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Lakewood, Colorado, United States

A method is provided in a centrifugal blood processing system for adding replacement fluid without a dedicated peristaltic pump to blood components being returned to the donor. A disposable blood processing set for use in the method comprises a hermetically sealed set of blood bags, connecting tubes, needles or connectors, and supporting structures with a replacement fluid line coupled directly to a return reservoir without contact with an intervening pump.

Terumo Bct Inc. | Date: 2015-04-24

Embodiments are described that relate to flow rate measuring systems that may be used in cell expansion systems (CES) and in methods for controlling fluid input into systems such as a CES.

Terumo Bct Inc. | Date: 2015-06-09

Embodiments of methods, systems, and apparatuses for lyophilizing, storing, and transfusing materials are described. In embodiments, the materials may include whole blood or a component of whole blood such as plasma.

A disposable blood separation set and a centrifugal blood processing system comprising a blood processing chamber adapted to be mounted on a rotor of a centrifuge; a frustro-conical cell separation chamber in fluid communication with the processing chamber, the cell separation chamber having an inlet, a primary outlet and a side tap outlet adjacent the inlet. A valve that is responsive to centrifugal force (a gravity valve) selects between the outlet and the side tap outlet. The gravity valve is mounted on the rotor. When the rotor spins at high speed, the gravity valve may open the primary outlet and close the side tap outlet. When the rotor spins at a lower speed, the gravity valve may open the side tap outlet and close the primary outlet.

Terumo Bct Inc. | Date: 2015-09-25

Embodiments described herein generally provide for the scheduled feeding of cells in a cell expansion system. A schedule to proactively and automatically increase and/or maintain inlet rates of media to feed cells may be created, in which inlet rates to the intracapillary portion (or extracapillary portion) of a bioreactor may be increased or maintained according to the schedule. Such schedule may be conservative or aggressive or a combination thereof, for example. Multiple schedules may be used. Scheduled media exchanges may also be included. By following a feed schedule, the monitoring of metabolite levels may be optional. Inlet rates may be increased or maintained without manual manipulation. Media usage may also be more predictable. In an embodiment, a custom task(s) may be created to follow a desired feed schedule. In another embodiment, a pre-programmed task(s) may be used for the scheduled feeding of cells.

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