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Li D.-S.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Zhang W.-Q.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Tian C.-S.,Qinghai Geological Survey | Yan C.,China University of Geosciences | And 2 more authors.
Northwestern Geology | Year: 2013

Based on the exploration practice achieved in recent years, the paper makes a preliminary summary of metallogenic characteristics in Qimantage region and considers that the main metallogenie types of mineral in this region are skarn type of iron-polymetallic deposit. The mineralization were closely related to magnetite. Iron and polymetallic ore were associated in existence. So the combination method of magnetic and electricity can be applied in ore-prospecting. Combined with production cases, the paper summed up the effective exploration method combination in this region. Firstly, 1 : 50000 magnetic scanning survey is conducted to determine the ore prospective area, then 1 : 10000 high-precision magnetic survey is carried out to narrow the prospecting targets, thirdly, 1 : 2000 magnetic-electric profile is fixed to determine the ore body position, the next step is drilling to verify and control the ore body, finally, borehole geophysical prospecting is applied to determine the ore body range. The exploration method combination has good results in prospecting practice and is good enough to play an active guiding role in the scientific exploration deployment in this region.

Zhao R.,Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping | Guo B.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Shen J.,Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping | Wang T.,Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
Sensor Letters | Year: 2014

Map cartographic generalization is an important method for map making. Generally, small-scale maps are made from large-scale maps through cartographic generalization, and the automatic selection of point-shaped objects/features is one of the most fundamental problems in map cartographic generalization. Nowadays, most urban maps are available, but the maps of villages or human settlements in rural areas are still in short supply. With the fast development of rural areas the maps of villages are in great demands. Thus, this paper focuses on how to produce the small-scale maps from the large-scale ones quickly and efficiently, and it takes the selection of point-shaped villages as an example. On the basis of considering the relationship between residential points and roads, Voronoi diagram is generated using the grid distance transform algorithm to get the important points based on the convex hull of each point which is able to preserve the distribution characteristic of residential points. Moreover, the density of residential points is generated using the grid density clustering algorithm to select the village points through zoning their density, which is able to maintain the spatial distribution characteristics. Experiments show that our method has good performances on selection of village points on the small scale, and provides important technical support for rapid making maps of villages. Copyright © 2014 American Scientific Publishers.

Su X.-L.,Qingdao Geo Engineering Exploration Institute | Zhao Y.-L.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Zhao C.,Qingdao Geo Engineering Exploration Institute | Zhang X.-M.,Qingdao Geo Engineering Exploration Institute | And 3 more authors.
Geology in China | Year: 2014

The Qimantag metallogenic belt in the East Kunlun Mountains is characterized by a large variety of deposit types and metallic kinds, with skarn deposits being the typical type. Hence, this belt has become one of the hotspots among geologists. In recent years, the prospecting for porphyry copper molybdenum deposit has achieved new breakthroughs continually in this metallogenic belt. In Ketinghaer, to the east of this belt, a new porphyry copper molybdenum deposit was discovered in 2013. The strata in this area belong mainly to Paleoproterozoic Jinshuikou Group, and the main rocks are metamorphic rocks, such as gneiss and marble. The Variscan and Indosinian intermediate-acidic intrusive rocks are widely distributed in this area, with the Indosinian intrusive rocks being the host rocks; within the rock bodies, there are small porphyry mass and cryptoexplosion breccia. In addition, the NW-, NE-trending structures and multiple geophysical-geochemical anomalies are also distributed in this area. Through a comprehensive analysis of the above conditions including geological conditions, geophysical-geochemical anomalies, and characteristics of typical porphyry copper molybdenum deposits, the authors tentatively summed up the prospecting thinking for porphyry deposits. On such a basis, the prospecting work was carried out, which led to the breakthrough finally. And then, the authors summarized the prospecting thinking and methods for the Ketinghaer porphyry copper molybdenum deposit, and established a geological-geochemical-geophysical comprehensive model so as to provide the train of thought and orientation in search for the same type of deposits in this region.

Zhao S.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Liu Y.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Wang S.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | Mo S.,Third Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province | And 6 more authors.
Northwestern Geology | Year: 2016

Gerizhuotuo gold-copper deposit is located at Variscan cobalt (gold> Antimony) meta- logcnic belt of Buka Daba Mountain-Anyemaqen Mountains and has superior ore-forming geolog-ical conditions. But restricted by the natural condition, the Gerizhuotuo gold deposit has been found very late, its geological work degree is low and the prospecting direction is not clear. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the metallogenic geological background and the geological char-acteristics of this deposit, it's considered that skarn type copper deposit and alterd rock type gold deposit were mainly developed in this mining area, the former is closely related to the variscan di-orite while the later has close relationship with EW-trending tectonic process. Relying on the data obtained from the deposit exploration work in recent years, the metallogenic geological character-istics and mineralization have been sunnarized, the prospecting direction and potential have been discussed in this paper for benefiting the exploring work in this deposit.

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