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Palo Alto, CA, United States

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA. In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla posted profits for the first time in its history.Tesla first gained widespread attention following their production of the Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sports car. The company's second vehicle is the Model S, a fully electric luxury sedan, and its next two vehicles are the Models X and 3.Tesla also markets electric powertrain components, including lithium-ion battery packs to automakers including Daimler and Toyota. Its CEO, Elon Musk, has said that he envisions Tesla Motors as an independent automaker, aimed at eventually offering electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer. Pricing for the Tesla Model 3 is expected to start at US$35,000 before any government incentives and deliveries are expected to begin by 2017. Wikipedia.

Tesla Motors | Date: 2015-05-18

A battery system is provided in which the batteries are mounted between a pair of substrates, the system further including at least one cooling tube mounted next to the batteries, the cooling tube used to withdraw heat from the batteries via a circulating liquid coolant.

An energy absorbing and distributing side impact system for a vehicle includes: first and second side sills, each of the first and second sills comprising multiple longitudinal channels, at least an upper longitudinal channel positioned above a vehicle floor panel and at least a lower longitudinal channel positioned below the vehicle floor panel; a battery enclosure mounted between front and rear suspensions of the vehicle, the battery enclosure having a first side member attached to the first side sill, and a second side member attached to the second side sill; cross-members integrated into the battery enclosure; and one or more bolts each extending though a respective opening in one of the cross-members and extending to an opposite side of the vehicle floor panel from the cross-member.

Tesla Motors | Date: 2015-04-23

A method of exchanging an electrical energy storage system (EESS) in an electric vehicle includes: positioning an electric vehicle in x and y directions on an EESS exchange station; after positioning, raising the electric vehicle to a predetermined height using a first lift; after raising the electric vehicle, raising an EESS lift toward the electric vehicle until the EESS lift is correctly positioned relative to a first EESS; after raising the EESS lift, removing fasteners that secure a first EESS to the electric vehicle; placing an EESS conveyor underneath the EESS lift; after placing the EESS conveyor, lowering the first EESS onto the EESS conveyor using the EESS lift; after lowering the first EESS, removing the first EESS and instead placing a second EESS underneath the electric vehicle; after placing the second EESS underneath the electric vehicle, raising the second EESS toward the electric vehicle using the EESS lift until the second EESS is correctly positioned relative to the electric vehicle; after raising the second EESS, fastening the second EESS onto the electric vehicle; and after fastening the second EESS, lowering the electric vehicle using the vehicle lift.

Tesla Motors | Date: 2015-02-18

A system and method for low-cost, fault tolerant, EMI robust data communications, particularly for an EV environment.

Tesla Motors | Date: 2015-02-23

A method and apparatus for measuring battery cell DC impedance by controlling charging of the battery cell. The method includes real-time characterization of a battery, (a) measuring periodically a DC impedance of the battery to determine a measured DC impedance; (b) ratioing the measured DC impedance to a reference DC impedance for the battery to establish an impedance degradation factor; (c) obtaining, during use of the battery and responsive to a set of attributes of the battery, an operational reference impedance for the battery; and (d) applying the impedance degradation factor to the operational reference impedance to obtain a real-time effective impedance for the battery.

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