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Palii V.L.,Tiraspol State University
Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, Seriya Geologiya i Geografiya | Year: 2016

The article discusses the tourist and recreational potential of Pridnestrovie, the current state of tourism, as well as prospects for the development of tourism and recreation in modern conditions. Despite its isolation and unacknowledged status, Pridnestrovian region has rich natural resources, historical, cultural, tourist and recreational potential. We consider the natural conditions for tourist's development and specify the most attractive and visited facilities for recreation and tourism. The article describes the current state of infrastructure in the region. There are some statistical data of the Pridnestrovians' departure abroad for tourism, as well as the entry of foreign citizens in Pridnestrovie for tourism, recreation and leisure purposes. There are some factors that impede the travelling of citizens of Pridnestrovie for the purpose of leisure, relaxation and recreation. The article presents the data of the number of foreign tourists who visited Pridnestrovie in 2013 and 2014. It also shows the level of touristic income in the republic. The article describes the tourist and recreational facilities, which have been undergone restoration. It raises the problems and expounds on the factors affecting the development of tourism in Pridnestrovie, and proposes some measures and recommendations to optimize the tourist and recreational activities in the region. Refs 13. Fig. 1. Tables 2.

Stamov I.G.,Tiraspol State University | Tkachenko D.V.,Tiraspol State University
Technical Physics | Year: 2016

We have reported on the results of an investigation of the gyrotropic properties of zinc and cadmium diphosphide tetragonal crystals. It has been found that the regime of obtaining crystals affects the specific rotation of the light polarization plane in a cadmium diphosphide. It has been shown that the dispersion of optical activity in the polarizer–optically active crystal–analyzer system leads to oscillations in the transmission spectra under certain conditions. The peculiar optical properties of gyrotropic crystals placed in between two polarizers can be used to construct optical filters. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Barengolts Y.A.,Tiraspol State University | Beril S.I.,Tiraspol State University
Technical Physics Letters | Year: 2016

The equation of thermionic emission has been derived, which takes into account the presence of thin films of adsorbed gas-environment molecules on a cathode under conditions of high-voltage gas discharge. It is shown that the consideration of electron polaron tunneling mechanism leads to a significant (by more than an order of magnitude) decrease in the emission-current density. A comparison with the classical Richardson–Schottky equation is performed. The role of the polaron effect is shown to strongly increase with an increase in the applied electric field strength and a decrease in temperature, which is due to an increase in the electron work function because of polaron nature. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: FP7 | Program: MC-IRSES | Phase: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES | Award Amount: 500.00K | Year: 2012

The main objective of this project is to create fundamental understanding in dynamical systems theory and to apply this theory in formulating and analyzing real world models met especially in Neuroscience, Plasma Physics and Medicine. The specific objectives, tasks and methodology of this proposal are contained in the 5 WPs of the project. In WP1 we want to develop new methods for the center and isochronicity problems for analytic and non-analytic systems, study bifurcations of limit cycles and critical periods, including time-reversible systems with perturbations, and investigate reaction-diffusion and fractional differential equations. In WP2 we deal with the problem of integrability for some differential systems with invariant algebraic curves, classification of cubic systems with a given number of invariant lines, study global attractors of almost periodic dynamical systems and their topological structure, respectively, Levitan/Bohr almost periodic motions of differential/difference equations. The main objective of WP3 is to study dynamics of some classes of continuous and discontinuous vector fields, preserving, respectively, breaking some symmetries, study of their singularities and closed orbits for classes of piecewise linear vector fields. WP4 deals with Hamiltonian systems in Plasma Physics, twist and non-twist area preserving maps, further studies of a recent model proposed to study some phenomena occurring in the process of plasmas fusion in Tokamaks, numerical methods, and the study of symmetries of certain kinds of k-cosymplectic Hamiltonians. The last WP tackles mathematical models in Neuroscience and Medicine. Firstly, we study several ODE-based and map-based neuronal models, survey in vivo results with respect to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and propose a model for ASD. Secondly, we study several approaches to mathematical models for diabetes. Finally, bone remodeling by means of convection-diffusion-reaction equations is our last task.

Sinyavskii E.P.,Moldova Academy of Sciences | Karapetyan S.A.,Tiraspol State University
Semiconductors | Year: 2011

The mobility of charge carriers μ in a parabolic quantum well in an electric field E directed along the size-confinement axis is calculated. With consideration for scattering of charge carriers at a rough surface, the mobility μ is shown to decrease with increasing E. A physical interpretation of this effect is proposed. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

The results of the application of nanostructured coatings, obtained at electrodischarge treatment by toolelectrodes from Al-Sn alloy for restore and repair of machine parts are presented. © Springer Science+Business Media Singapore 2016.

Barengolts Y.A.,Tiraspol State University
Technical Physics Letters | Year: 2012

The influence of atoms, molecules, or layers adsorbed on the cathode surface on the initiation of high-voltage gas discharge is considered. It is shown that the presence of island films of an adsorbate leads to an increase in the field-induced electron emission current that initiates breakdown of the gas-filled interelectrode gap. The formation of a continuous adsorbed film on the cathode accounts for the subsequent weak dependence of the emission characteristics in high-voltage (in particular, picosecond pulsed) discharge on the gas phase composition. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Barengolts Yu.A.,Tiraspol State University | Beril S.I.,Tiraspol State University
Proceedings - International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum, ISDEIV | Year: 2012

The presence of adsorbed atoms or nonpolar molecules on the surface of a cathode results in an insignificant increase in field-emission current density over that observed for clean metal surfaces. If the adsorbate consists of polar molecules, at fields over 1 MV/cm, the current density can increase by an order of magnitude and more. When the adlayer thickness is several nanometers, the quantum nature of the image forces must be taken into consideration. Calculations show that in this case, owing to the polaron effect, the tunnel emission current is substantially lower than that typical of cathode surfaces free from foreign microinclusions and films. © 2012 IEEE.

Korovai O.V.,Tiraspol State University
Physics of the Solid State | Year: 2015

The theory of nonlinear s-polarized surface waves, which propagate in a symmetric planar threelayered structure with a metamaterial core and nonlinear coverings, has been constructed. It has been shown that the occurrence of only nonlinear quasi-surface waves is possible in such a structure. Dispersion laws and energy fluxes of symmetric, even, and odd modes at different parameters have been found and investigated. The qualitative behavior of dispersion laws substantially depends on the core thickness. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Barengolts Y.A.,Tiraspol State University | Beril S.I.,Tiraspol State University
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science | Year: 2014

Relationships inherent in the processes that occur at the initial stage of a high-voltage (electric field strength E>1~MV/cm gas discharge with participation of nonmetal nanofilms adsorbed to the cathode are considered. It is shown that the current-voltage characteristic of the prebreakdown current obeys the Fowler-Nordheim equation corrected for the quantum character of image forces. Based on electronic polaron theory, a general expression for the field emission current at the interface between two media is obtained. It is shown that for the abovementioned fields, the field dependence of the electron tunneling current is appreciably different from the well-known classical relations. © 2014 IEEE.

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