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The invention relates to a welding electrode (1) for a capacitor discharge welding device (100), comprising an electrode shank (10) with a connecting portion (12), a welding cap (11), which is attached to the connecting portion (12) of the electrode shank (10), and also an ultrasonic testing head (18) for transmitting and/or receiving ultrasonic waves, which is arranged within the electrode shank (10), wherein the welding electrode (1) comprises a closable fluid reservoir or a capsule (13), within which the ultrasonic testing head (18) is accommodated and which is at least partially filled with a sound-conducting coupling agent (14). In addition, the invention relates to a capacitor discharge welding device (100), comprising a first welding electrode (1a) and a second welding electrode (1b), which are connected to at least one capacitor.

A method for imaging a flowing media within static regions includes obtaining a plurality of signals using the speckle properties of the flowing media. The plurality of signals are compared to one another such as by subtraction. The static regions are removed from the plurality of signals by the comparison. The remaining signals are combined (such as by summing) to produce an image of the flowing media.

Tessonics Inc. | Date: 2016-11-04

A nozzle element for applying powder material to a substrate is provided. The powdered material is applied from the nozzle element onto the substrate generating a coating of the powder material defined by a first film thickness and a first particle size of the powder material. A deformation nozzle element is provided for spraying shot toward the coating of powder material disposed upon the substrate deforming particles of the powder material disposed in the coating forming a second particle size being smaller than the first particle size and deforming the coating to define a second film thickness being less than the first film thickness.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP-FP | Phase: NMP.2010.1.2-4 | Award Amount: 4.04M | Year: 2010

Silver nanoparticles and silver based nanostructured composites are being frequently used in a variety of biomedical and industrial applications, such as an antimicrobial agents, lead-free solders, electric contact materials, gas-sensitive sensor, etc. The most complicated Silver using problems are related to: i) recovery of silver from ore waste materials; ii) the controlled synthesis of metal nanoparticles of well-defined size, shape and composition; iii) nanoparticles incorporation to desired implant surfaces; iv) synthesis of Silver based nanostructured composites for industrial purposes. The main goal of the Project is to develop: 1. Clean and efficient procedure of silver recovery from waste: Combined Mechanical Activation Thermal Oxidation Processing jarosite type residues to alleviate and accelerate the following precious metal leaching; 2. Combined nanotechnology of biological synthesis (use of plants for the nanoparticles synthesis) of Ag nanoparticles and its deposition on implant surfaces by electrophoretic and plasma spraying deposition; 3. Nanostructuring technology of Silver based nanocomposites manufacturing for electrical contact applications. Pilot production and trials of developed Ag nanoparticle modified implants and Ag based nanostructured composites: 1. TiO2 and Hydroxyapatite Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) coated implants which are widely used in orthopaedic surgery because of their good biocompatibility related to the osteoconductive properties of calcium phosphate coating; 2. Ag-SnO contacts for electrical systems; these composites combine high resistance to welding and to electric arch erosion of the refractory phases with the high electric and thermal conductivities.

Wydra A.,Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research | Malyarenko E.,Tessonics Corporation | Shapoori K.,Tessonics Inc. | Maev R.G.,Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research
Physics in Medicine and Biology | Year: 2013

The availability of a non-invasive express method for the in vivo measurement of both sound velocity and thickness of the human skull bone would be of great benefit to various transcranial ultrasonic imaging and treatment applications. This paper investigates two ultrasonic methods that measure both parameters and are based on the variable focus technique. All the experiments described in this paper were conducted on specially prepared custom skull bone phantoms, including flat and deformed samples, designed and developed in our laboratory. The first method uses a single immersion 2.25 MHz ultrasonic transducer consecutively focused on the front and back surfaces of the sample. The accuracy and precision of this method are demonstrated via single point measurements on flat samples with and without porosity. The measurement results from a specimen with the randomly curved back surface show the possibility of obtaining the inner profile of the skull bone. The second presented method is a practical modification of the variable focus technique for the linear phased array case. The method was tested on flat and curved skull bone phantoms with and without inner porosity showing higher measurement accuracy and simpler practical realization than its scanning counterpart. © 2013 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

A method for imaging a flowing media within static regions includes obtaining a plurality of signals using the speckle properties of the flowing media. The plurality of signals are compared to one another such as by subtraction. The static regions are removed from the plurality of signals by the comparison. The remaining signals are combined (such as by summing) to produce an image of the flowing media.

