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Waltham, MA, United States

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Date: 2015-05-20

A method of ejecting ions to be analysed from a quadrupole ion trap in which a trapping field is created by one or more RF voltages applied to one or more electrodes of the trap, the method comprising the steps of cooling the ions to be analysed within the quadrupole ion trap until the ions are thermalized, reducing the amplitude of one or more RF voltages applied to the quadrupole ion trap and applying the reduced amplitude RF voltages for one half cycle after the one or more RF voltages have reached a zero crossing point, turning off the RF voltages applied to the quadrupole ion trap, and ejecting the ions to be analysed from the quadrupole ion trap.

Methods and systems are described for quantifying the methylation status of nucleic acids in a sample utilizing standardized curves derived from methylation-sensitive HRM data. The standardized curves are generated from HRM curves from a plurality of samples, each sample having a known but different methylation status. In one embodiment, the first negative derivative of each HRM curve from the known samples is plotted and a first value corresponding with a first melt peak and a second value corresponding with a second melt peak from the negative derivative plots are identified. The slope of a line connecting the first and second values for each sample is calculated and used to identify a slope data point that is plotted to generate the standardized curve. In another embodiment, a threshold line that intersects the plurality of HRM curves is generated and the standardized curve is generated from the intersection data points.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Date: 2015-08-26

Transposon nucleic acids comprising a transposon end sequence and a calibration sequence for DNA sequencing in the transposon end sequence. In one embodiment, the transposon end sequence is a Mu transposon end. A method for the generation of DNA fragmentation library based on a transposition reaction in the presence of a transposon end with the calibration sequence providing facilitated downstream handling of the produced DNA fragments, e.g., in the generation of sequencing templates.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Date: 2015-09-24

A composition comprising a polycationic agent and a polyanionic agent, and kits comprising the composition, is provided. In embodiments, the polyanionic agent is a nucleic acid and the polycationic agent is a modified polyalkyleneimine polymer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Date: 2015-06-29

A sample preparation and analysis system. The system includes a sample preparation system and a sample analysis system. The sample preparation system prepares samples in accordance with an assay that is selected from a database containing a plurality of unique assays. The sample analysis system includes an analyzer that is dynamically reconfigurable based on the selected assay so as to analyze the prepared sample in accordance with that selected assay. A data communication link communicates data from the sample preparation system to the sample analysis system to reconfigure the analyzer in accordance with the selected assay.

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