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The American College of Greece was founded in 1875 by American United Church of Christ missionaries as a primary and secondary school for girls in Smyrna, Asia Minor and is considered Europe’s oldest and largest, comprehensive, U.S.-accredited academic institution and the largest private institute of tertiary education in Greece. However, it is not recognized by the Greek state as a university due to the Greek Constitution's reference to the public character of education. In 2011, ACG undergraduate programs received EU validation status through The Open University of the United Kingdom. Today ACG has three divisions: PIERCE ; DEREE ; ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece Wikipedia.

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Miranda S.,University of Salerno | Marzano A.,University of Salerno | Lytras M.D.,The American College of Greece
Computers in Human Behavior | Year: 2017

Italians children-students live a strong technological gap among different education instances: on the one hand, they are attending schools technologically still to the ‘80 years, on the other hand, they can rely on hyper-technological domestic-family environments where videogames, smartphones, internet are always available. In the school, all learnings take place under the supervision of the teacher that stimulates, directs and corrects these important steps in the basic training. On the contrary, in the domestic environment the presence of technology is increasingly pervasive. These new technologies cognitively stimulate the children, but they entertain the little ones often alone and without the participation and supervision of an adult audience. Thus, the technology gap results in a pedagogical clash among different educational instances and this is the “space” addressed by our research initiative whose objective is the construction of innovative teaching and learning environments for children between 3 and 6 years of age. The specific quantitative outcomes can be defined with respect to three main families of indicators: measures to detect the use of learning environments; indicators of the level of satisfaction and involvement of the various involved actors; real impact on the socio-cognitive development of children produced by the introduction of methodologies and technologies. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd

Robotis A.,The American College of Greece | Bhattacharya S.,INSEAD Technology and Operations Management Area | Van Wassenhove L.N.,INSEAD Technology and Operations Management Area
Production and Operations Management | Year: 2012

Installed base management is the policy in which the manufacturer leases the product to consumers, and bundles repair and maintenance services along with the product. In this article, we investigate for the optimal leasing price and leasing duration decisions by a monopolist when the production and servicing capacity are constrained. The effect of diffusion of consumers in the installed base is considered, with the ownership of the product resting with the monopolist during the product lifecycle. The monopolist operating the installed base jointly optimizes the profits from leasing the product/service bundle along with maintenance revenues and remanufacturing savings. We formulate the manufacturer's problem as an optimal control problem and show that the optimal pricing strategy of the firm should be a skimming strategy. We also find that the effect of remanufacturing savings on the pricing decision and the length of the leasing duration changes significantly depending on the duration of the product's lifecycle. If the product lifecycle is long and remanufacturing savings are low, the firm should offer a shorter leasing duration, whereas if the remanufacturing savings are high, the firm should optimally offer a higher leasing duration. In contrast, if the time duration of the product lifecycle is low and remanufacturing savings are low, the firm prefers to offer a shorter leasing duration, whereas if the remanufacturing savings are high, the firm should optimally have a longer leasing duration. The article also shows that if the production capacity is small, the manufacturer increases the leasing duration. If the production capacity is very small, the manufacturer sets the leasing duration to be equal to the product lifecycle and does not use remanufacturing. © 2011 Production and Operations Management Society.

Stathopoulou A.,University of Patras | Beratis I.N.,The American College of Greece | Beratis S.,University of Patras
Schizophrenia Research | Year: 2013

Prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke causes chronic fetal hypoxia, dysregulation of endocrine equilibrium, and disruption of fetal neurodevelopment associated with brain malfunction, all of which potentially could induce vulnerability to schizophrenia. A total of 212 schizophrenia patients aged 14-30. years, and 212 matched controls were studied. Prenatal tobacco smoke exposure of the schizophrenia patients was compared to that of the normal controls by applying logistic regression analysis and controlling for several confounding factors. The outcomes of interest were comparison of the frequency of maternal and paternal smoking between patients and controls, as well as the severity of positive and negative symptoms between the offspring of smoking and nonsmoking parents. Among the mothers of schizophrenia patients and controls, 92 (43.4%) and 46 (21.7%) smoked, respectively. Maternal smoking during pregnancy had a significant unique contribution on increasing the risk for development of schizophrenia (p= 0.001), and a greater severity of negative symptoms (p= 0.023). Paternal smoking did not have a significant effect on the risk of schizophrenia, or severity of negative symptoms. The findings suggest that maternal smoking during pregnancy puts offspring at an increased risk for later schizophrenia, with increased severity of negative symptoms. Given the wide practice of smoking during pregnancy, fetal exposure to tobacco smoke could be a major preventable neurodevelopmental factor that increases vulnerability to schizophrenia. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Lytras M.,The American College of Greece | de Pablos P.O.,University of Oviedo
Journal of Universal Computer Science | Year: 2011

The current society has knowledge as one of its most important values and indeed this is often called Knowledge Society. But Knowledge Society is still a desired aim more than a reality. Technology must serve to the achievement of Knowledge Society through knowledgebased information systems, but this is not an easy and out-dated task, nevertheless critically important topics, from different multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives, address the complex relationships among technology, knowledge and society. World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS) is an international event that promotes the dialogue for the main aspects of the Knowledge Society towards a better world for all. WSKS brings together key stakeholders of the Knowledge Society development worldwide, from Academia, Industry, Government, Policy Makers, and active citizens to look at the impact and prospects of the Information Technology, and the knowledge-based era it is creating, on key facets of living, working, learning, innovating and collaborating in today's hyper-complex world. © J.UCS.

