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Yang Q.,Lanzhou University of Technology | Bao G.,Lanzhou University of Technology | Zhang H.,Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation
International Journal of Control and Automation | Year: 2014

Auto-disturbance-rejection control (ADRC) technology is nonlinear robust control technology. Its nonlinear feedback relies on the size and direction of the error between desired and the actual trajectory. When the controlled object is disturbed by uncertain factor or its parameters change, ADRC can transform nonlinear system into an integral series structure of linear system by using nonlinear transformation, what can realize feedback linearization of dynamic system and improve system's control performance. According to above, we propose to apply ADRC technology to brushless DC motor control system to restrain torque ripple and improve system's disturbance-rejection in this paper. After theoretical analysis the feasibility of this method, we made a simulation. Simulation results show that the effects of torque ripple suppression and anti disturbance ability of the system have been improved. © 2014 SERSC. Source

Yang Q.,Lanzhou University of Technology | Zhang H.,Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing | Year: 2012

Power devices and its control circuit in inverter of BLDCM's speed regulation system is the weak link most likely occurs fault. Fault feature extraction is the key to fault diagnosis. The output voltage of BLDCM's inverter is the most sensitive characteristic parameter, which can reflect inverter's work state directly. Extracting it's spectrum by using improved windowed STFT, fault detection and diagnosis can be achieved. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. © 2012 Springer-Verlag GmbH. Source

Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation | Date: 2013-03-13

A method is provided for purifying and recycling water vapor from a coal drying process and device which employ temperature reduction and dehumidifying, a flash distillation, and vacuum condensation. With a condensed tower, a high humidity exhaust gas is preliminarily lowered in temperature, and condensed water of 560 C. is pumped, are received, vapor-liquid reverse contact is performed, and temperature reduction and dehumidifying occurs. With a flash distillation tank and a demisting washer, condensed water of 40100 C. pumped by the flash distillation water pump is performed on vacuum flash distillation, water vapor of 560 C. evaporated in the flash distillation tank enters into the demisting washer to be dehumidified and then into a vapor condenser. With a condenser and a water ring vacuum pump, water vapor of 560 C. is condensed through mist eliminating and washing by the demisting washer, condensed water is recycled, and non-condensable gas is discharged.

Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation | Date: 2013-09-04

The invention relates to an exhaust gas separating tower, comprising a washing section, a flash-distilling section above the washing section, and a liquid seal means between the flash flash-distilling section and the washing section. The washing section is configured for washing exhaust gas entering the tower with a cooling liquid to at least partially remove solid dust entrained in the exhaust gas, cool the exhaust gas, and condense at least a portion of moisture in the exhaust gas into liquid. The flash-distilling section is configured for flash-distilling the cooling liquid from the washing section to produce a cooled cooling liquid and a cooling liquid vapor. The liquid seal means is configured so that the cooling liquid produced by flash-distillation can enter the washing section through the liquid seal means while the flash-distilling section is in gas-phase isolation from the washing section, wherein a pressure in the flash-distilling section is lower than that in the washing section.

Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery and Automation | Date: 2013-05-15

A device for recovering SiCl

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