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Wang X.,Yuhuangding Hospital of Yantai | Yu X.,Yuhuangding Hospital of Yantai | Wang Q.,The Peoples Hospital Of Zhangqiu | Lu Y.,Peoples Hospital Of Rizhao | Chen H.,Yeda Hospital of Yantai
Oncology Letters | Year: 2017

This study investigated the expression of special AT-rich sequence-binding protein 1 (SATB1) and toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) protein in breast cancer and its clinical significance. We collected breast cancer tissues from 120 patients and adjacent non-cancerous tissue from 53 patients. SATB1 was expressed in 89 cases of breast cancer (74.17%) and in 7 cases of adjacent non-cancerous tissue (13.21%). TLR4 was expressed in 70 cases of breast cancer tissues (58.33%) and in 48 cases of adjacent non-cancerous tissue (90.57%). The differences of SATB and TLR4 in breast cancer and adjacent non-cancerous tissue were statistically significant. We found a negative correlation between the expression of SATB1 and TLR4 (r=-0.624, P<0.05). The expression of SATB1 and TLR4 were not significantly correlated with age, menopause, and PR and HER-2 protein expression, but were significantly correlated with tumor size, local lymphatic metastasis, histopathological grade, tumor stage, and ER protein expression (P<0.05). Overall, SATB1 and TLR4 proteins are involved in the development of breast cancer, a finding of great significance to identify therapeutic targets and prognosis markers for breast cancer. © 2017, Spandidos Publications. All rights reserved.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu, Shanghai JiaoTong University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Type: | Journal: Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM | Year: 2015

Acupuncture is a potential strategy for the treatment of Alzheimers disease (AD) and the possible mechanisms worth to be explored. In this study, we proposed and tested the hypothesis that whether Notch signaling pathway is involved in the effect of electroacupuncture (EA) treatment. Rats that received EA treatment on the acupoints of Baihui (Du 20) and Shenshu (BL 23) had shorter latency and remained in the original platform quadrant longer and crossed the former platform contained quadrant more frequently compared to the A injection rats without EA treatment. EA obviously alleviated the cell apoptosis resulted by A infusion in hippocampus CA1 regions through upregulating the expression of Bcl-2 and downregulating the expression of Bax. EA could further obviously promote the expression of synapsin-1 and synaptophysin in hippocampus. A injection significantly increased the expression of Notch1, Jag1, and Hes1 mRNA, while EA treatment downregulated the level of Notch1 and Hes1 mRNA in hippocampus, but not Jag1 mRNA. Our data suggested that EA treatment improved learning and memory function in the AD rat model partially through downregulating Notch signaling pathway.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu and Sun Yat Sen University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Molecular medicine reports | Year: 2015

Polymorphisms located at microRNA (miRNA) binding sites may affect the expression of genes. The present study aimed to identify the association between an insertion/deletion (Ins/Del) polymorphism (rs3783553) in the 3untranslated region (3UTR) of interleukin1 (IL1A) and the risk for osteoarthritis (OA). Using a luciferase reporter system, IL1A was identified in the present study as an effective target gene of miR122 in synovial cells that were obtained from patients who had received a synovectomy. This finding was verified further by the observation that exogenous overexpression of miR122 in the synovial cells significantly downregulated the expression of IL1A in the cells with Ins/Ins and Ins/Del genotypes, but not in the cells with Del/Del genotypes. Patients with OA (n=931) and OAfree volunteers (n=952) were enrolled in the study. Compared with the Del/Del genotype, patients possessing the Ins/Del or Ins/Ins genotype were associated with a lower risk for OA [odds ratio (OR)=0.67, P=0.0051; OR=0.65, P=0.0031, respectively], and the association was even stronger in young subjects (<62 years) (OR=0.53; P<0.001). Additionally, it was found that genotype was associated with radiographic severity (OR=0.72; P=0.023). The synovial fluid (SF) concentrations of IL1A and miR122 were measured in 75 OA patients. While the miR122 concentrations were found to be comparable between each genotype group, the SF concentration of IL1A in the Del/Del group was significantly higher than in the Ins/Del and Ins/Ins genotype groups. Therefore, the present study identified that the Ins/Del polymorphism in the 3UTR of IL1A may affect genetic expression and, to the best of our knowledge, is the first study to demonstrate that the minor allele (Del) is associated with an elevated risk for OA and disease severity.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Gaomi, The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu and Hebei Medical University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences | Year: 2014

