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Bath, United Kingdom

The Filter | Date: 2015-06-18

A method of forming carded fibers of different materials. A feed system has a plurality of separate laterally spaced chambers containing fibers of different materials. The different fibers are fed in separate laterally spaced paths into a carding apparatus having a plurality of rollers and cylinders each having laterally spaced sections in alignment with the laterally spaced paths to receive and maintain the different fibers in the laterally spaced paths thereon as they move through the carding apparatus. The different fibers are combined into a multi-fiber roving or web after they exit the carding apparatus. Depending on the composition of the different fibers, they may be combined by conveying them through a humidifying and heated chamber or chambers.

The Filter | Date: 2014-03-13

An intake manifold for an internal combustion engine, comprises an upstream unit of molded resin, the upstream unit including an elongate collector portion that has an inlet opening for introducing cleaned air, and a manifold portion that includes a plurality of curved tubes that are fixed to one another, each curbed tube having an inlet opening exposed to an interior of the elongate collector portion; a downstream unit of molded resin, the downstream unit including a base portion that is to be connected to a cylinder head of the engine and a plurality of apertured collar portions that are projected from the base portion; and a plurality of sealing members through which leading ends of the curved tubes are hermetically inserted into the apertured collar portions thereby to constitute an entire construction of the intake manifold, wherein the molded resin of the downstream unit has a heat resistance that is higher than that of the upstream unit.

The Filter | Date: 2014-11-18

An internal pod designed to be incorporated into a gauze filter in a filter housing consisting of a container and a cover. The container consists of a closed circumferential conical wall, a bottom with lower holes, and a cover with upper holes. Wherein water treatment material or another filter can be incorporated into the inner pod, and wherein the water flows through the layer of material or the other filter and out through the holes in the bottom of the inner pod, continuing through the walls of the gauze filter to the outlet opening of the filter housing.

A pleatable nonwoven material is provided, including thicker form-giving fibers and thinner fibers determining the filter effect, wherein the thinner fibers are incorporated largely homogeneously in the thicker fibers running in the direction along the surface of the nonwoven material and a distribution density gradient of the thinner fibers is established perpendicular to the surface of the nonwoven material such that the highest concentration of thinner fibers is in the region of the center or on one of the two outsides, wherein the thicker and thinner fibers are bonded together by solidification from the melted condition and are made from the same material.

A process for making a solid component out of recycled paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint is provided. The process can include providing paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint and providing a second material. Thereafter, the paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint and the second material are mixed to produce a paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint-second material mixture. The paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint-second material mixture is processed in order to produce a solid component. The processing can include extrusion of the paint sludge, powder coat and/or latex paint-second material mixture.

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