A method and apparatus for ultrasonic in-process monitoring and feedback of resistance spot weld quality uses at least one transducer located in the electrode assembly transmitting through a weld tip into an underway weld. Analysis of the spectrum of ultrasonic waves provides the operator with an indication of the size, thickness, location, dynamics of formation and quality of the spot weld. The method presents a fundamentally new physical approach to the characterization of the spot weld quality. Together with transmission mode it includes new modes of operation of ultrasonic probes such as a reflection mode and simultaneous use of transmission and reflection modes, and a new physical interpretation of the signal analysis results.

A method for ultrasonic imaging a volume behind a barrier includes placing an array of elements of a probe adjacent the barrier. The local thickness and the sound speed in the barrier are estimated. A plurality of sub-apertures are defined in the array of elements, each sub-aperture defined by a different sub-set of adjacent ones of the array of elements. Ultrasonic waveforms are collected from each of the sub-apertures by focusing each sub-aperture approximately at the inner surface of the barrier. The ultrasonic waveforms through each of the sub-aperture elements are combined to generate a combined A-mode waveform. A profile of an inner surface of the barrier adjacent the probe is extracted based upon the combined A-mode waveforms. A correction is calculated based upon the profile of the inner surface. The volume behind the barrier is scanned using beamforming based upon the correction to generate an image of the volume.

Tessonics Inc. | Date: 2014-02-25

DVD players; ticket dispensers; accumulators, electric; accumulators, electric, for vehicles; actinometers; alidades; altimeters; ammeters; anemometers; high-frequency apparatus; testing apparatus not for medical purposes; remote control apparatus; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; monitoring apparatus, electric; sound recording apparatus; distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; diffraction apparatus microscopy; air analysis apparatus; sound transmitting apparatus; apparatus for fermentation laboratory apparatus; breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; apparatus and installations for the production of x-rays, not for medical purposes; cash registers; electric apparatus for commutation; intercommunication apparatus; stills for laboratory experiments; projection apparatus; roentgen apparatus not for medical purposes; blueprint apparatus; blinkers signalling lights; stereoscopic apparatus; telephone apparatus; facsimile machines; phototelegraphy apparatus; igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance; acid hydrometers; salinometers; acidimeters for batteries; aerometers; barometers; anode batteries; galvanic batteries; batteries for pocketlamps; batteries for lighting; solar batteries; batteries, electric; balances steelyards; betatrons; binoculars; electronic tags for goods; magnetic tape units for computers; computer memories; encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; vacuum gauges; electrolysers; variometers; scales; weighbridges; camcorders; video cassettes; video telephones; video screens; viewfinders, photographic; plugs, sockets and other contacts electric connections; micrometer screws for optical instruments; viscosimeters; circuit closers; wavemeters; voltmeters; mechanical signs; switchboxes electricity; current rectifiers; jigs measuring instruments; gas testing instruments; gasometers; galvanometers; heliographic apparatus; hygrometers; hydrometers; weights; holograms; 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A method is provided for assessment of quality of an adhesively-bonded lap joint, wherein the joint includes a first metal plate, a second metal plate and an adhesive therebetween. The method includes sending ultrasonic waves normally to the surface of a sample outside of the joint where the sample has a first sample metal plate with the same properties as does the first metal plate at an assessment point of the joint. Reflected waves from the sample joint as a reference waveform are recorded. Wideband ultrasonic waves are sent normally to the surface of the joint at the assessment point. Reflected waves of the ultrasonic waves from the joint are recorded. A waveform of the reflected waves from the joint and reference waveform are analyzed to determine an informative parameter. The informative parameter is compared with a threshold value to assess quality of the joint.

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