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Methods, systems, and apparatus are presented for enabling unlimited roaming service on a roaming partner switch. In one aspect, a method includes configuring a billing system corresponding to a home wireless service provider to authorize a subscriber device to receive unlimited roaming service on a roaming partner switch; receiving, by the home wireless service provider, a registration request from the roaming partner switch identifying the subscriber device; registering the subscriber device in the billing system as an unlimited roaming service subscriber device; and providing unlimited roaming service to the subscriber device. Further, a call request associated with the subscriber device can be received from the roaming partner switch and billing associated with the call request can be suspended.

The Cricket | Date: 2013-09-27

The invention provides a system for promoting computer network pages. The system includes a mobile station that allows a user to conduct telephone calls and connect to a computer network. A call management server selects and transmits an audible advertisement for a network page to a user, based on profile information of the user. A gateway then causes a menu including a selection choice for connecting to the advertised computer network page to appear on the mobile station when the user connects to the computer network.

The present invention is directed to an improved operations method for a wireless communication system. The improved business method, operations method, network and system of the present invention includes the steps of delivering cellular services to the mass market, reducing peak capacity, increasing overall capacity utilization, improving capital utilization, providing an all-you-can-eat pricing model, and designing capacity based upon where the users live, work, and play.

The Cricket | Date: 2011-10-24

Methods, systems, and apparatus are presented for providing unlimited access to media content, such as music. A media server environment can be provided, which maintains an instance of each subscriber account and a central archive of media content. Further, selected media content can be downloaded to, and stored locally at, a subscriber device, such as on a secure storage device. Access to the local media content can be controlled through the media server environment based on the status of the subscribers account. If the subscribers account becomes inactive, access to the downloaded media content can be disabled. Once the subscribers account is reactivated, access to the downloaded media content can be restored. Additionally, access to the media server environment, including the central archive of media content, also can be controlled based on individual subscriber account status.

The Cricket | Date: 2013-07-30

A system for transmitting radio frequency includes antenna elements configured to transmit radio frequency beams including a horizontal beam widths and vertical beam widths. The antenna elements are positioned to transmit radio frequency in directions to cover areas independent of each other. The system includes a port operatively coupled to the antenna elements to transmit power to the antenna elements to cause the antenna elements to transmit radio frequency in the respective directions. The antenna elements and the port form a distributed antenna system.

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