's law.New definition of Walter's law.

Vorobyev V.S.,TNNC Ltd.
74th European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition 2012 Incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2012: Responsibly Securing Natural Resources | Year: 2012

The Leno-Tungusky petroleum province (Eastern Siberia) has one of the most complex geological structures. An important factor is the process of secondary alteration of reservoir rocks in this area. Recrystallization, claying, carbonatization, sulphatization, and salinization of pore space greatly reduce the quality of reservoir properties, often turning the rock into a non-reservoir category. In such geological conditions, the accuracy of three-dimensional model is of paramount importance. The methodology for three-dimensional geological modeling based on well log data was developed. It is shown that this approach improves the accuracy of the forecast distribution reservoirs compared to the standard method.

Tsyganova E.F.,TNNC Ltd.
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

The original Integrated concept is applied to the modeling of heterogeneous anisotropic reservoir penetrated by horizontal wells. The uncertainties related to reservoir complexity are analyzed and transferred into wells performance prediction. As a result the method of uncertainties inclusion Into conventional simulation process Is proposed that will allow more reliable models.

Yankova N.V.,TNNC Ltd.
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

The results of the paleotectonic analysis, performed by the method of V.B. Neyman, in which the thickness is designated as the first criterion of paleotectonic characteristics of each era. are considered. It is established that the palaerelief of the basin ground at the moment of accumulation of the terrigenous stratum of nizhnemotskaya sub-suite MOT1 in the region of 3+4+5 and 2 blocks was a terraced surface. It is noted that the terraced structure of the surface of accumulation for the sediments of the lower part of the section allows to take a fresh look at the occurrence of gravelites at the lower part of the section and to correlate them as a bodies of submeridional trend along the terraces.

Sokolov S.V.,TNNC Ltd.
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

The problems, associated with substantiation of multilayer fields oil recovery ratios, are considered. The physically meaningful methodology for assessing the oil recovery ratio (sweep efficiency) by mean values of deposit geological parameters is proposed. The results of applying the proposed method are illustrated by the example of one of multi- layer deposits of Western Siberia.

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