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Sreewirote B.,Thonburi University | Ngaopitakkul A.,King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
19th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2016 | Year: 2016

In large furnace industry in Thailand, power factor has become a concerned issue due to electric utility department that charges extra money from factory causing low power factor. Many factories have been using capacitor bank to compensate reactive power, thus, increasing power factor in factory. With the capacitor bank, power quality in terms of harmonic current has become problem due to the switching transient that magnifies current harmonics and causes severe damage to capacitor bank and other nearby sensitive equipment. This paper aims to study power quality issue in terms of harmonics in steel furnace factory and its effect when switching capacitor bank into system. The study is done by using data from furnace plant in Phetchaburi province, Thailand as case study. The result reveals that after switching capacitor bank, harmonics have been significantly increased, thus, protection scheme must be implemented to ensure safety and reliability of the plant. © 2016 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

Sreewirote B.,Thonburi University | Leelajindakrairerk M.,King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
19th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2016 | Year: 2016

There are many agriculturists who have cultivated in area far away from water source in Thailand, thus, farmer needs to install water-pumping system to irrigate their farm area. Solar water pump system is one of system that is applied photovoltaic panel for water pump as power source. In daytime, photovoltaic panel can generate power and storage in battery to be used later without concerning over weather. Another benefit from system is to reduce energy cost and environmental impact compared to traditional diesel water pump. Therefore, this paper aims to design and develop solar water pump with charger controller for batteries. Performance of solar water pump system in terms of temperature, voltage, and current have been evaluating in this study. © 2016 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

Techapanupreeda C.,Thonburi University | Kungpisdan S.,Ramkhamhaeng University
IEEE Region 10 Annual International Conference, Proceedings/TENCON | Year: 2017

The term 'accountability' is described in various ways depending on the domain in which it is used. In public administration, is means how an individual or entity can be accountable to the public. Similarly, electronic health records are meant to manage and control how patients provide access to their own records (give authorization to doctors or others who may need to see his/her patient records). In electronic commerce, accountability involves access or denial to parties for transactions. Various researchers have proposed protocols to analyze accountability for internet transactions, particularly payment transactions. However, such protocols continue to lack sufficient security properties. A secure payment protocol was proposed which included security properties and accountability. The protocol may provide enhanced effectiveness for accountability in payment transactions as well as other forms of internet-based transactions. The protocol was designed utilizing a public key cryptography and a hash function in order to guarantee that our proposed protocol is compliance with all necessary security properties. © 2016 IEEE.

Pramkeaw P.,Thonburi University | Lertritchai P.,Thonburi University | Klangsakulpoontawee N.,Thonburi University
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2017

This paper aims to design and build snoring sound detecting u-shape pillow. Research operating includes four steps as (1) to study the problem of snoring, (2) to analyze the related information for develop the snoring sound detecting u shape pillow with designing the structure and sensory circuit inside the pillow. The u-shape has been designed as a neck supporter for user. The main part of project is the module having microphones that receive a sound of snoring. When a snoring sound was detected, the module will command the vibrating motor to work and alert the user to change his/her body posture. This change will help user stopping a snoring, which controlling by the C language programs, (3) to assess the quality of pillow detect snoring by five experts, (4) as result shown, the proposed pillow can detect snoring sound at 80% of accuracy based on testing with three different users. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.

Jaikla W.,King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi | Noppakarn A.,Thonburi University | Lawanwisut S.,Thepsatri Rajabhat University
Radioengineering | Year: 2012

New first order allpass filter (APF) in current mode, constructed from 2 CCCCTAs and grounded capacitor, is presented. The current gain and phase shift can be electronically/orthogonally controlled. Low input and high output impedances are achieved which make the circuit to be easily cascaded to the current-mode circuit without additional current buffers. The operation of the proposed filter has been verified through simulation results which confirm the theoretical analysis. The application example as current-mode quadrature oscillator with noninteractive current control for both of oscillation condition and oscillation frequency is included to show the usability of the proposed filter.

