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An information processing apparatus includes: a resistance value acquiring unit that acquires a resistance value of at least one component corresponding to a physical quantity that is transmitted between two components, using inter-component information having component identifiers respectively indicating two components; a display information generating unit that generates, using the inter-component information, display information for displaying a transmission path diagram, which is an image showing a transmission path having nodes respectively associated with at least two components, and is an image in which information indicating the resistance value acquired by the resistance value acquiring unit is arranged at a node associated with at least one component from which the resistance value has been acquired; and an output unit that outputs the display information generated by the display information generating unit.

A direct memory access (DMA) engine schedules data transfer requests of a data processing system according to both an assigned transfer priority and the deadline for completing a transfer.

The Cradle | Date: 2011-12-09

The present invention relates to a packaging system, in particular a packaging system for transporting foods, such as pizzas. The packaging system comprises at least three layers of material, wherein at least two adjacent layers of material are welded together thereby forming an inner system defining at least one compartment, said compartment extending around at least a part of a central area of said two adjacent layers of material, and said compartment being closed by a valve means, and wherein the at least third layer extends above or below at least the central area of the two adjacent layers.

A node arranging apparatus includes: a node arranging unit that arranges, in a virtual three-dimensional space, nodes indicated by inter-node information stored in an inter-node information storage unit; a node moving unit that moves each node using a movement amount and a movement direction of that node determined by arrangement relationship of that node with a first plane, arrangement relationship with another node arranged in the virtual three-dimensional space, and arrangement relationship with at least one other node associated therewith by the inter-node information and arranged in the virtual three-dimensional space; a display information generating unit that generates display information of a node connection image where nodes are projected and connected; and an output unit that outputs the display information. The node moving unit repeatedly performs at least once the node moving process until a predesignated condition is satisfied.

The Cradle | Date: 2011-04-07

A connector system for medical fluid administration has a female connection member, which can act as an access port for a container of medical fluid, and a male connection member, for accessing the container of medical fluid. The female connection member defines a sheath for receiving a portion of the male connection member and this sheath is spanned at one end by a septum, which acts to close the container of medical fluid. A lumen is defined through the male connection member to allow passage of fluid therethrough. The septum has a central region and a peripheral region, the central region being of substantially greater thickness than the peripheral region. The male connection member comprises means for rupturing the peripheral region of the septum when it is received in the female connection member to form a connection.

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