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Ternopil State Medical University is a medical university located in the city of Ternopil in Ukraine. Wikipedia.

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Yaremchuk O.Z.,Ternopil State Medical University | Posokhova K.A.,Ternopil State Medical University
Ukrain'skyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal | Year: 2011

The rats liver and kidneys function indices were studied in case of administration of recombinant superoxide dismutase drug, precursor of nitric oxide L-arginine and the blocker of inducible NO-synthase aminoguanidine. The disturbances in functioning of prooxidant-antioxidant system (a decrease of activity of superoxide dismutase, katalaze, amount of restored glutathione, growth of the level of hydroperoxide lipids, TBA-active products), mitochondrial electron-transport pathways (a decrease in activity of succinatedehydrogenaze, cytochrome oxydaze), a rise of nitriteanion level in the liver and kidneys, increase of α-amylase activity and tumor necrosis factor α serum concentration were established on the model of pancreas injury in white male rats. Under these circumstances aminoguanidine attenuated the oxidative stress in the liver and kidneys due to normalization of nitric oxide synthesis. The ability to activate the antioxidant system was proved by combined usage of recombinant superoxide dismutase and aminoguanidine. It was determined that recombinant superoxide dismutase partially decreases the negative influence of L-arginine and improves the biochemical indices of the liver and kidneys function in rats with acute experimental pancreatitis.

Kvach Y.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Drobiniak O.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Kutsokon Y.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Hoch I.,Ternopil State Medical University
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems | Year: 2013

The parasites of the Asian invasive fish, Chinese sleeper Perccottus glenii, were studied in 6 localities in different parts of Ukraine. In total, 15 taxa of parasites were registered; among them were 1 species of Microsporidia, 5 species of ciliates, 2 species of cestodes, 2 species of trematodes, 2 species of nematodes, 1 species of acanthocephalan, 1 species of parasitic crustacean and 1 mollusk (glochidia). The invasive Chinese sleeper is included as a paratenic host in the life cycle of the parasites of indigenous reptiles in Europe. The non-indigenous cestode Nippotaenia mogurndae occurred in the intestine of the Chinese sleeper from the Ivachiv Reservoir (Dniester River basin). This cestode is recorded for Ukrainian fauna for the first time. In addition, 3 species of parasites were recorded in the Chinese sleeper for the first time: Nicolla skrjabini, Cosmocephalus obvelatus and Pomphorhynchus laevis. We note the low similarity among the different localities and the low parasite richness, that suggest that the parasite fauna of the Chinese sleeper in Ukraine is in transition. © ONEMA, 2013.

Shevchuk O.O.,Ternopil State Medical University | Posokhova E.A.,Ternopil State Medical University | Sakhno L.A.,R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology | Nikolaev V.G.,R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology
Experimental Oncology | Year: 2012

Anthracyclines play an important role in treatment of variety types of cancer due to their high effectiveness and broad spectrum of activity. However, a major limitation of their use is the dose-limiting cardiotoxicity. The inability to predict and prevent anthracycline cardiotoxicity is in part due to the fact that the molecular and cellular mechanisms remain controversial and incompletely understood. This review focuses on the biochemical basis of the anthracyclines toxic cardiac effects and pharmacological measures to their treatment and preventing. We describe the theoretical substantiation of the enterosorption abilities for diminishing of cardiac damage. Copyright © Experimental Oncology, 2012.

Nedoshytko Kh.Yu.,Ternopil State Medical University
Ukrain'skyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

The state of antioxidant system and fatty acid composition of lipids in the liver tissues of rats of different sex at the ethanol and tetracycline action and at the influence of biologically active additives (BAA) Alpha + Omega at a dose of 0.5 mgkg b.w. per os was investigated. It was found that the contet of lipid peroxidation products in the liver was increased at the action of 40 % ethanol at a dose of 7 mlkg b.w. per os and tetracycline - 500 mgkg and more profound at their joint using. However, the content of diene conjugates was stronger increased in the liver of females at the action of ethanol, while in the liver of males at the action of tetracycline ( < 0.05). It was shown that the application of the investigated compounds led to the reduction of an antioxidant defense system activity of males and females liver, as evidenced by the decrease of superoxide dismutase activity by 46 and 43% and reduction of glutathione content by 39 and 38% ( < 0.05). The activity of alanineaminotransferase, aspartateaminotransferase and alkalinephosphatase was increased in the liver of males and females under the influence of ethanol and tetracycline and more profound at their joint usage ( < 0.05). It was established that ethanol and tetracycline unidirectionally changed fatty acid composition of total lipids of rat liver, but at the ethanol action the changes were more expressed in females while at the tetracycline action in males. The application during 14 days of BAA Alpha + Omega to male and female rats with an acute tetracycline damage at subacute ethanol action led to partial normalization of prooxidantantioxidant system and the relative content of total lipids fatty acids of the liver of both sexes animals.

