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Sankt Josef (Weststeiermark), Austria

Since the description of Helenus hirsutus by Champion (1898) from Panama, it was unclear if this species was a synonym of Helenus hesiformis White, 1879 that was described from Brazil. Now it was possible to locate and compare type specimens of both species, that resulted in recognising them as valid species. In this contribution, a third species, Helenus wachteli n. sp. is described from Peru, and a key to all species of the genus Helenus is presented. © Copyright 2016 Magnolia Press. Source

Two new micropterous genera and three species of micropterous Mezirinae are described and illustrated. Although of similar habitual appearance as the Oriental genus Hutanicoris Heiss 1993, the two new genera are distinguished at once by the unique structures of their metathoracic evaporatoria. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

In addition to the ten genera of apterous Mezirinae recorded to date from Madagascar, a new genus Ambohitanlelya gen. nov. with uniquely formed metathoracic evaporatoria is erected for the A. yuripopovi sp. nov., which is described and illustrated. © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

Examination of type species of Calisius pallipes Stål 1860 from Brazil and Calisius ghiliani (A.Costa 1864) from Europe has revealed essential morphological differences warranting their placement into different genera. Stål's pallipes is the genotype of Calisius, and ghiliani that of Aradosyrtis A.Costa, whose generic status is revived. A neotype is designated for Aradosyrtis ghiliani A.Costa 1864. Clearly distinguished from Calisius sensu Stål are the Neotropical Calsius farri Kormilev 1964 and the African Calisius lativentris Horvath 1913, for which the new genera Caribocalisius n.gen and Afrocalsius n.gen are established, respectively. Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press. Source

In this paper the flat bug genera Jarmilaia Hoberlandt 1957 and Bergrothista Kiritshenko 1959, recorded from Madagascar, are revised. As both genera share distinct metathoracic scent gland canals, a basic character for the classification for the subfamily Mezirinae, these genera, to date treated as Carventinae, are transferred to Mezirinae. Two new species of Jarmilaia, rabitschi n. sp. and zetteli n. sp., and two species of Bergrothista, maculipennis n. sp. and andasibensis n. sp., are recognized and described. For Bergrothista mollis (Hoberlandt 1957) the new genus Parabergrothista n. gen. is erected and a new species P. secunda described and also placed in Mezirinae. A new genus Neobergrothista n. gen. with the species N. rotundiventris n. sp. belongs also to Mezirinae. All taxa are illustrated by colour photographs. Copyright © 2010 · Magnolia Press. Source

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