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Province, RI, United States

Textron (NYSE: TXT) is an American industrial conglomerate. Textron includes Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft, Beechcraft,and other components. It was founded by Royal Little in 1923 as the Special Yarns Company, and is now headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. Wikipedia.

Textron | Date: 2015-05-04

The present disclosure provides a USB connection system for an open cab vehicle such as a golf car, turf-care vehicle, small maintenance vehicle, shuttle vehicle, cargo vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, utility terrain vehicle, motorcycle, and/or other utility vehicle, and/or other outdoor/off-road vehicle. The USB connection system comprises a module structured and operable to receive and retain at least one USB port, a water protected circuit board located remotely from the USB port(s) and electrically and communicatively connected to the USB port(s). The USB connection system additionally comprises a laterally rotatable slide-away cover that is pivotally connected to the module via a pivot pin longitudinally disposed within a module housing such that the cover can be laterally rotated, between an opened and a closed position about the pivot pin. Furthermore, in various implementations, the module includes at least one water drainage channel structured and operable to drain water away from the USB port(s).

A grass mower comprising a power generator, a blade reel, a drive drum, and a power split device. The split power device can include a single power input shaft, a reel output shaft, a drum output shaft, and at least one continuously variable transmission hub operably connecting the reel output shaft and/or the drum output shaft to the power input shaft such that torque and rotational speed delivered by the power input shaft is transferrable to the reel and/or drum output shafts at any infinitely variable ratio. The power split device structured and operable to transfer the torque and rotational speed delivered by the power input shaft to both the reel and drum output shafts such that a rotational speed of the blade reel and a rotational speed of the drive drum are both generated from the power delivered by the power input shaft and are both independently controlled.

Textron | Date: 2014-03-17

The invention relates to an operating fluid tank (

An automated bender and its method of operation according to some embodiments of the disclosure is provided. The automated bender includes a carousel which has all of the necessary components for bending a variety of conduit sizes provided thereon. The carousel can be rotated to a desired bending position to bend a particular type of conduit. A straight workpiece is fed into the automated bender and a bent workpiece, which may have multiple bends therein, is output from the automated bender. This bending process is performed without manual intervention. Software for achieving same is provided.

Textron | Date: 2015-06-09

A cable feeder for feeding cables through a structure according to some embodiments of the disclosure includes a housing having a drive roller attached thereto, and idler roller assembly attached to the housing. In an embodiment, the idler roller assembly can be released from the housing to allow cable to be released from the cable feeder. In an embodiment, the housing is formed from upper and lower housings, and the position of the lower housing and idler roller assembly can be adjusted relative to the upper housing and drive roller.

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