Nadashkevich O.,Lviv National Medical University | Masyk O.,Ternopil State Medical University
Clinical Rheumatology | Year: 2011

The aim of this study was to translate and adapt the original English-language versions of the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI) and the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI) into Ukrainian and validate the instruments by administering them to Ukrainian patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). After consensual translation, cultural adaptation, and back-translation into English, the Ukrainian versions of BASDAI and BASFI were transformed into numerical rating scales and tested on 87 Ukrainian AS patients meeting the modified 1984 New York criteria for AS. The Ukrainian versions were easily understood by the patients and displayed high levels of internal consistency and good reliability. The BASDAI (Ukrainian version) showed significant correlation with the duration of morning stiffness and the Maastricht Ankylosing Spondylitis Enthesitis Score (MASES) and weak correlation with CRP. The BASFI (Ukrainian version) showed significant correlations with Schober's test, occiput-to-wall distance, and chest expansion measure. Both instruments were sensitive to modifications in the treatment regimen. Accordingly, the Ukrainian-language versions of BASDAI and BASFI reported here can be used to monitor the clinical status of Ukrainian patients with AS. © 2011 Clinical Rheumatology.

Shidlovsky A.V.,Ternopil State Medical University
Novosti Khirurgii | Year: 2015

Objectives. To study the possibility of using the laser interstitial thermotherapy (LITT) in the treatment of the nodular euthyroid goiter and factors influencing its efficacy. Methods. Using LITT 134 patients with benign solitary thyroid nodes had been treated. Single silica fiber, the output power of 2,8-3,2 Watts, continuous mode of radiation, wavelength of 1060 nm, continuous ultrasound guidance had been used. Changes in the structure and volume of nodules according to the ultrasonography data were studied within the 1th day, in 2 weeks, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months, respectively. The gland function and level of antibodies to thyroid peroxidase were determined by standard tests prior treatment, 1 and 6 months after treatment. The long-term results were studied three years afterwards. Results. After 24 hours the volume of nodes increased on the average to 12,21,21% (p 0,05). In subsequent periods of observation the sizes of nodes reduced. The final assessment of the complete replacement of nodes on the scar tissue occurred in 128 (95,5%) cases, and the volume of nodes reduced from 3,02 cm3 (range 1,2-10,2) up to 0,57 (range of 0,1-1,3; p0,001). Unsatisfactory result was registered in 6 (4,5%) cases without any complications. At control survey (36 months after) the volume of scar tissue remained unchanged and the parameters of thyrotropic hormone, antibodies to thyroid peroxidase were within the normal range in 68 cured patients. Conclusion. Laser thermotherapy is considered to be a highly effective, minimally invasive, safe and inexpensive method of outpatient treatment of the nodular goiter. Its effectiveness depends on the echogenicity and volume of nodes. It can be used as an independent method of treatment in the period from clinically significant node up to the development of the compression syndrome. In some cases laser interstitial thermo-therapy lets to avoid possible surgical treatment.

PubMed | Ternopil State Medical University, The National Pedagogical University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Type: | Journal: Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands) | Year: 2016

Metal-containing materials are extensively used in industry, personal care products and medicine, and their release in the environment causes concern for the potential impacts on aquatic organisms. We assessed endocrine disrupting potential of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone-based nanoparticles (Me-PSs) containing cobalt (Co(2+)) or zinc (Zn(2+)), using the marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus as a model. Adult males were exposed for 14 days to waterborne Co(2+) (50g/L), Zn(2+) (100g/L) or corresponding concentrations of Co-PS, Zn-PS, or parental polymeric compound (PS). The indices of thyroid activity, vitellogenesis, cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenases activity (EROD) and cytotoxicity markers were evaluated. Exposure to Co(2+) led to the elevation of serum thyrotropin (TSH) and hepatic deiodinase activities accompanied by the up-regulation of EROD activity. In contrast, the action of the polymer-containing substances (Co-PS, Zn-PS and PS) as well as free Zn(2+) caused a prominent decrease of EROD activity and a decrease in serum cortisol and TSH concentrations. Exposures to Zn(2+), Zn-PS and PS upregulated vitellogenesis in males. All exposures except Co(2+) caused neurotoxicity as indicated by the depletion of cholinesterase. These results demonstrate toxicity of Co- and Zn-containing Me-PSs and their parental compounds (Zn(2+) and PS) in frogs and indicate distinct mechanisms of Co(2+) action. Broad disruption of the hormonal pathways and reduced capacity for organic xenobiotic detoxification may have deleterious impacts on amphibian populations from habitats exposed to metallorganic pollution.