Hasanbeigi A.,Bangkok Thonburi University | Menke C.,Bangkok Thonburi University | Menke C.,Trier University of Applied Sciences | Therdyothin A.,Thonburi University
Energy Policy | Year: 2010

The cement industry is one of the largest energy-consuming industries in Thailand with high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Using a bottom-up electricity Conservation Supply Curve (CSC) model, the cost effective and the total technical electricity-efficiency potential for the Thai cement industry in 2008 is estimated to be about 265 and 1697 gigawatt-hours (GWh) which account for 8% and 51% of the total electricity used in the cement industry in 2005, respectively. The fuel CSC model shows the cost-effective fuel-efficiency potential to be 17,214 terajoules (TJ) and the total technical fuel-efficiency potential equal to 21,202 TJ, accounting for 16% and 19% of the total fuel used in cement industry in 2005, respectively. The economic analysis in this paper shows how the information from the CSCs can be used to calculate the present value (PV) of net cost savings over a period of time taking into account the energy price escalation rate. The results from the policy scenario analysis show that the most effective and efficient policy scenario is the introduction of an energy-related CO2 tax for the cement industry under a voluntary agreement program. This scenario results in 16.9% primary energy-efficiency improvement over a 5-year implementation period. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Wareesri W.,Thonburi University | Po-Ngam S.,Thonburi University
2016 13th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology, ECTI-CON 2016 | Year: 2016

The objective of this paper presents a photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The water pumping system uses a variable speed three-phase induction motor driven a centrifugal pump by the V/control inverter. By only regulated the photovoltaic voltage, the MPPT algorithm is very simple under different insolation conditions. The experimental results shown the prototype pumping system that can be pumped the water approximately 104,504 liters in 9 hours. Moreover, the photovoltaic voltage is approximately constant under different insolation conditions which guarantee the proposed MPPT algorithm. © 2016 IEEE.

Po-Ngam S.,Thonburi University
Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications | Year: 2015

In this paper, the simplified control of three-phase four-leg shunt active power filter for harmonics mitigation, load balancing and reactive power compensation is proposed. In order to calculate the harmonics, current imbalance and reactive power, the load currents are detected and transformed to dq0 variables. By using the low-pass filter, the fundamental active power current can be separated from the d-axis current. Therefore, the commanded active power filter currents are consist of d-axis harmonic currents, q-axis and 0-axis currents. These components are regulated by the PI controller with feedforward utility voltage via the four-leg space vector inverter. Moreover, the design guidelines of space vector phase-locked loop (PLL), current controllers and DC-bus voltage controller are also presented. Validity of the proposed control schemes is confirmed by the simulation. © 2015, ECTI Association. All rights reserved.

Keawthai S.,Thonburi University | Po-Ngam S.,Thonburi University
ECTI-CON 2015 - 2015 12th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology | Year: 2015

This proposed the simplified active power and reactive power control with the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and an islanding detection for three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) inverters. The observation method is used for the simple MPPT algorithm and the input current command on the rotating reference frame is regulated by the feedback and feedforward controller. In order to assure the all maximum power is transferred to the grid, the active power command is calculated from the PV maximum power. Moreover, the simple current injection for islanding detection and protection are also proposed. Validity of the proposed grid-connected inverter is confirmed by simulation. © 2015 IEEE.

Rattanaudompisut A.,Thonburi University | Po-Ngam S.,Thonburi University
ECTI-CON 2015 - 2015 12th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology | Year: 2015

The instability of the speed-sensorless induction motor (IM) drives based on an adaptive full-order observer in the regenerative region is well recognized. The stability of this system is depended on feedback gains of the adaptive full-order observer, therefore, the feedback gains design for a stable adaptive full-order observer and the practical design are essentially. In this paper, the practical and simple feedback gains design for a stable adaptive full-order observer is an introduced in wide operating regions. Moreover, the observers are satisfied by global and local stability. Validity of the designed sensorless control is confirmed by simulation and experiment. © 2015 IEEE.

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