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Chen S.-Y.,The Challenge Petrochemical Machinery Corporation of Maoming
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2010

In order to evaluate the engineering safety of pipe elbows, a mechanical model has set up to formulate the meridian stress of pipe elbows subjected to open-bending moments. The construction of the meridian-stress formula due to open-bending moments has the similar appearance with that due to close-bending moments. Except for the relation of tension stress and compress stress transforming each other on the same place, there are different values in meridian stress. The open-bending meridian stress is always larger than close-bending meridian stress for different bending moment coefficients and different angles on the cross section. But the formula-shape of open-bending circumferential stress looks identical with that of the close-bending one. Their stresses have equivalence and reverse relation. Under the action of an in-plane bending moment, elastic stress of pipe elbows just is a special case of the elastic stress of reducing elbows. The elastic stress of reducing elbows may be attained by replacing the cross-section radius of pipe elbows with that of the reducing elbows.

Chen S.,The Challenge Petrochemical Machinery Corporation of Maoming
Huagong Xuebao/CIESC Journal | Year: 2013

Spherical shape diaphragm of heat exchanger tube channel is a new structure of green and environment protection as its no leakage under high temperature and high pressure. Part structures and whole structures were designed for baffle plate of small diameter tube-channel, because spherical shape diaphragm new structure can not sealing with baffle plate by force. Strength design of baffle plate was calculated which of four kind boundary conditions, including four sides simple support, symmetric sides simple support and half-ellipse side fixed support or four sides fixed support. Formulas were introduced that used to check the strength of baffle plate fixed support sides. Combined baffle by parts were designed for baffle plate of large diameter tube-channel. © All Rights Reserved.

Chen S.-Y.,The Challenge Petrochemical Machinery Corporation of Maoming | Chen S.-H.,Shenzhen University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Elastic stresses and limit close-bending moments of reducing elbows subject to in-plane close-bending moments were validated by limit element analysis (LMA) and testing. Results of LMA show that if the end bend moment M acts on small end while the large end is fixed, the largest movement acts on neutral line near the larger end, and large circumferential stress lies on inside surface near neutral lines but deflect to intrados of large end. For the same model, if the end bend moment M acts on large end while the small end is fixed, the largest movement acts on near the small end and lies on neutral line, and larger stress acts on small end and nearby. Results of testing show that stress character in tension stress and compressive stresses are consistent with the calculation results from formula. The limit bending moment calculation results from formula of reducing elbow is conservative, but is consistent with the formula of the limit bending moment, which is controlled by small end of reducing elbow. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chen S.-Y.,The Challenge Petrochemical Machinery Corporation of Maoming | Chen S.-H.,Shenzhen University | Chen Y.-H.,Sun Yat Sen University
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China) | Year: 2013

In order to comprehend all kinds of strong-function chemical heat exchanging software, 6 kinds of chemical process design and flow simulation software, 2 kinds of process specialty software, 3 kinds of multifunctional software and 1 kind of equipment selection software were introduced. Several kinds of situations about intelligentized technology application in the process engineering and analysis of chemical heat exchanger were summarized, including general process software, special process software, process and drawing integration software, process and strength integration software and heat exchanger selection software, etc. 4 engineering tasks on the heat exchange process integrated with intelligentized software were pointed out, which include integrative software for general-process construction of heat exchanger, integrative software for heat exchange specialty with large-capacity equipment, evaluation function on the software optimizing design and the development of special software for new and special structure heat exchanger.

Chen S.,The Challenge Petrochemical Machinery Corporation of Maoming
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2011

High-density polyethylene loop reactor consists of 4 double-pipe cylinders with the length of 60.1 m and 5 huge bends on both ends respectively. All of them are connected by flanges. Properties of low-temperature material welded joints, erection accuracy of the whole reactor and internal surface of roughness are the three key technologies according to the overall structure of the equipment which are manufacturing conditions of spare parts and design requirements in the first domestic production process. The overall accuracy of pre-assembled is ensured by the control of alignment, length of double tube cylinders and center distance of each two bends and the related size of the ring supports. The overall performance of reactor is proved successfully by trial operation of the qualified products are produced. The practice proved its success. © 2011 American Scientific Publishers.

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