The clinical effects of coronary heart disease unstable angina treated by Danhong injection as well as its influence on Hcy (Homoeystein), Hs-CRP (High sensitivity C-reactive protein) and NT(-pro)BNP (N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide) were observed. 72 cases of hospitalized patients in Gaomi city peoples hospital cardiology department confirmed to the standard of coronary heart disease unstable angina were selected, and were divided randomly into experimental group (red) and the control group with 36 cases in each group. Based on conventional western medicine treatment, experimental group combined with Danhong injection 20 ml; while the control group with blood producing needle 400 mg. After two weeks treatment, symptoms were observed before and after treatment.Hcy (Homoeystein), Hs-CRP (High sensitivity C-reactive protein) and NT(-pro)BNP (N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide) of two groups were lowered before and after treatment, there was statistical difference (P<0.05). The comparison of Hs-CRP (High sensitivity C-reactive protein), NT(-pro)BNP (N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide) between two groups after treatment was statistically different, experimental group was better than that of control group, (P<0.05).Danhong injection is traditional Chinese medicine preparations to treat coronary heart disease unstable angina for its curative effect affirmation and good safety, and its improvement onHcy (Homoeystein), Hs-CRP (High sensitivity C-reactive protein), NT(-pro)BNP (N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide) and other laboratory index and is worthy of clinical use and further study.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of ZhangQiu, Central Hospital of Zibo and Shandong University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Drug research | Year: 2015

The presence of subset of cancer stem cells (CSCs) called Side population (SP) cells has been identified in several solid tumors, responsible for treatment failure especially chemotherapy, and cancer relapse. The present study was aimed to isolate and characterize cancer stem like cells side population cells from high grade ovarian cancer.The collected cancer samples were analyzed for presence of SP cells by FACS using Hoechst 33342 exclusion technique. Further the FACS sorted SP and non-SP cells were subjected to analysis of stem cell surface protein expression by western blot and immunocytochemistry, drug resistance and sphere formation assay.By FACS, we have identified 3.7% of cancer stem cell like side population cells in ovarian cancer whose prevalence was reduced to 0.5% upon treatment with verapamil an inhibitor of ABC transporter. Further, these sorted SP cells showed over expression of ABCG2 (ABC transporter), stem cell proteins such as CD144, CD44, EpCAM and antiapoptotic factor Bcl-2. Also the SP cells showed high resistance to chemotherapy drugs, have high survival rate and they are highly potential to form tumor spheres.Our data suggest that ovarian cancer contain small sub-population of side population cells which shares some characteristics of stem cells. The co-expression of ABC transporters and stem cells surface markers in SP cells may associate with resistance to chemotherapeutic agents, apoptosis and also supports a role for these cells in tumor recurrence, metastasis and invasion.

Zhang K.,Qingdao University | Liu X.,The Peoples Hospital Of Zhangqiu | Hao F.,Qingdao University | Dong A.,Qingdao University | Chen D.,Qingdao University
American Journal of Translational Research | Year: 2016

Objective: Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most lethal human malignancies. However, the molecular mechanisms of ATC invasion are poorly understood. The transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) signaling pathway plays a critical role in promoting tumor metastasis. TGF-β1 was found to be overexpressed in anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC). We therefore tested our hypothesis that targeted down-regulation of TGF-β1 inhibits invasion of ATC cells. Methods: Effects of TGF-β1 stimulation or TGF-β1 sliencing by small interfering RNA (TGF-β1 siRNA) on invasion in 8505C and SW1736 cells in vitro was detected. Using siRNAs and inhibitors to examine the TGF-β1 signaling pathway. Results: TGF-β1 siRNA inhibits cell migration and invasion in vitro, followed by inactivation of pSMAD2, S100A4 and MMP-2/9. TGF-β stimulation activated pSMAD2-dependent S100A4 and MMP-2/9 expression, and increased cell migration and invasion. The depletion of pSMAD2 or S100A4 or MMP-2/9 expression inhibited TGF-β signaling pathway. Moreover, it significantly weakened the proinvasive effects of TGF-β on ATC cells. Conclusions: Therapies targeting the TGF-β1 inhibits invasion of ATC cells by impeding the SMAD2-dependent S100A4-MMP-2/9 signalling in vitro. © 2016, E-Century Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved.

