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Tucson, AZ, United States

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. | Date: 2011-10-03

A method of protecting plants from ozone by applying to the photosynthetically active portions of said plants a particle film containing particles, an effective amount of a volumizing and two or more of nitrogen-rich carbonaceous materials which destroy ozone, microbial fertilizer which promotes microbial growth in the particle film, and ozone-reactable carbonaceous materials coated on the particles.

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. | Date: 2010-11-01

The present invention relates to a system and process utilizing ammonium thio sulfate solution (ATS) as the primary liquid absorption agent that is re-circulated through an SO2 Contactor/Absorber for high efficiency contacting and absorption of sulfur dioxide, SO

The present invention provides a new liquid fertilizer comprised of potassium sulfite and potassium bisulfite, with neutral to slightly alkaline pH, relatively lower salt index and potentially lower phytotoxicity damage compared to other sources of potassium and sulfur products applied in equal amounts as a starter fertilizer. More specifically, the present invention further relates to methods for fertilizing using a composition of potassium sulfite and potassium bisulfite, particularly as a starter fertilizer, in-furrow fertilizer, side dress fertilizer, and for foliar, broadcast, soil injection and fertigation applications. The fertilizer composition is comprised primarily of potassium sulfite (with the fertilizer grade of 0-0-23-8S).

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. | Date: 2011-08-16

An efficient process for the continuous preparation of calcium thiosulfate (CaS


Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. | Date: 2016-07-22


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