Suzhou, China
Suzhou, China

Tibet University is the largest university in Tibet. It has two campuses: one in Lhasa and one in Nyingchi. Wikipedia.

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Liang W.,Tibet University
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research | Year: 2014

With the economic development, the traditional substation control system cannot satisfy the current electric power requirement. It is necessary to effectively use the communication protocol in the substation automatic system. This article introduces the communication protocol in the first place. Moreover, it discusses the IEC 101 protocol characteristics, frame structure, and the overall summon transmitting in details. Then, the substation automatic system obtains the optimized analysis of hardware and software. At last, this paper provides part of the system core code, which has a positive effect to the software designer and substation maintainer. © 2014, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. All rights reserved.

Zhu C.,Northeast Forestry University | Guan F.,Tibet University | Wang C.,Tibet University | Jin L.H.,Northeast Forestry University
Phytotherapy Research | Year: 2014

The aim of this study was to observe the effect of the Rhodiola crenulata extracts on gut immunity of Drosophila melanogaster. Wild-type flies fed standard cornmeal-yeast medium were used as controls. Experimental groups were supplemented with 2.5% R. crenulata aqueous extracts in standard medium. Survival rate was determined by feeding pathogenic microorganisms and toxic compounds. The levels of reactive oxygen species and dead cells were detected by dihydroethidium and 7-amino-actinomycin D staining, respectively. The expression of antimicrobial peptides was evaluated by quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and morphological change of the intestine was imaged by an Axioskop 2 plus microscope. The results demonstrate that R.crenulata increased the survival rates of adult flies and expression of antimicrobial peptide genes after pathogen or toxic compound ingestion. Moreover, decreased levels of reactive oxygen species and epithelial cell death were associated with results in improved intestinal morphology. The pharmacological action of R.crenulata from Tibet was greater than that from Sichuan. These results indicate that the R.crenulata extracts from Tibet had better pharmacological effect on D. melanogaster gut immunity after ingestion of pathogens and toxic compounds. These results may provide the pharmacological basis for prevention of inflammatory diseases of the intestine. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

As a specific area with the world's sights, the Tibet Autonomous Region has attracted much more attention to their poverty issue. Based on a survey (named "Tibetan county poverty and poverty alleviation mode study"), which was working in Xigaze's rural fields in 2012, by using the model of a poor decision. This article analyzed the similarities and differences between objective and subjective poverty and finally found that: first, Xigaze has the characteristics of agricultural economy, the husbandry would be the realization to overcome poverty; Second, the human resources training, investment on social services and the others, which are offered by government, don not significantly reduce poverty; Third, the farmers and herdsmen should play their own subjective initiative and depend on the market to get rid of poverty. Therefore, the aid policy need to be changed and the government's poverty alleviation should be aimed at heterogeneity on different tendencies.

The development of low-carbon technology innovation, which is an important way of carbon reduction, lies in how to realize the dynamic balance with economic development. This paper analyzes the impact of low-carbon technology on carbon reduction and studies the effectiveness of low-carbon technological progress on carbon reduction. Through analyzing the nature of low-carbon technology and its future development direction, and the spatial use of lowcarbon technology in China, this paper has established the dynamic panel model. Combined with the economic level, this paper analyzes the carbon emission reduction to study the impact of the technology on carbon emission reduction on the basis of the lowcarbon technology as independent variables. Through the simulation analysis to the construction model combined with the relevant data, this paper concludes that low-carbon technology can effectively reduce carbon emissions, and the economic level will play a key role in the development and application of low-carbon technology.

In this paper, a concentrator of confocal configuration composed of spherical facets with identical aperture and identical radius of curvature is proposed. Through the simulation the flux distribution of the concentrator with different focal length and different facets aperture is analyzed respectively. The simulation results show that the flux on the receiving plane exhibits local maximum. This maximum value appears as the focal length of the concentrator is around 4 m. In other words, the concentrator of 4 m focal length contains 36 spherical facets with 1 m diameter, can achieve the same a focusing effect as that of 8 m focal length contains 90 spherical facets with 1 m diameter. Compared with the cost splicing parabolic concentrator this concentrator is expected to be an alternative cost-effective option. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Wen J.,Smithsonian Institution | Zhang J.-Q.,Peking University | Nie Z.-L.,CAS Kunming Institute of Botany | Zhong Y.,Tibet University | And 2 more authors.
Frontiers in Genetics | Year: 2014