PubMed | Fudan University and The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Magnetic resonance imaging | Year: 2014

To evaluate the correlation between findings from diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and microvascular density (MVD) measurements in VX2 liver tumors after transarterial embolization ablation (TEA).Eighteen New Zealand white rabbits were used in this study. VX2 tumor cells were implanted in livers by percutaneous puncture under computed tomography (CT) guidance. Two weeks later, all rabbits underwent conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (T1 and T2 imaging), DWI, (b=100, 600, and 1000s/mm(2)) and TEA. MRI was performed again1 week after TEA. Liver tissue was then harvested and processed for hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining and immunohistochemical staining for CD31to determine MVD.VX2 liver tumors were successfully established in all 18 rabbits. Optimal contrast was achieved with a b value of 600s/mm(2).The maximum pre-operative apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)difference value was 0.2810(-3)0.1010(-3)mm(2)/s, and was significantly different (P<0.001) from the maximum postoperative ADCdifference value of 0.4710(-3)0.1010(-3)mm(2)/s. However, the mean ADC value for the entire tumor was not significantly correlated with MVD (r=0.221, P=0.379), nor was the ADC value for the regions of viable tumor (r=-0.044, P=0.862). However, the maximum postoperative ADCdifference value was positively correlated with MVD(r=0.606, F=12.247, P=0.003).DWI is effective to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of TEA. The maximum ADCdifference offers a promising new method to noninvasively assess tumor angiogenesis.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu
Type: | Journal: Cancer biomarkers : section A of Disease markers | Year: 2016

To investigate novel gene sets related to breast cancer (BC) using differential co-expression and differential expression (DECODE).T statistics was used to quantify the degree of DE of each gene, and then Z was adopted to quantify the correlation difference between expression levels of two genes. Two optimal thresholds for defining substantial change in DE and DC were selected for each gene using chi-square maximization, and the corresponding gene was defined as the optimal gene. Based on the optimal thresholds, genes were categorized into four partitions with either high or low DC and DE characteristics. Finally, we evaluated the functional relevance of a gene partition with high DE and high DC, and the gene set with best association was considered as the optimal functional gene set.The optimal thresholds for DC and DE were respective 2.254 and 1.616, and the optimal gene was UBE2Q2L. Based on the optimal thresholds, genes were divided into four partitions including HDE-HDC (875 genes), HED-LDC (8038 genes), LDE-HDC (678 genes), and LDE-LDC (10516 genes). The best associated gene set was ``fatty acid catabolic process with 34 HDC and HDE partitions. Among these partitions, UBE2Q2L attained the highest minimum FI gain of 18.973.UBE2Q2L and fatty acid catabolic process might be potentially useful signatures in diagnostic purposes for BC.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu, Shandong University and General Hospital of Yanzhou Coal Mining company
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis | Year: 2014

Animal models played an important role in osteoarthritis studies. Here, the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the Guinea pig was reported for the first time. The total length of the mitogenome was 16,797bp. It contained the typical structure, including two ribosomal RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer RNA genes and one non-coding control region (D-loop region). The overall composition of the mitogenome was estimated to be 34.9% for A, 26.1% for T, 26.0% for C and 13.0% for G showing an A-T (61.0%)-rich feature. This mitochondrial genome sequence will provide new genetic resource into osteoarthritis disease.

PubMed | The Peoples Hospital of Zhangqiu
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Drug research | Year: 2015

Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common type of malignant bone tumor in adults and children. Despite the great strides in biology and medicine, the survival rate of patients with metastatic disease remains very poor. This rate has been staggering with recurrence and metastasis. In the present study, we proposed Wnt/-catenin pathway as a key biological target for the effective treatment in OS. Wnt signaling has been reported to play important roles in osteoblastogenesis. We hypothesized that docetaxel (DTX) will effectively arrest the osteosarcoma progression by suppressing the Wnt/-catenin pathway in OS cells. Our results show that DTX significantly inhibited the cell proliferation of U2OS and SaOS-2 cancer cells in a time-dependent and dose-dependent manner. DTX inhibited the intrinsic transcriptional activity of -catenin/Tcf in U2OS cancer cells and SaOS-2 cancer cells. GSK-3inhibitor (SB216763) treatment remarkably increased the -catenin/Tcf transcriptional activities. The transcriptional activities have been increased by around ~200% due to the decrease in the degradation of -catenin mediated through GSK-3. Summarizing, present study clearly showed that DTX inhibited Wnt/-catenin signalling pathways and significantly reduced the matrix metallopeptodase 9 (MMP-9) protein expressions and its activity. Taken together, our findings provide novel insight on the effect of anticancer small molecules to improve the outcomes in osteosarcoma.

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