PubMed | Ternopil State Medical University and R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Experimental oncology | Year: 2016

Today due to improvements in cancer treatment there is an increasing number of long-term cancer survivors, many of whom suffer from infertility caused by malignancy itself and chemo- or radiotherapy. Also, anticancer therapy may cause myelosuppression. Presently granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) is used for prevention and treatment of myelosuppression. Another treatment option used to decrease intoxication and ameliorate side effects of cancer therapy is sorption technology. The aim of our investigation was to study the efficiency of combined use of enterosorption and G-CSF to decrease gonadal toxicity of chemotherapy.Melphalan (L-PAM) injected i.v. at a single dose of 4 mg/kg to white inbred rats was used as gonadotoxic and myelosuppressing agent. Carbon enterosorbent C2 was administered by intragastric route as a suspension in saline at a dose of 5 ml per 1 kg of rats body weight (or 900 mg/kg of the dry mass of enterosorbent) daily for 3 days before and for 7 days after L-PAM injection. G-CSF was injected once a day for 4 days starting from the next day after L-PAM administration at a dose of 50 g/kg. Histological preparations of testicular tissues were examined by light microscopy.Our findings have shown that melphalan caused marked damage of testicular tissues and seminiferous, especially spermatogenic epithelium. The most expressed protection of the histological structure of testes was observed when enterosorbent and G-CSF were used in combination.Gonadal toxicity of chemotherapy could be efficiently decreased by the combined use of enterosorption and G-CSF.

PubMed | Ternopil State Medical University
Type: | Journal: The journal of trauma and acute care surgery | Year: 2016

Trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC) is commonly seen among patients with severe injury. The dynamic process of TIC is characterized by variability of the features of the disease.A model of TIC was created. Hemodilution was produced by mixing the blood with 40% TRIS/saline solution, fibrinolysis by treating the blood with 160 ng/mL tPA, acidosis by adding 1.2 mg/mL lactic acid achieving pH 7.0-7.1, and hypothermia by running the assay at 31 C. Intact blood tested at 37 C served as control. Clot formation was evaluated using rotation thromboelastometry. Platelet adhesion and aggregation were assayed at a shear rate of 1800 s using Impact-R device.Clotting time was not affected by any of the TIC constituents used. Clotting initiation was reduced by hemodilution and further reduced by additive hypothermia. The propagation phase of blood clotting was reduced by hemodilution, further reduced by additive hypothermia, and maximally reduced if additionally combined with fibrinolysis. No effect of fibrinolysis on clot propagation was observed at 37 C. Maximum clot firmness was reduced by hemodilution, further reduced by additive fibrinolysis, and maximally reduced if additionally combined with hypothermia. No effect of hypothermia on clot strength was observed in the absence of fibrinolysis. Platelet adhesion (percentage of surface coverage) and aggregation (aggregate size) under flow condition were reduced by hemodilution and further reduced by additive acidosis. Introduction of tPA to diluted blood had no effect on platelet function.The study revealed differential effect of TIC constituents - hemodilution, hypothermia, fibrinolysis, and acidosis - on clot formation and platelet function. The effect of one factor may influence on that of another factor. These data may be helpful to better understanding the pathogenesis of TIC and to elaboration of individually-tailored treatment strategy.A new model of TIC is created. Contribution of various constituents to pathogenesis of TIC and their interactions are evaluated.

PubMed | University of Saskatchewan, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Ternopil State Medical University and Kupala State University
Type: | Journal: BMC pulmonary medicine | Year: 2016

The prevalence of asthma and other allergic diseases among children living in Eastern is not well described. Our objective was to estimate and compare the prevalence of asthma, respiratory symptoms and allergic diseases in children in Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland as well as to identify risk factors for these conditions. We also sought to profile and compare children with asthma between locations.Data were collected as a part of an international, multicenter, cross-sectional study of childhood asthma: The Belarus Ukraine Poland Asthma Study (BUPAS). Subjects were children aged 7-13 years attending primary and secondary schools in the urban and surrounding rural area of Grodno (Belarus), Ternopil (Ukraine) and Silesia Region (Poland). Physician-diagnosed respiratory diseases and symptoms as well as allergic diseases were ascertained using the ISAAC questionnaire completed by the parents.In total there were 4019 children from Belarus (rural: 2018, urban: 2001), 4493 from Ukraine (1972; 2521), and 4036 from Poland (2002, 2034). The overall response rate was 76.7%. Groups were similar in case of gender and age (p>0.05). Almost all analyzed respiratory and allergic conditions differed significantly between countries including asthma [Poland (rural, urban): 3.5%, 4.1%; Ukraine: 1.4%, 2.1%; Belarus: 1.4%, 1.5%], spastic bronchitis (Poland: 2.7%, 3.2%; Ukraine: 7.5%, 6.5%; Belarus: 6.4%, 7.9%), and chest wheeze in the last year (Poland: 4.8%, 5.2%; Ukraine: 11.5%, 13.0%; Belarus: 10.7%, 10.0%). These differences remained after adjustment for potential confounders. Risk factor associations were generally similar between outcomes. Symptom characteristics of children with asthma between countries were not consistent. The ratio of current wheeze:diagnosis of asthma differed by country: (Rural areas: Belarus: 10.9:1, Ukraine: 17.3:1, Poland: 2.4:1; Urban areas: Belarus: 8.1:1, Ukraine: 7.3:1 Poland: 1.9:1).The findings show large between-country differences and relatively low prevalence of asthma and allergic diseases in children of Western Belarus and Ukraine. There is evidence for underdiagnosis of asthma in these regions.

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