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Dallas, TX, United States

Texas Instruments Inc. is an American electronics company that designs and makes semiconductors, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. Headquartered at Dallas, Texas, United States, TI is the third largest manufacturer of semiconductors worldwide after Intel and Samsung, the second largest supplier of chips for cellular handsets after Qualcomm, and the largest producer of digital signal processors and analog semiconductors, among a wide range of other semiconductor products, including calculators, microcontrollers and multi-core processors. Texas Instruments is among the Top 20 Semiconductor producing companies in the world.Texas Instruments was founded in 1951. It emerged after a reorganization of Geophysical Service. This company manufactured equipment for use in the seismic industry as well as defense electronics. TI began research in transistors in the early 1950s and produced the world's first commercial silicon transistor. In 1954, Texas Instruments designed and manufactured the first transistor radio and Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit in 1958 while working at TI's Central Research Labs. The company produced the first integrated circuit-based computer for the U.S. Air Force in 1961. TI researched infrared technology in the late 1950s and later made radar systems as well as guidance and control systems for both missiles and bombs. The hand-held calculator was introduced to the world by TI in 1967.In the 1970s and 80s the company focused on consumer electronics including digital clocks, watches, hand-held calculators, home computers as well as various sensors. In 1997, its defense business was sold to Raytheon. In 2007, Texas Instruments was awarded the Manufacturer of the Year for Global Supply Chain Excellence by World Trade magazine. Texas Instruments is considered to be one of the most ethical companies in the world.After the acquisition of National Semiconductor in 2011, the company has a combined portfolio of nearly 45,000 analog products and customer design tools, making it the world's largest maker of analog technology components. In 2011, Texas Instruments ranked 175 in the Fortune 500. TI is made up of two main divisions: Semiconductors and Educational Technology of which Semiconductor products account for approximately 96% of TI's revenue. Wikipedia.

A method for processing a semiconductor wafer in a PECVD deposition chamber with a circular pedestal and a recessed portion formed around the outer top surface of the pedestal. The method may include using a circular wafer carrier ring with a recessed portion.

Texas Instruments | Date: 2016-01-04

Deblocking filtering is provided in which an 8x8 filtering block covering eight sample vertical and horizontal boundary segments is divided into filtering sub-blocks that can be independently processed. To process the vertical boundary segment, the filtering block is divided into top and bottom 8x4 filtering sub-blocks, each covering a respective top and bottom half of the vertical boundary segment. To process the horizontal boundary segment, the filtering block is divided into left and right 4x8 filtering sub-blocks, each covering a respective left and right half of the horizontal boundary segment. The computation of the deviation d for a boundary segment in a filtering sub-block is performed using only samples from rows or columns in the filtering sub-block. Consequently, the filter on/off decisions and the weak/strong filtering decisions of the deblocking filtering are performed using samples contained within individual filtering blocks, thus allowing full parallel processing of the filtering blocks.

A system for displaying a high resolution video image utilizing multiple spatial light modulators includes at least one illumination source configured to provide illumination to multiple spatial light modulators; a video data image processor coupled to receive video image data at a first visual resolution of X by Y pixels; and multiple spatial light modulators each having an image resolution lower than the first visual resolution, each configured to project an image sub-frame onto a focal plane using an image projection system; wherein the image projection system is configured to project a first sub-frame image of a first color portion while simultaneously projecting at least a second sub-frame image of a second color portion onto the focal plane, and the first and second sub-frame images are offset from one another, so that when viewed together a viewed image has at least the first visual resolution. Methods are disclosed.

Texas Instruments | Date: 2016-01-07

Apparatus (and related methods) for a power line communication network include a processor configured to receive beacons over a communication interface. The processor determines a link quality indicator (LQI) for each received beacon and ignores the beacons for at most a predetermined maximum number of beacon receptions when each LQI is below a threshold. The processor responds to a received beacon if the LQI for such received beacon exceeds the threshold or if a predetermined maximum number of beacons have been received with LQIs below the threshold.

Texas Instruments | Date: 2016-01-04

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level. The switching elements are configured to apply the source of energy to the inductors. The control block compares the output voltage of the energy tracking system to a reference value and controls the switching of the switched elements in order to transfer energy for the primary voltage into a secondary voltage at the output of the energy tracking system. The electronic device further comprises an ON-time and OFF-time generator and an accumulator wherein the control block is coupled to receive a signal from the ON-time and OFF-time generator and generates switching signals for the at least one switching element in the form of ON-time pulses with a constant width ON-time.

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