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Lake Forest, IL, United States

Tenneco is an American Fortune 500 company that has been publicly traded on the NYSE since November 5, 1999 under the symbol TEN. Tenneco, with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States is an automotive components original equipment manufacturer and an after-market ride-control and emissions products. In 2011 it reported a revenue of $7.2 billion. Wikipedia.

An exhaust treatment system includes first and second exhaust conduits positioned on opposite ends of an exhaust treatment device. The exhaust treatment device includes a housing having a first outer diameter at a first end and a different second outer diameter at a second end. A clamp includes an inner surface engaging both the first exhaust conduit and the exhaust treatment device when the exhaust treatment device is positioned with its first end adjacent to the first exhaust conduit. The inner surface of the clamp is spaced apart from one of the housing and the exhaust treatment device when the second end of the exhaust treatment device is adjacent the first exhaust conduit.

Tenneco | Date: 2015-01-28

A sound generator system for motor vehicles having a housing having a central axis, the housing at least partially delimiting a sound chamber, and having at least one loudspeaker located inside the housing, wherein a first sound-conducting connecting piece having a central axis M

The present disclosure relates to an air spring apparatus for use with a cabin of a vehicle. The apparatus has an upper assembly, a lower assembly, a shock absorber, a bladder, a flexible bumper element and a control element. The shock absorber has a piston rod protruding therefrom and extending through the other one of the upper and lower assemblies. The bladder is attached to the upper and lower assemblies. The flexible bumper element is secured to the piston rod adjacent one of the upper and lower assemblies, and secured to the other one of the upper and lower assemblies. The control element is secured to the flexible bumper element at a first end, and to a valve at a second end, and controls operation of the valve. The flexible bumper element can flex in response to torsional or tilting forces experienced by the one of the upper and lower assemblies, to thus help to limit these forces from being imparted to the control element.

Tenneco | Date: 2015-02-26

An exhaust pipe flange with an exhaust gas pipe and with a flange plate fastened to the exhaust gas pipe, wherein the flange plate has an inner side which can be turned toward a cylinder head with a sealing surface which can be placed directly or indirectly against a cylinder head, and a seat in which the exhaust gas pipe is received. The exhaust gas pipe is joined to the flange plate and sealed in the region of the seat on the inner side by a welded connection.

Tenneco | Date: 2015-06-08

An exhaust system for a dual-fuel engine includes an exhaust treatment component in an exhaust passageway. The exhaust treatment component is configured to treat exhaust from the combustion of a second fuel and not from combustion of a first fuel. A thermal enhancement device is in communication with the exhaust passageway and positioned upstream from the exhaust treatment component. A controller activates and deactivates the thermal enhancement device based on switching from the first fuel to the second fuel, wherein the first fuel has a higher sulfur content than the second fuel. The thermal enhancement device increases the temperature of an exhaust to combust a residual amount of the first fuel present in the exhaust passageway during the switch between the first fuel and the second fuel.

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