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Al-Mustansiriya University is a university in Baghdad, Iraq.The original Mustansiriya Madrasah, was established in 1227 by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mustansir and was one of the oldest universities in the world. Its building, on the left bank of the Tigris River, survived the Mongol invasion of 1258 and has been restored.The modern Al-Mustansiriyah University was established with the help and financial support of the Republic of Ίrāq Teacher’s Union in 1963, mainly providing evening courses. In 1964, the University was given the status of a semi-state institution and some state financial support. At the same time it absorbed Al-Sha’ab University, another private university that had been founded by the Ίrāqi Association of Economists, and then moved to a new campus to the north of the city centre. Initially, the University also managed colleges in Mosul and Basra.In 1966 a law was passed under which the private universities were converted into public universities. Al-Mustansiriyah thus became, briefly, a College within the University of Baghdad. In 1967 a major reorganisation of higher education was initiated, with the intention that by 1969 all previous institutions would be abolished and reconstituted. Al-Mustansiriyah was designated as a separate University in 1968, and its branch campuses were detached to form part of the University of Mosul and the University of Basra. Wikipedia.

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Mshimesh B.A.R.,The University of Mustansiriyah
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research | Year: 2017

Objective: Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an idiopathic, chronic inflammatory disease of the large intestine, usually involving the rectum. During the last decade, clinical trials have shown adalimumab (ADA) and infliximab (IFX) to be efficacious in inducing and maintaining remission for moderate to severe UC refractory to the conventional therapies. The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of ADA and IFX for induction remission in Iraqi patients with moderately to severely active UC. Methods: A total of 50 patients with moderate to severe UC, who were refractory to concurrent treatment with oral corticosteroids and/or immune suppressants, were randomly assigned in 1:1 ratio to receive either ADA (160/80 mg, subcutaneous) or IFX (5 mg/kg, intravenous) during the induction phase (8 weeks). Primary efficacy endpoint was clinical remission at week 8. Secondary efficacy endpoints were the clinical response, mucosal healing, subscores indicative of mild disease (rectal bleeding subscore [RBS], physician’s global assessment [PGA] subscore, and stool frequency subscore [SFS]). Partial Mayo score was also evaluated in addition to the inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire (IBDQ). Additional subgroup analysis was based on the Mayo score, extensive colitis, concomitant medications, high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) level, and patient weight at baseline. The safety profile was assessed in all enrolled patients. Results: At week 8, 24% of patients receiving ADA were in clinical remission, compared with 28% on IFX (p>0.05). Clinical response was achieved in 48% of patients receiving ADA and 52% of patients on IFX (p>0.05). Mucosal healing was achieved in 40% of patients receiving either ADA or IFX (p>0.05). For the subscores indicative of mild disease (≤1), the patients % of RBS and PGA was significantly higher within IFX group (p<0.05) while the patients % of SFS was significantly higher within ADA group (p<0.05). The proportion of patients achieving clinical remission based on the partial Mayo score, in addition to IBDQ response index, was not differ significantly between the two groups from week 2 and throughout the study (p>0.05). The patients with higher Mayo score (≥10), higher hs-CRP (≥10 mg/L), and higher weight (≥70 kg) at baseline were associated with reduced remission rates. ADA and IFX treatment were generally well-tolerated and the overall safety profile matched. Conclusion: ADA and IFX were comparable in their effectiveness for inducing clinical remission and response in patients with moderate to severe UC. Both of the biologic agents were well tolerated with an approach safety profile. © 2017 The Authors.

Al-Bayaty B.F.Z.,The University of Mustansiriyah
International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology | Year: 2017

Social networking site is a platform to share valuable information with friend, colleague or others. These social networking sites store data various format as the nature of data is heterogeneous. This data or information can be effectively utilized to improve the experience of user. To do this intensive analysis of data available at social networking site is necessary. As this data, can be well interpreted in the form of a graph, so with the help of graph resources could be connected to derive or conclude the information. This is the intent behind the experiment performed to design weighted social networking prediction network. This network helps to find the tweets regarding the respectiv providing the weightage. The data displayed is displayed according to the descending order of this weightage. © IAEME Publication.

