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Teradyne , based in North Reading, Massachusetts in the United States, is a developer and supplier of automatic test equipment . The company's divisions Semiconductor Test and Systems Test Group, are organized by the products they develop and deliver. Teradyne's high-profile customers include Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and IBM. Wikipedia.

An automatic test system configured for generating a periodic signal of a programmable frequency. The automatic test system may comprise a clock, an edge generator coupled to the clock, a phase locked loop, and a delay adjustment circuit. The edge generator may comprise an edge generator output, an enable input and a delay input. The edge generator may produce at the edge generator output a signal with a delay relative to an edge of the clock specified by a value at the delay input in each cycle of the clock for which the enable input is asserted. The phase locked loop may comprise a reference input and a phase locked loop output configured to provide the periodic signal of the programmable frequency. The delay adjustment circuit may comprise an accumulator that may increase in value by a programmed amount for each cycle of the clock.

A test system and test techniques for accurate high current parametric testing of semiconductor devices. In operation, the test system supplies a current to the semiconductor device and measures a voltage on the device. The testing system may use the measured voltage to compute an ON resistance for the high-current semiconductor device. In one technique, multiple force needles contact a pad in positions that provide equi-resistant paths to one or more sense needles contacting the same pad. In another technique, current flow through the force needles is regulated such that voltage at the pad of the device under test is representative of the ON resistance of the device and independent of contact resistance of the force needle. Another technique entails generating an alarm indication when the contact resistance of a force needle exceeds a threshold.

Teradyne Inc. | Date: 2014-07-16

An example system includes a circuit board having electrical elements; a wafer having contacts; and an interconnect to route signals between the electrical elements and the contacts. The interconnect includes multiple layers, each of which includes a flexible circuit. The flexible circuit includes a conductive trace disposed thereon. The interconnect also includes shielding between adjacent layers of the multiple layers. The shielding is electrically connected to ground.

Teradyne Inc. | Date: 2014-08-27

An example one-shot circuit includes: circuitry including a set-reset (SR) latch to produce an output pulse of controlled duration in response to an input signal rising edge, where the SR latch includes a first circuit input and a second circuit input; a circuit path to provide a signal to the first circuit input; and a delay element connected to the circuit path and to the second circuit input.

Teradyne Inc. | Date: 2014-08-28

An example apparatus for interfacing between automatic test equipment (ATE) and a device under test (DUT) includes: multiple stages arranged in sequence between the ATE and the DUT, where each of the multiple stages includes a driver, at least two of the multiple stages each includes a filter, each filter is arranged between two drivers, and each filter is configured to reduce jitter produced by a preceding driver in a signal transmitted between the ATE and the DUT.

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