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Fantuzzi M.,Tenova LOI - Italimpianti SpA
AISTech - Iron and Steel Technology Conference Proceedings | Year: 2012

The CFD modelling approach developed by Centro SviluppoMateriali, in the frame of FlexyTech©Tenova project for the simulation of single burners has been extended to the complete reheating furnaces.The main problems to set up the comprehensive furnace model have been approached: the dimension of the computational domain. Taking into account that the main part of the cells used for discrediting the computational domain (50%) are required by in the burners region a procedure has been set up to simplify the burners representation: each burner type used in the furnace has been simulated separately, the profiles of the variable at the burner outlet have been extracted and applied as boundary condition to the complete furnace model. modelling of the steel charge. In principal the heating of charge (billet, bloom, tubes) requires unsteady calculation due to the its advancement inside the furnace and, therefore, very high computation time. The model implemented by CSM iteratively performs the stationary simulation of the fluid dynamic inside the furnace and the un-steady simulation of the charge during its movement in the furnace. The charge model, developed in the AnsysFLUENT© UDF, can be applied to any types of steel charge geometry and handling system. The paper describes the validation of the modelling approaching the case of a complete furnace, 100 t/h walking hearth furnace for billets, equipped with central recuperator and roof burners. The application of the model to analyse the effect of the installation of side flameless regenerative burner in a zone of the same furnace has been discussed, too. Moreover the example of a big rotary heart furnace simulation, equipped with more than 250 burners of FlexyTech© TENOVA family, is reported to underline that the computation time requested by the proposed model is compatible withthe design cycle of reheating furnaces. Source

Battaglia V.,Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A | Malfa E.,Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A | Fantuzzi M.,Tenova LOI - Italimpianti SpA
Metallurgia Italiana | Year: 2011

Il presente lavoro descrive il modello matematico sviluppato da CSM, nell'ambiente di calcolo AnsysFLUENT (Computation Fluid Dynamics - CFD), per la simulazione di un forno di riscaldo/trattamento e la validazione condotta attraverso l'applicazione al riscaldo bilette del walking hearth di Feralpi Siderurgica LAM2. Le simulazioni condotte hanno consentito sia l'analisi di dettaglio della termo-fluidodinamica dei gas all'interno del forno che il calcolo del bilancio energetico complessivo e della curva di riscaldo della billetta, dimostrando la potenzialità del modello per la valutazioni di possibili modifiche sia geometriche che legate al sistema di combustione. La conoscenza dei campi di temperature, velocità, e concentrazione delle specie chimiche in prossimità della superficie delle billette hanno permesso inoltre di calcolare la formazione della scaglia attraverso l'accoppiamento con un modello già disponibile presso CSM. Source

Fantuzzi M.,Tenova LOI - Italimpianti SpA | Malfa E.,Centro Sviluppo Materiali | Scotti M.,Tenaris Group
Revue de Metallurgie. Cahiers D'Informations Techniques | Year: 2010

Tenova started a research program in 2002 for strongly lowering NOx emissions. After the excellent results achieved in the reheating furnaces, the Tenova FlexyTech® burner family was enlarged with the TLX burner whose first application was in the furnace for austenitizing treatment of seamless tubes at TenarisDalmine (2006). The main goals of the revamping were strongly decreasing NOx emissions and increasing the productivity. The results after one year of operation are presented. © EDP Sciences. Source

Tenova LOI - Italimpianti SpA and Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.P.A. | Date: 2006-01-10

Installations, equipment and machinery for the metallurgy industry, namely, heating and heat treatment furnaces; components of heating and heat treatment furnaces, namely, burners and combustion controls for optimizing heating and reducing pollutant emissions; charging and discharging machines; charge support and movement machines comprising rollers, beams and riders for the process control of furnaces. Furnaces, and heaters for heat treatment, calcinations, firing, direct reduction of products and materials for the metallurgical industry; burners for furnaces. Installation, servicing and repair services of machinery for the metallurgical industry; maintenance services as regards thermal processing equipment for the metallurgical industry. Engineering project design services for processes, equipment and installations for metal processing; engineering project design services for furnaces, burners for furnaces, processes and equipment for the heating, heat treatment, calcination, firing, direct reduction of products and materials for the metallurgical industry; engineering project design services in connection with improving and adapting thermal processes for the metallurgical industry.

Tenova LOI - Italimpianti SpA | Date: 2013-02-05

Installations, equipments and machinery for the metallurgical industry. Furnaces for the production of molten metals. Installation, maintenance and repair of machinery for the metallurgical industry. Treatment of materials. Technical project design services of plants for the treatment of metals.

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