Ashor A.W.,The University of Mustansiriyah
Journal of Young Pharmacists | Year: 2013

Objectives To investigate whether that nicotine concentration represented by the degree of smoking dependence variably influence the rate and severity of depressive symptoms. Methods Cross-sectional, analytical study, involving 300 medical students selected by random sampling techniques were asked to complete a questionnaire contains three parts: demographic information, Beck Depression Inventory with cutoff point for depression is 17 and the Fagerström Test for Nicotine dependence with cutoff point for severe dependence is five. Results A total of 233 medical students completed the questionnaire; their mean age was (21.38 ± 1.74). The rate of smoking was 22.7% while that of depression was 32.2%. Low dependent smokers in contrast to other groups of smokers and non-smokers display the lowest rate of depressive symptoms (15%), while the highest rate recorded among severely dependent smokers (71.4%, p = 0.0001). After adjustment of other risk factors, regression analysis reveal that severe dependent smokers associated with 12.5 odds of depressive symptoms than non-smokers (p = 0.0001, C.I. 4.10-38.29). Conclusion In comparison with light and moderate smokers, heavy smokers demonstrate higher risk of depressive symptoms in medical students. © 2013, InPharm Association, Published by Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

Abass K.I.,The University of Mustansiriyah
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2017

Single Point Incremental Forming, SPIF and Two Point Incremental Forming, TPIF are two types of Incremental Sheet Forming ISF processes with high economic potential payoff for rapid prototyping applications. The process requires a CNC machining centre, a spherical tip tool and a simple support to fix the workpiece. The process is more complicated by highly nonlinear boundary conditions, namely contact and frictional effects. However, this process, numerical approach, dominated by the Finite Element Method, FEM is being used. The paper presents the data and main results of a study on the effect of using two forming tool movements through FE analysis. The certain process conditions referring to the test blank, tool, etc., applying ANSYS application program. The results show that the upper TPIF process is more stable during the deformation process steps by chattering statuses evaluation and improve the strain distributions of the deformed blank. © 2017 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.

Albahrani E.A.,The University of Mustansiriyah
2017 Annual Conference on New Trends in Information and Communications Technology Applications, NTICT 2017 | Year: 2017

In this paper, new encryption algorithm for audio file is proposed based on a combination between block cipher and chaotic maps. The proposed algorithm encrypts and decrypts a block size of 625(25 × 25) bytes. Each block is inputs into three sages: Permutation stage, XOR adding stage, Substitution stage. In Permutation stage the audio block is permuted using chaotic Tent map. Then the resulted block is XORed with the key block and finally the resulted block is substituted using new substitution method based on multiplication inverse. The key is generated by new key generation algorithm based on Chebyshev polynomial. This algorithm was performed and analysis with audio files of varies sizes of a WAV file extension. The results from key space analysis, statistical analysis, MSE (mean square error) analyses, PSNR (Peak signal to noise ratio) analyses and entropy analyses showed that the algorithm is not vulnerable to brute force attacks, statistical attacks and achieve higher level of security. © 2017 IEEE.

Mahdi Q.S.,The University of Mustansiriyah | Hussein A.A.,The University of Mustansiriyah
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2016

The present work reported the use of variant twisted tapes fitted in a double pipe heat exchanger to improve the fluid mixing that leads to higher heat transfer rate with respect to that of the plain-twisted tape. Heat transfer, flow friction and thermal enhancement factor characteristics in a double pipe heat exchanger fitted with plain and variant twisted tapes using water as working fluid are investigated experimentally. Tests are performed for laminar flow ranges. The experimental data for a plain tube and plain-twisted tapes are validated using the standard correlations available in the literature. Two different variant twisted tapes which include V cut-twisted tape and Horizontal wing cut-twisted tape with twist ratios of y = 2.0, 4.4 and 6.0 are used. In addition, the variation of heat transfer coefficient of copper-nanofluids with different of Reynold's number and volume concentration of nanoparticles in plain tube without twisted tape. Based on these studies, the major conclusion has been arrived the Nusselt number, friction factor and thermal enhancement factor of variant twisted tapes are higher than that of plain twisted tape for the twist ratios of 2.0, 4.4 and 6.0 respectively so among the variant twisted tapes used in the present work, the horizontal wing cut-twisted tape give better performance due to the effect of increased turbulence which improves the fluid mixing near the wall of the test tube. By increasing volume concentration of nanoparticles, thermal conductivity increases while the thermal boundary layer thickness decreases. The Maximum thermal enhancement factor for P-TT, V-TT and HW-TT are 3.903, 4.269 and 4.488 respectively and enhancement plain twisted tape is better than CuO-nanofluid be three times. © IAEME Publication.

