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Cluny, Singapore

All names in Heterostemma and their known synonyms are listed. Lectotypes are designated for 33 names and a neotype is designated for Stapelia quadrangula. Dittoceras is synonymised with Heterostemma and three new combinations are validated. © 2016 Magnolia Press. Source

Hoya meliflua, H. treubiana and H. luzonica are typified. A recent neotypification of Hoya meliflua ssp. fraterna is considered invalid, the original type is reinstated and an epitype is designated. Upon examination of the type specimens, H. davaoensis, H. luzonica, H. meliflua ssp. fraterna and H. treubiana are considered conspecific with H. meliflua. © 2016 Magnolia Press. Source

Leong-Skornickova J.,The Herbarium | Truong L.H.,Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Phytotaxa | Year: 2013

Curcuma leonidii, a new species of Curcuma subg. Hitcheniopsis (Zingiberaceae) from southern Vietnam is described and illustrated here. Curcuma leonidii with flowers similar to some Stahlianthus-like species but inflorescences consisting of up to 8 green bracts and their arrangements conforming to usual 'classical' Curcuma-like species provides the much-awaited morphological link between the two genera, of which Stahlianthus have been, based on molecular results, recently proposed to be merged with Curcuma subg. Hitcheniopsis. © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

Krishnan S.,University of Colorado at Boulder | Ranker T.A.,National Science Foundation | Davis A.P.,The Herbarium | Rakotomalala J.J.,FOFIFA DRA
Tree Genetics and Genomes | Year: 2013

Madagascar has 59 described species of Coffea, of which 42 are listed as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable by the criteria of the Red List Category system of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The littoral forest of Madagascar is a distinctive type of humid evergreen forest restricted to unconsolidated sand located within a few kilometers of the Indian Ocean, now persisting only as small fragments with ca. 10 % of its original range remaining. In an attempt to understand the genetic diversity of Madagascan coffee species, we studied ex situ and in situ populations of Coffea commersoniana, an endemic species of the littoral forests of southeastern Madagascar and soon to be impacted by mining activities in that region. The in situ populations studied showed higher genetic diversity than the ex situ population. The genetic partitioning among the two in situ populations of C. commersoniana was high enough to necessitate keeping the two populations separate for restoration purposes. Based on these findings, recommendations for conservation management (in situ and ex situ) are made. © 2012 Springer-Verlag. Source

The paper supplements a revision of the New World species of Boehmeria and Pouzozia published by the authors in 1996. Pouzolzia amambaiensis sp. nov. is described from recent material from Paraguay near the border with Brazil and represents a new generic record for Paraguay. Also recorded is a number of extensions of geographical ranges and the range of variation of Pouzolzia guatemalana, P. occidentalis, P. laevis, P. zeylanica, Boehmeria burgeriana and B. bullata subsp. coriacea. © 2011 The Authors. Nordic Journal of Botany © 2011 Nordic Society Oikos. Source

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