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A positioning of a spindle with micrometric forwarding control and tilting of its rotation axis, comprising a spindle shaft (11) rotatingly supported inside at least a pair of rotatable supports, wherein the at least pair of rotatable supports consists of two spherical elements (13,14) provided with respective housings (12), eccentric with respect to the axis (99), joining the centres of the same spheres, wherein the at least two spherical elements (13,14) are in turn positioned in a cylindrical housing composed of at least two parts (17,17; 19, 20), two rotation means (23,24), connected to the two spherical elements (13,14) being envisaged, for determining their independent rotation.

A positioning apparatus (100,100,100) for steelmaking lances (300) of an electric arc furnace (200) comprising:a supporting structure (150,150) for a steelmaking lance intended to be introduced into said furnace (200) through an opening (230) of said furnacea linkage (110;120;130;160) associated to said supporting structure (150,150) and intended to position a carriage (115) linearly movable with respect to said linkage (110;120;130;160) wherein said linkage (110;120;130;160) is an articulated quadrilateral intended to cause said at least one steelmaking lance (330) to be moved from a parking position outside said electric arc furnace to an operating position wherein at least a part of said lance is inside said electric arc furnace and said positioning apparatus (100,100,100) further comprises rotation means to cause at least said carriage (115) to rotate about an axis (X) substantially vertical in the assembly condition.

Equipment for grinding external rings of roller bearings includes a supporting pin of a bearing to be ground, a stop extending outwardly from the supporting pin for axial positioning of a side of the bearing, a sliding flange on the pin which can be positioned to rest on the other side of the bearing, a clamping nut which can be firmly positioned on a complementary portion of the pin, skids preloaded by springs situated on opposite sides of the bearing, and a guiding element on the opposite side of the stop, which receives a structure carrying a pair of contrast rolls movable to be engaged with the external ring of the bearing creating a radial force thereon, which can be predetermined and regulated by a maneuvering element to eliminate the clearance of the bearing in the radial direction. A machine for housing equipment of the above specified type.

Tenova S.p.A. | Date: 2014-12-03

A lamination cylinder comprising a surface structure (S) on which a plurality of craters (K,Z) is defined, having a different geometry and with a random distribution, some of said craters (K,Z) are partially superimposed with respect to each other.

Tenova S.P.A. | Date: 2014-05-28

A lamination cylinder includes a surface structure, on which a plurality of craters is defined having a different geometry and a random distribution. Some of the craters are partially superimposed with respect to each other.

A plant and relative process for continuously feeding heated metallic material to a melting furnace, according to which, on at least one feeding line defined by a conveyor for continuously advancing the material to the furnace, there is one pair of operative modules defined by a first and a second operative feeding and heating module, the first and second operative modules being positioned in succession with respect to each other along the line, the first module being suitable for forming and directly heating a first layer of the material arranged on the line, and the second module being suitable for forming and directly heating a second layer of the material arranged superimposed with respect to the first layer.

A machine for the surface treatment of a cylinder includes a first operative station for supporting the cylinder and for bringing it into rotation around its longitudinal axis, and at least a second operative station cooperating with the first station for generating and emitting, by means of an optical fiber apparatus, pulsed laser radiations randomly striking the surface of the cylinder and defining a desired roughness on the same surface; the second station being adjustably coupled with the first station in a first direction parallel with respect to the axis of the cylinder and carrying one or more pulsed laser radiation emitting heads, and slidingly assembled with respect to the cylinder in a second direction perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder.

A self-regenerating industrial burner including a head with which at least one first fuel injection nozzle, associable at an inlet with a fuel supplying group, and at least one pair of second nozzles, that can be alternatively and selectively passed through by combustion air and combustion exhaust gases, are associated; a tubular body open at opposite ends, arranged at a front part of the head and coaxial to the at least one first nozzle with an end close to the face of the head at which the first nozzle and the at least one pair of second nozzles protrude and the opposite end distant from the face. Each second nozzle includes at least one first tubular portion, radially lying outside the tubular body and defining at an end at least one first port, alternatively for exit of the combustion air and for inlet of the combustion exhaust gases.

Industrial furnace (1) which can be used for example for treating semi-finished and siderurgical products, metal and inorganic materials, comprising a) a hot chamber (3) in which a combustion takes place and the hot gases generated by the combustion come in direct contact with the materials to be treated (p) in the furnace itself; B) a combustion stabilising system in turn comprising b1) an injection system in turn comprising at least a mixer (11) arranged to mix a fuel and a diluent before injecting them into the hot chamber (3). The diluent has the effect of reducing the amount of nitrogen oxides in the combustion products. It considerably reduces the consumption of required diluent and the Nox emissions in the fumes.

Equipment for the measurement and control of load material and scrap metal feeding into an electrical arc furnace includes an automatic control device for feeding control of load material or scrap according to the energy supplied to the bath, and a measuring device for the added load material, in correlation with the automatic control device, and a weighing device for the furnace shell, its contents and any other components it may support.

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