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A classification scheme is provided for the genera Cladophyllus Houlbert, Cyclorasis Thomson, Eligmodontus Houlbert, Gonometopus Houlbert, Prismognathus Motschulsky and Tetrarthrius Didier. The Chinese species of Prismognathus (in the present sense) and Cladophyllus are reviewed, with the male and female genitalia illustrated. New distribution data are given for some Chinese species. Two new species of Prismognathus are described, P. haojiani new species from Guizhou, and P. shani new species from Sichuan. Keys to males and females of the Chinese Prismognathus and Cladophyllus are also given. Copyright © 2012 Magnolia Press. Source

Echinoaesalus chungi Huang & Chen, new species is described from Pingtung, Taiwan. It is the second species of the tribe Aesalini known from Taiwan. This new species is similar to the Bornean species Echinoaesalus arayai Huang &Imura, 2011, but can be distinguished mainly by the smaller size of the entire body, the laterally hooked sulcus on mentum of male, the separated sulci on mentum of female, the bristles inserted anteriorly in the wall of the punctures on dorsal surface of the body, the 9th abdominal segment of male with relatively larger paired pleurites, the medial lobe of parameres with weakly pigmented dorsal surface on distal half and with the pigmented distal sclerite interrupted on dorsal surface, and female genitalia with longer styli, thinner hemisternites and shorter bursa copulatrix. A key to the males of Echinoaesalus species is given. Female genitalia are described in detail for the new species and Echinoaesalus arayai. Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press. Source

Huang H.,Shanghai Normal University | Imura Y.,Shinohara cho1249 8 | Chen C.-C.,Tianjin New Wei San Industrial Company
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

The taxonomy is reviewed for most Chinese species of Ceruchus. New localities are recorded for Ceruchus minor Tanikado & Okuda. Ceruchus yangi Huang, Imura & Chen, sp. nov. is described from Guizhou, China. Morphological characters of most species from China and Japan are studied and summarized into tables. Female genitalia of seven species of Ceruchus are described and illustrated for the first time. A key to males of the Palaearctic species and a key to females of the Chinese and Japanese species are provided. Natural history notes are given for some species from China. Copyright © 2011. Magnolia Press. Source

Bartolozzi L.,University of Florence | Chen C.-C.,Tianjin New Wei San Industrial Company
Zootaxa | Year: 2015

Echinoaesalus cechovskyi new species is described from the Malay Peninsula. Echinoaesalus hidakai borneoensis Huang & Imura, 2011 is elevated to the species level as E. borneoensis new status. The male or female genitalia of Echinoaesalus timidus (Krikken, 1975), E. hidakai (Araya, Kon, & Johki, 1993), E. borneoensis, and E. sabahensis Zelenka, 1994 are described and illustrated for the first time. The intraspecific variation of E. timidus is discussed. © 2015 Magnolia Press. Source

Huang H.,East | Chen C.-C.,Tianjin New Wei San Industrial Company
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

Prosopocoilus yangi Fukinuki has been rediscovered from central China and is redescribed with male and female genitalia illustrated. A similar species, P. simianshanus new species, is described from Chongqing, central China. Prosopocoilus reni new species is described from Hainan, China. Taxonomic notes are given for Kirchnerius guangxii Schenk, Prosopocoilus astacoides (Hope) and Prosopocoilus duplodentatus Benesh. Three new synonyms are presented: Prosopocoilus Hope = Kirchnerius Schenk new synonym; Prosopocoilus cyclommatoides Lacroix = Kirchnerius guangxii Schenk new synonym; Prosopocoilus oweni melli Kriesche = Prosopocoilus duplodentatus Benesh new synonym. © 2011.Magnolia Press. Source

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