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Fairfax, VA, United States

The Innovation Group | Date: 2015-08-03

An end cap for a downspout of a gutter system or the like. The end cap has a screen constructed to extend over an opening at a lower end of a downspout. The screen has peripheral edge portions constructed to extend over adjacent outer end portions of the downspout and to be connected thereto by friction, an adhesive, screws or other connectors. The peripheral edge portions may be integral with the screen or may be separate from and connected to the screen.

The Innovation Group | Date: 2013-04-09

Disinfection device for installation into a water dispenser having an accumulating reservoir for drinking water filled from an external source of drinking water, including a flow-through ozone-air mixture generator provided with an air pump for external air delivery via an air filter to the ozone-air mixture generator. An output of the ozone-air mixture generator is connected with a delivery pipeline for delivery of ozone-air mixture or air inside the delivery pipeline. An electromechanical ultrasonic frequency irradiator is mounted on the delivery pipeline to generate ultrasonic oscillations in the pipeline walls and in water filling the pipeline, and a program control unit controls operation of the ozone-air mixture generator, air pump and electromechanical irradiator for disinfection and cleaning of inner surfaces of the pipeline and water therein. A method for the disinfection of water dispensers is also disclosed.

The Innovation Group | Date: 2015-03-17

Disclosed is a high efficient hybrid eco-friendly cooking container, including: a container main body configured to contain a cooked material; and a lid body configured to seal an opened upper part of the container main body, in which the container main body has a dual structure, which includes a container inner skin and a container outer skin, and in which an air chamber empty while maintaining a predetermined interval is formed between the container inner skin and the container outer skin, a plurality of exhaust holes communicated with the air chamber is formed in a circumference of an upper end part of the container outer skin, an upper end of the container inner skin and an upper end of the container outer skin are connected with a connection body, and a circumference of the upper end of the container inner skin is bent in an outer direction to form a latching jaw part and be integrated with the connection body, and an assembling recess shaped like a half-circle is formed on a lower surface of the connection body with an interval corresponding to the latching jaw part and in this state, the upper end of the container outer skin is fitted into the assembling recess, and a flow hole is formed in the latching jaw part. Accordingly, at least 40% of total heat energy consumed while heating a cooking container is utilized for cooking, so that it is possible to improve cooking efficiency, efficiently remove condensate water generated while cooking, and burn even odor molecules and minimize generation of smell.

A sterilization system uses an ozone-air mixture for treatment of a water-intake finger and an air space of a water source bottle of a water dispenser in which the bottle is installed with its neck downwards for discharge. The system includes a cone for holding the bottle vertically, the water-intake finger for water delivery from the bottle into a reservoir, an ozone generator, and a control device. Two longitudinal channels in the water-intake finger separately deliver water from the bottle into the reservoir and ozone-air mixture delivery into the bottle. The water-intake finger has a preventive cup, to prevent air penetration into the bottle from the air space of the reservoir, having an inlet channel connected to the generator for ozone-air mixture delivery into the preventive cup during water off-take from the reservoir when water poured out of the bottle is replaced with the ozone-air mixture delivered from the generator.

The Innovation Group | Date: 2014-05-01

A radiant and insulating barrier having two sheets bonded together along spaced flat channels to define a plurality of hermetically sealed and spaced pockets between the channels. The pockets are filled with insulation. The sheets have an outer surface formed of a radiant heat reflecting material.

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