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is the highest and one of the most extensive plateaus in the world. Phylogenetic, phylogeographic, and ecological studies support plant diversifications on the QTP through multiple mechanisms such as allopatric speciation via geographic isolation, climatic oscillations and divergences, pollinator-mediated isolation, diploid hybridization and introgression, and allopolyploidy. These mechanisms have driven spectacular radiations and/or species diversifications in various groups of plants such as Pedicularis L., Saussurea DC., Rhododendron L., Primula L., Meconopsis Vig., Rhodiola L., and many lineages of gymnosperms. Nevertheless, much work is needed toward understanding the evolutionary mechanisms of plant diversifications on the QTP. Well-sampled biogeographic analyses of the QTP plants in the broad framework of the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Southern Hemisphere are still relatively few and should be encouraged in the next decade. This paper reviews recent evidence from phylogenetic and biogeographic studies in plants, in the context of rapid radiations, mechanisms of species diversifications on the QTP, and the biogeographic significance of the QTP in the broader context of both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere biogeography. Integrative multidimensional analyses of phylogeny, morphological innovations, geography, ecology, development, species interactions and diversifications, and geology are needed and should shed insights into the patterns of evolutionary assembly and radiations in this fascinating region. © 2014 Wen, Zhang, Nie, Zhong and Sun.

Halvorsen J.A.,University of Oslo | Stern R.S.,Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center | Dalgard F.,University of Oslo | Thoresen M.,University of Oslo | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology | Year: 2011

We performed a cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study to explore the relationship of suicidal ideation, mental health problems, and social functioning to acne severity among adolescents aged 18-19 years. A total of 4,744 youth were invited and 3,775 (80%) participated. In all, 14% reported having substantial acne (a lot and very much). Among those with very much acne, as compared those with no/little acne, suicidal ideation was twice as frequently reported among girls (25.5 vs. 11.9%) and three times more frequently reported among boys (22.6 vs. 6.3%). Suicidal ideation remained significantly associated with substantial acne (odds ratio 1.80, 95% confidence interval 1.30-2.50) in a multivariate model including adjustments of symptoms of depression, ethnicity, and family income. Mental health problems, as assessed by the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (2.25, 1.69-3.00), low attachment to friends (1.52, 1.21-1.91), not thriving at school (1.41, 1.12-1.78), never having had a romantic relationship (1.35, 1.05-1.70), and never having had sexual intercourse (1.51, 1.21-1.89) were all associated with substantial acne in a multivariate model. Acne is frequently found in late adolescence and is associated with social and psychological problems. Adverse events including suicidal ideation and depression that have been associated with therapies for acne may reflect the burden of substantial acne rather than the effects of medication. © 2011 The Society for Investigative Dermatology.

Liu Z.L.,Tibet University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

In this paper, the mathematical model of eccentric follower cam contour and pressure angle was obtained from theoretical calculation, formulated the program diagram, and used MATLAB programming to realize the theoretical calculation. Through the analysis to influence of the base circle radius, eccentricity and lift angle to the maximum pressure angle of cam, proving that the maximum pressure angle could be controlled by the method of cam contour modeling based on MATLAB programming, and this method could realize the precise control to the maximum angle. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wang L.,Tibet University | Zeng X.,Tibet University
Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Signal Design and Its Applications in Communications, IWSDA'11 | Year: 2011

A new construction was proposed to design almost optimal sequence set with zero correlation zone(ZCZ). Based on the interleaved technique and recursive algorithm, a new ZCZ sequence set can be generated from an arbitrary perfect sequence, the length of which is longer than 4. And the ZCZ width and length of the new sequence can also be extended by recursive operation. The new sequence set can approach the mathematical bound, and can successfully provide CDMA communication without co-channel interference. © 2011 IEEE.

For the sake of discussion to concentrating characteristics of multi dish concentrator, a simple calculation method of layout is given. By comparative study, the key of designing identical multi dish solar concentrator is confocal is deduced. In confocal and suitable f/D ratio conditions the smaller receiving aperture could be ensured, and the compound paraboloid receiver is not necessary. Copyright © 2013, Hydrogen Energy Publications, LLC. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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