Ward T.,The American College of Greece
Proceedings of 2014 International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning, IMCL 2014 | Year: 2015

This paper reports on the urban installation SoundscapesLandscapes (SSLS), an enhanced sound walk guided by a custom mobile application. It explores the aesthetic motivations of the artists involved before examining the manner in which these motivations shape the rationale and design of the project. Creative issues are approached from a musical perspective, and the focus of the paper is to place the SSLS project within the context of musical composition today. © 2014 IEEE.

Garcia-Penalvo F.J.,University of Salamanca | Colomo-Palacios R.,Charles III University of Madrid | Lytras M.D.,The American College of Greece
Behaviour and Information Technology | Year: 2012

The Internet and its increasing usage has changed informal learning in depth. This change has affected young and older adults in both the workplace and in higher education. But, in spite of this, formal and non-formal course-based approaches have not taken full advantage of these new informal learning scenarios and technologies. The Web 2.0 is a new way for people to communicate across the Internet. Communication is a means of transformation and knowledge exchange. These are the facts that cannot be obviated by the organisations in their training programmes and knowledge management. This special issue is devoted to investigating how informal learning changes or influences online information in Social Web and training strategies in institutions. In order to do so, five papers will present different approaches of informal learning in the workplace regarding Web 2.0 capabilities. © 2012 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Mandalios J.,The American College of Greece
Journal of Information Science | Year: 2013

The Internet has become an integral part of all aspects of the life of twenty-first-century learners. Yet research shows that students' ease and familiarity with the mechanics of the medium are not matched by their ability to evaluate electronic sources critically. Both faculty and library professionals are acutely aware of this, and much help is available to students in the form of checklists and guides to evaluating Internet sources. Students still seem to be falling through the cracks, however. The author suggests the adoption of the 'RADAR' approach to evaluating Internet sources. Just as a ship's captain needs electronic radar to navigate safely and efficiently through the ocean, so the information searcher needs a similar scanning device, that is, a critical, mental radar, when exploring the vast sea of information on the Internet. This device can help students develop a critical awareness of the need to establish the Relevance, Authority, Date, Appearance and Reason for writing of each web source that they encounter. Preliminary qualitative research amongst both native and non-native English-speaking college students suggests a positive user response to both the concept and the tool, providing grounds for further empirical investigation. © 2013 The Author(s).

Tourikis J.D.,General Hospital of Zakynthos | Beratis I.N.,The American College of Greece
Journal of Biosocial Science | Year: 2013

The secondary sex ratio (the ratio of boys to girls at birth) may demonstrate a decline following community stress-inducing major destructive events. This study aims to investigate whether or not moderate adverse life events, in conjunction with endogenous psychological characteristics, can induce sufficient community stress to affect the sex ratio. From April 3rd to May 8th 2006 a moderate sized earthquake sequence occurred offshore the Greek island of Zakynthos, which had been hit by a destructive earthquake half a century earlier. The monthly sex ratio after the earthquake sequence was estimated and compared with that of previous and following years. Eleven months after the onset of the earthquakes the sex ratio fell to 1.000, and during the next two months (March and April) it declined further to 0.612. The sex ratio one year before its decline was 1.158 and over a total 6-year period, 3 years before and 3 years after the sequence, it was 1.063; the March-April decline in male births is significant (OR=0.53, 95% CI=0.32-0.86, p=0.013, and OR=0.57, 95% CI=0.36-0.91, p=0.023, respectively). Also, the number of boys relative to girls in March-April 2007 was significantly lower than during the same months 3 years before and after the sequence (OR=0.50, 95% CI=0.31-0.82, p=0.007). The findings suggest that basic biological characteristics, such as the sex ratio, can be affected by psychological stressors interwoven with the pertaining psychology of the population. Copyright © 2012 Cambridge University Press.

Stefanou V.,The American College of Greece
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2014

This paper attempts to describe and compare three different approaches for accommodating cultural differences in the design of e-learning systems: Collis' [1] ten guidelines for designing online course-support systems; Mercado, Parboteeah, & Zhao's [2] four key issues for designing online courses; and Henderson's [3] multiple cultures model of instructional design for e-learning. These three approaches are contrasted not only to each other, but also to several other related models, theories and frameworks. At the end, the most effective and useful approach appears to be Henderson's theoretical multiple cultures model. The choice of the three approaches was made solely based on their frequent citing in literature, and on the time constraints of this project; a larger research project may use this paper as a starting point, and possibly evaluate more approaches supporting the development of frameworks that acknowledge cultural differences for the design of e-learning systems. © 2014 Springer International Publishing.

Robotis A.,The American College of Greece | Boyaci T.,McGill University | Verter V.,McGill University
International Journal of Production Economics | Year: 2012

We consider a firm equipped with the flexibility to produce and sell both new and remanufactured products and has to invest in (a) increasing the reusability level of its product and (b) collecting used products and remanufacturing them. Our focus is on the effects that the uncertainty in the remanufacturing cost, which originates from the uncertainty in the quality condition of used and potentially remanufacturable products, has on these investments. We show that, contrary to the general belief, the uncertainty in the remanufacturing cost does not necessarily hinder these investments, but the precise effects depend on the inspection capabilities and technologies at the firms disposal as well as the market parameters. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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