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Gemenos, France

Kim J.-S.,Korea University | Kang O.-J.,Korea University | Gweon O.-C.,The Bakery
Journal of Functional Foods | Year: 2013

The phenolic acid and the flavonoid constituents of garlic subjected to different thermal processing steps were examined. Black garlic was produced in a ripening chamber by using a programmed stepwise heating schedule, as follows. Step 1: 90 °C and 100% RH for 34. h; Step 2: 60 °C and 60% RH for 6. h; Step 3: 75 °C and 70% RH for 48. h; Step 4: 70 °C and 60% RH for 60. h; Step 5: 65 °C and 50% RH for 192. h. The results of the present investigations showed that thermal processing affected quantities of each phenolic acid and flavonoid component. The total phenolic content (TPC) and total flavonoid content (TFC) of the garlic subjected to different thermal processing steps were higher than those of fresh garlic. In particular, the black garlic cloves ripened using Step 1 (BG1), black garlic cloves ripened using Step 2 (BG2), black garlic cloves ripened using Step 3 (BG3), and black garlic cloves ripened using Step 5 (BG5) samples exhibited levels of TPC that were higher than the TFC, while the TFC in the fresh garlic (FG) and black garlic cloves ripened using Step 4 (BG4) samples were higher than the TPCs. Hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives were found to be the major phenolic acids of garlic at different processing steps. Among the four major flavonoid subgroups in garlic, flavanols were found at the highest concentrations followed by flavanones and flavones, except in the FG sample. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Agency: GTR | Branch: Innovate UK | Program: | Phase: Innovation Voucher | Award Amount: 5.00K | Year: 2015

Project to develop a new packaging concept that is environmental friendly and can extend product shelf-life.

The Bakery | Date: 2015-06-03

A rotary drive nozzle die machine for an extruder includes a rotatable nozzle having first and second axial ends and at least one opening at the second end, a compression head for directing a food material to the nozzle, and a drive assembly including a tubular drive sleeve configured to rotate the nozzle and from which the nozzle is axially removable. A housing is provided in which the nozzle rotates. A wire ring coaxially surrounds at least a portion of the nozzle and provides a snap-fit connection with the housing such that relative axial movement of the nozzle and the housing is prevented while allowing rotary movement of the nozzle with respect to the housing. A rotary seal is between the nozzle and the housing and includes a first segment extending from the first axial end of the nozzle radially outwardly to and contiguous with an axially extending second segment.

The Bakery | Date: 2013-05-23

One variation of the method for submitting a food order remotely includes: generating a graphical icon representative of a food item and a customization option for the food item selected by a customer; associating the icon with a payment option; associating the icon with a store location to fulfill the food item; displaying the icon on a display of a mobile computing device; and, in response to receiving a selection of the icon, submitting a food order including the food item, the customization option, and the payment option to the store location.

The Bakery | Date: 2014-11-14

A handheld confectionary dispenser includes a flexible hollow pouch. The pouch presents an interior chamber and is configured to contain confectionary within the chamber. The chamber has a cross-sectional transverse dimension that is larger at a reservoir end than at a dispensing end. The pouch is configured to be grasped between the ends by a hand of the user so that confectionary is forced through the dispensing end when the pouch is squeezed. The pouch is formed of a unitary pouch blank that presents integral pouch sections. The pouch blank is folded to define a fold line between the pouch sections, with the pouch sections being superimposed onto one another. The pouch sections are sealingly connected along a side margin opposite the fold line.

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