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Zhou W.,Jilin University | Zhou W.,The Daqing City Agro Technology Extension and Service Center | Wu X.,Jilin University | Wu X.,Jilin Agricultural University | And 5 more authors.
Zhiwu Shengli Xuebao/Plant Physiology Journal | Year: 2014

The transcription factors DREBs/CBFs specifically interact with the DRE/CRT cis-acting element and play important roles in tolerance response to drought, high-salinity and low temperature in plant. In this study, we isolated a gene encoding DREB transcription factor from Vitis amurensis (GenBank No. XM_002283076.1) and analyzed its sequence, subcellular localization and function in recombinant yeast cells and T3 generation transgenic Arabidopsis. The DNA sequences of VaDREB comprised a 459 bp ORF, encoding a putative protein of 152 amino acids with a predicted molecular mass of 17 kDa and isoelectric point (pI) of 8.67. The deduced amino acid sequences of VaDREB contained a highly conserved AP2/ERF domain. Sequence comparison and phylogenetic analysis revealed that VaDREB belonged to the A-5 subgroup of the DREB/CBF subfamily. The results of subcellular localization analysis suggested that the VaDREB protein was targeted to the nucleus. The recombinant yeast cells and transgenic Arabidopsis gained higher tolerance to salt, drought and cold stress. But also, the expression level of some stress responsive genes were significantly upregulated in transgenic Arabidopsis compared with those in the wild-type Arabidopsis. These results suggest that VaDREB may play a vital regulatory role in abiotic stress responses in Vitis amurensis. Source

Zhou W.,Jilin University | Zhou W.,The Daqing City Agro Technology Extension and Service Center | Jia C.-G.,Jilin University | Wu X.,Jilin University | And 6 more authors.
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter | Year: 2015

The dehydration-responsive element-binding (DREB) transcription factors play important roles in regulation of plant responses to abiotic stresses. In the present study, ZmDBF3, a novel DREB transcription factor gene from maize (Zea mays L.), was cloned and characterized. Sequence analyses revealed that ZmDBF3 is classified into A-4 group. It was demonstrated that ZmDBF3 was induced in by salt, drought, cold, and high temperature, as well as by signaling molecules abscisic acid (ABA), but no significant changes were observed under salicylic acid (SA) and methyl jasmonate (MeJA) conditions. The results of transient expression assays and transcriptional activity analysis revealed that ZmDBF3 is a nuclear protein with transcriptional activity. Overexpression of ZmDBF3 in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) exhibited increased survival rate under NaCl, KCl, Na2CO3, NaHCO3, PEG6000, freezing, and sorbitol treatment, compared with the control. Furthermore, ectopic expression of ZmDBF3 in Arabidopsis significantly enhanced tolerance to salt, drought, and freezing tolerance. Taken together, the findings indicated that the ZmDBF3 is a novel member of DREB transcription factor which may act as a regulatory factor involved in multiple stress response pathways. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York Source

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