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Neuilly - sur - Seine, France

Thales Alenia Space is a French-Italian aerospace company formed after the Thales Group bought the participation of Alcatel in the two joint-ventures between Alcatel and Finmeccanica, Alcatel Alenia Space and Telespazio. Wikipedia.

The general field of the invention is that of display systems comprising means for generating images of a predetermined object and a display device comprising a semi-transparent projection screen. The system according to the invention is intended to be used simultaneously by at least two observers. The image generating means comprise features arranged to generate a first image of a first object and a second image of a second object, and the display system comprises two pairs of glasses worn by the first and second observer, arranged such that the first observer sees only the first image and not the second image and the second observer sees only the second image and not the first image, each pair of glasses allowing the exterior light to pass through. The first object and the second object may be identical.

Thales Alenia | Date: 2015-10-05

A device for positioning a functional trihedron of a star tracker in a reference trihedron tied to a structure on which the star tracker is mounted comprises: a fixing interface to connect the device to the star tracker, a set of geometric markers configured to, by means of an optical measurement instrument tied to the structure, position a marker tied to the device in the reference marker tied to the structure, an optical simulator comprising a set of optical markers to be measured by the star tracker, making it possible to position the functional trihedron of the star tracker in the trihedron tied to the device, the measurements of position of the functional trihedron in the trihedron tied to the device, and of position of the trihedron tied to the device in the reference trihedron, making it possible to position by calculation the functional trihedron in the reference trihedron.

A display has a graphics processor that extracts from image memory just rows that have non-zero luminance information items for the colour under consideration. For each row to be written, the processor sends to a set of N sampling and conversion circuits, at high frequency, a pattern representing the rows to be written, in the form of a succession of N bits. The N samplers successively sample these bits during the succession, to sample and block the bit of rank i in the sampling circuit of rank i, and produce a pattern of N control voltages VGon or VGoff on the rows as a function of the pattern of the received succession, while the graphics processor applies to the columns the luminance data to be written. The operation is repeated solely for the rows that have a luminance information item to be written in the colour under consideration.

Thales Alenia | Date: 2015-10-02

The antenna is provided with at least one shaped reflector and a primary radiating feed arranged in front of a reflector, which is capable of generating a primary beam with a footprint covering a nominal coverage zone. The antenna is also provided with an adjustment device for the primary beam of the primary radiating feed, whereby said adjustment device incorporates a secondary radiating array comprised of a number of elementary radiating feeds arranged around the primary radiating feed, a beam-forming network connected to the elementary radiating feeds which is capable of synthesizing a secondary beam covering a secondary coverage zone and having a footprint which is superimposed, at least partially, upon the footprint, and a coupling device connected to the primary reception chain of the primary radiating feed and the reception chain derived from the secondary radiating array.

The general field of the invention is that of methods for managing interaction symbols in a viewing system including an associated viewing device comprising a touch surface and displaying, managing and controlling means. The method according to the invention is implemented so as to manage graphical interactors allowing the functions of a discrete or continuous-state rotary control knob to be carried out. It comprises the following steps:

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