Hussein A.Y.,The University of Mustansiriyah
Indian Journal of Physics | Year: 2017

Excited states of negative aluminum ion are reviewed, and calculations of electron affinities of the states (3s23p2)1D and (3 s3 p3) 5S∘ relative to the (3s23p)2P∘ and (3s3p2)4P respectively of the neutral aluminum atom are reported in the framework of nonrelativistic configuration interaction (CI) method. A priori selected CI (SCI) with truncation energy error (Bunge in J Chem Phys 125:014107, 2006) and CI by parts (Bunge and Carbó-Dorca in J Chem Phys 125:014108, 2006) are used to approximate the valence nonrelativistic energy. Systematic studies of convergence of electron affinity with respect to the CI excitation level are reported. The calculated value of the electron affinity for 1D state is 78.675(3) meV. Detailed Calculations on the 5S∘ state reveals that is 1216.8166(3) meV below the 4P state. © 2017, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

Abass K.I.,The University of Mustansiriyah
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

Single Point Incremental Forming process (SPIF) is a forming technique of sheet material based on layered manufacturing principles. The edges of sheet material are clamped while the forming tool is moved along the tool path. The CNC milling machine is used to manufacturing the product. SPIF involves extensive plastic deformation and the description of the process is more complicated by highly nonlinear boundary conditions, namely contact and frictional effects have been accomplished. However, due to the complex nature of these models, numerical approaches dominated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are now in widespread use. The paper presents the data and main results of a study on effect of using preforming blank in SPIF through FEA. The considered SPIF has been studied under certain process conditions referring to the test work piece, tool, etc., applying ANSYS 11. The results show that the simulation model can predict an ideal profile of processing track, the behaviour of contact tool-workpiece, the product accuracy by evaluation its thickness, surface strain and the stress distribution along the deformed blank section during the deformation stages. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Abbas F.S.,The University of Mustansiriyah
Advances in Environmental Biology | Year: 2013

Capability of Rice Husk (RH) on the removal of four types of dyes pollutant from wastewater which were methylene blue, Congo red, brilliant green and crystal violent using different design parameters by adsorption process is focus on. The design parameters studied to adsorb above four dyes using RH as an adsorbent material were initial concentration of dye, absorbance material packing height which was RH, pH of dye solution feed inlet, treatment time, feed flow rate and feed temperature, these parameters were varied from (1-100) mg/l, (10-100) cm, (1-8), (1-60) min, (5-100) ml/min and (20-55°C) respectively. Results show that the higher removal efficiency was (95.81, 93.44, 96.62 and 96.35) % for brilliant green, Congo red, crystal violent and methylene blue dyes respectively from aquatic solution and these efficiencies were decreased with increasing of initial concentration and flow rate while the removal efficiencies increased with increasing absorbance material bed height and feeding temperature. The removal efficiency was increased with increasing pH of solution for methylene blue, brilliant green and crystal violent dyes and decreased with increasing pH of solution for Congo red dye. Statistical model is achieved to find an expression combined all operating parameters with the removal efficiency for dyes used in this paper in a general equation. By this way we can possess different benefits which are: remove the toxic dyes contaminated the water, get rid of agricultural waste RH.

Alwan T.J.,The University of Mustansiriyah
Turkish Journal of Physics | Year: 2012

In this work, we have studied the effect of the gamma irradiation on the optical properties and optical constants of Polystyrene doped by methylene blue (mb) with thickness in the range 0.11 + 5 mm. The samples have been investigated via transmittance and reflectance spectra, and characterized in the wavelength range 300-900 nm. The optical band gap Eg was determined while the optical absorption spectra showed that the absorption mechanism is an indirect allowed transition, which found that optical energy gap E g decreases after irradiation. The optical constants (refractive index, extinction coefficient, and real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant) showed clear changes with irradiation. The oscillator energy E o , dispersion energy E d and other parameters have been determined by the Wemple-DiDomenico method. The most significant result of the present study is to determine the optical constants and optical band gap of the film. © TÜBI·TAK.

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